FRONTLINE® Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs both prevents flea and tick infestation and eradicates current infestations to protect or treat dogs of all sizes. Frontline Plus combines firponil and s-methoprene to provide two layers of protection against fleas and ticks. The topical preventive inhibits the development of flea eggs and kills larval and adult forms of the pest to provide a comprehensive pest solution.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH

($53.99)  $40.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 6 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 6 MONTH

($101.99)  $77.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 12 MONTH

($202.99)  $155.99

($78.00 Each)

Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 3 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 3 MONTH

($53.99)  $40.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 6 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 6 MONTH

($102.99)  $78.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 12 MONTH

($206.99)  $158.99

($79.50 Each)

Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 3 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 3 MONTH

($54.99)  $41.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH

($106.99)  $81.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 12 MONTH

($211.99)  $162.99

($81.50 Each)

Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 3 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 3 MONTH

($57.99)  $43.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 6 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 6 MONTH

($109.99)  $83.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH

($215.99)  $165.99

($83.00 Each)

How Frontline Plus Protects Your Pup

Within the first full day of applying a dose of Frontline, 98-100% of adult fleas and ticks perish; Frontline Plus then continues to repel pests and prevent re-infestation for a full 30 days. The formula is safe for dogs 8 weeks of age or older with a variety of formulations available for dogs of different weights.

Frontline Plus is made by Merial, a global animal health company that makes pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and other pet health products. Merial is famous for their work in the veterinary field and their research and development. Merial's R&D department works hard to ensure that the ingredients included in its products are thoroughly tested.

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FRONTLINE Plus Orange for Dogs 0-22 lbs

Recommended by veterinarians, FRONTLINE Plus Orange for Dogs 0-22 pounds is a powerful and easy-to-use formula designed to quickly and effectively kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. FRONTLINE Plus is specially formulated for dogs and puppies aged eight weeks and older weighing less than 22 pounds. Available without a prescription, FRONTLINE Plus only needs to be applied once a month for thorough pest control.

life cycle of the commom flea
Flea life cycle.
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life cycle of ticks
Tick life cycle.
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Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, and Chewing Lice

This powerful formula kills up to 100 percent of existing fleas in the first 12 hours after application, and it continues to kill new fleas for at least one month afterward. FRONTLINE Plus prevents the development of new fleas by destroying flea eggs and larvae and by destroying adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. FRONTLINE kills chewing lice and all four major ticks, including ticks that may carry Lyme disease, keeping both your pet and your family protected.

Waterproof Formula

Thanks to its waterproof formula, FRONTLINE Plus won't rinse off when you give your dog a bath or when your dog goes for a swim. The active ingredient in FRONTLINE, fipronil, is stored in the natural oils in your dog's coat, so your pet is sure to stay protected no matter how many puddles he or she tramps through.

EPA Registered Logo

This FRONTLINE Plus product is EPA approved and registered, so it's guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products.

Package Contents

Box includes three 0.67-milliliter tubes of FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs.

for Dogs 0-22 lbs
  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and
    chewing lice
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Includes three one-month
  • Waterproof formula
  • Easy-to-use applicator
  • For dogs eight weeks and older
    weighing less than 22 pounds
  • Per Dose: $12.00
More Info
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Flea Facts You Should Know

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Frontline Plus for Dogs Lifestyle shot
FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs is Available In:
(0 - 22 pounds)
(23 - 44 pounds)
(45 - 88 pounds)
(89 - 132 pounds)
3 month
6 month
12 month
3 month
6 month
12 month
3 month
6 month
12 month
3 month
6 month
12 month

How FRONTLINE Plus Works

Use FRONTLINE Plus for fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control. When you apply FRONTLINE, fipronil, the active ingredient, is stored in the oil glands under your pet's skin. It's then distributed continuously to the skin and hair of your pet through the hair follicles. This way, FRONTLINE provides waterproof, month-long protection against future pests while breaking down the flea and tick life cycles.

Simple Three-Step Application

Applying FRONTLINE Plus to your pet is an easy three-step process. First, remove the Frontline Plus applicator from the child-resistant package and cut or lift off the plastic tab to expose the foil and then peel the foil down. Next, hold the applicator upright and away from your face and body and snap off the tip. Finally, place the Frontline Plus applicator tip on the skin between your pet's shoulder blades and squeeze the applicator to apply the entire contents in a single spot onto your pet's skin.

To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully.


To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Always point the applicator away from your face, especially your eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after application. USE ON DOGS ONLY. Do not use on rabbits or other animals.

Weight Dosage
Up to 22 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (0.67 milliliter) once per month
23 - 44 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (1.34 milliliters) once per month
45 - 88 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (2.68 milliliters) once per month
89 - 132 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (4.02 milliliters) once per month
All weights Apply contents of one applicator (0.5 milliliter) once per month


A phenylpyrazole antiparasitic agent primarily used to kill adult fleas and ticks. It works by interfering with the brain and spinal cord of insects, resulting in death.

Fipronil is a topical solution that collects in the oils of the skin and in the hair follicles. It is not absorbed into the body and does not circulate through the blood stream. Through the process of translocation, it is spread over the body in about 24 hours.

(S)-methoprene Methoprene is an insect growth regulator, mimicking natural juvenile hormone of insects. This hormone must be absent for a pupa to molt into an adult, so methoprene treated larvae will be unable to successfully change from a pupa to the adult insect. This breaks the biological life cycle of the insect preventing recurring infestation.

Fipronil is a manufactured insecticide that works on a cellular level on adult fleas and ticks. It seeps into an insect's cells and blocks chlorine molecules from passing through. This stops the nervous system from working and paralyzes the insect.

Fipronil kills adult fleas and ticks on contact or when consumed, and it can be spread from one insect to another.


Because fipronil is so strong, it only needs to be applied once a month to continuously kill fleas and ticks. Once it is applied with an oily liquid to keep it on the skin of your dog, it slowly seeps into the hair follicles and oil glands where the fleas and ticks live.

Main Purpose

To kill adult fleas and ticks.


Methoprene is an insect growth regulator, which means it works by affecting the eggs and larvae of fleas. It interrupts normal levels of growth hormone, preventing a juvenile flea from growing and molting, leading to death.


Specifically designed to target developing larvae and eggs, methoprene prevents a flea population from increasing.

Main Purpose

To break the flea life cycle and stop further infestation.

Active Ingredients % by Weight
Fipronil 9.8%
(S)-Methoprene 8.8%
Inert Ingredients 81.4%
Total 100%

Some animals are sensitive or allergic to the ingredients in FRONTLINE, so be sure to watch for any signs of allergic reaction. If your pet shows signs of itching, restlessness, nausea, lethargy, or breathing difficulty, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Net Contents

Three tubes, each 0.023 fluid ounces (0.67 milliliters)

4.65 rating based on 686 reviews
Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
by charley04/25/2012

I can count on Frontline Plus for my two dogs.

what a let down by janis12/05/2011

product stated it would kill existing flees within 24hours, it has been a week and flees are still there. I would not use or reccomend this product again

by lcv3318511/08/2011

Great product and received extremely fast.

Love it by sweetpea107 from Parlin, NJ08/08/2012

I first bought the Frontline for my cats and recommended it to my Dad for his dog. He has a mini Doxie and beng close to the ground she can pick up fleas and ticks. And his area is big tick area. So I bought it for his dog. Since he put the Frontline on his dog, she hasn't picked up any ticks!! Very happy!!

Frontline PLUS by Zeke11/13/2011

Works perfectly. Love the results, keeps those nasty fleas off and off everyone else too.

tick and flea protection by jane05/07/2013

My dog spends a lot of time on hikes in areas with an abundance of ticks. The little bugs crawl out of his coat and I don't have to worry about him being bit. Also, other products bother him, seeming to burn when they're applied. Frontline doesn't bother him. When he sees the applicator he sits, knowing the routine.

Unbeatable Service, Prices by Felidaej from Tucson, AZ05/19/2013

II've been buying my Frontline Plus (and many other things) from Entirely Pets for years. Not only is the shipping cheap, it is also fast - I receive my orders typically within a few days. I appreciate their low prices and great product quality.

It Keeps On Working by JimmyDee from San Diego, CA08/01/2014

With California suffering it's worse drought ever, the flea population is also at it's worst. Frontline has protected my dog from infestation.

by tp from Randolph Ma.10/27/2012

It's the best I have tried others but this is the best thing to keep pest off your pet .

Necessary Product by MALTESEMOMMMY from Everywhere, USA11/12/2011

We live in our Motorcoach, so we are all over the country. We have encountered all sorts of bugs, etc. I've learned that fleas are a threat all year long, everywhere. I'd rather use Frontline Plus once a month, than have to deal with fleas & ticks. I have removed ticks from my Maltese's coat, but the tick never attached.

good by Bob05/01/2009


Frontline by carol30 from West Palm Beach07/15/2012

I bought Frontline to kill some fleas on my dog and it did not work, i had to bring my pet to the vet for medication, so this product is useless

Outstanding by Jen06/11/2008

This works great!

Great by luvsmaltese05/03/2009

we have been using frontline for 3 yrs now. we have never had any flea or tick problems. Recommend this product totally.

by from 02/23/2011

For dogs or cats, this is the best product available OTC. I've tried others, but I keep coming back. And the EntirelyPets price is fantastic!

Tuscumbia, AL by from"


Hello by Oreo from MO07/10/2012

My owners have been using Frontline on me for the past 13 years.

DO NOT BUY by ELLA MAE from CORONADO, CA11/07/2012


Works great, only product I'll use! by Wienerin from N.C.03/28/2012

Entirely Pets is awesome, great prices, great products! Would recommend to all pet owners! Fast shipping, also!

Effective works very well by mtpkt from Oregon10/26/2012

This product works well and seems to be very effective, I would purchase it again. Price also was reasonable.

Frontline Plus by ana05/30/2012

Best product ever. Frontline Plus is the only one that works against fleas

pleased with the price! Frontline plus. by n/a from Box Springs,Ga.04/15/2012

I have been using this product for awhile and i will continue ordering from you. shipping time was minimal and i actually got it before date specified.

Do not use this product by Kara from Collingswood, NJ04/29/2013

My dog had a serious reaction to this medication and had to be taken to an emergency vet. She had seizure like symptoms and became dehydrated with in 4 hours of taking this medication. I will never use this product or any other chemical treatment on my dog!

Disappointed by dutyla from Pittsburgh Pa11/06/2012

It did not do very well on my dog. My daughter who is a Vet tech applied it (so I am sure it was applied properly) My dog did still struggle with a few fleas! so ...never again. I bought something else.

Love This Product by Karen from Russell, PA10/26/2011

I purchase this product all the time. I really like how good it works. I like to order from Entirely Pets because of their prices and fast shipping.

As long as we've used Frontline, no fleas! by Rick from Metro Detroit06/25/2013

We have used Frontline for several years with two dogs and have never had any fles or other insect probblems. Good product, simple to use.

by beware01/13/2012

I ordered 2 boxes of frontline (90.00) got NOTHING! Several attempts to contact customer service e-mail and phone still nothing. BEWARE

Only product for my dog by Little Ang from Long Island New York09/12/2013

Frontline Plus is the best flee & tick med on the market. Have been using it for ever and would never switch

Superior product by goldiesmomma916 from Sacramento, CA10/23/2012

This is the only flea/tick protection I'll use. I've tried others and my doggie has had all kinds of reactions. Some minor and some that could have been life-threatening! (Note to dog owners: Make sure to search online by product and negative feedback PRIOR to using on your loved animals.) Frontline is a superior product! And I got my supplies as ordered quickly. Thanks!

No longer works in Orange County CA by Kathy from South Orange County, CA10/30/2013

After using Frontline sucessfully for 7 years, my dog was in distress. I took him to the vet, and found out that he had fleas and was indeed allergic to fleas. I was advised that Frontline no longer works here in South Orange County- the fleas have developed a resistance to it. I switched to an oral product, and the charges for the infection that resulted plus the new medication was $326. I sent an e-mail to Entirely Pets to see if I get a refund for the unopened, unused recent purchase of Frontline from the Manufacturer or Entirely Pets. They have not yet replied.

The best by Shadow from Miami, FL08/06/2013

Frontline has proven to be the only flea/tick control that keeps the dog park insects at bay. My friends (other dog owners) have used other brands and their dogs got ticks and even fleas. I've had my dog on this for 4 years now and we go to the dog park everyday where he rolls around in the grass and never have i had a problem.

Frontline is the best by chevsam from Northampton, PA06/12/2012

Always buy frontline for my pets - I feel this product is the best flea and tick product on the market today!

Frontline Plus by mackross07/02/2012

Frontline Plus does a great job of killing ticks and fleas.

reliable product by country girl from South Louisiana05/14/2012

I've used frontline plus for 5 years. It has always worked and my dog has never had fleas or ticks. And he has been around other dogs with fleas. Frontline plus is very reliable.

by nana12/08/2012

much confusion with internal communication but a good end result

Excellent Product!! by CorgisRule from Oakley, CA02/19/2010

Frontline is a great product to knock fleas off my corgi. Highly recommended!!

by from 07/26/2014

This works! by Tuffy's mom from Bristol,CT07/04/2014

My dog Tuffy has long white hair and gets a summer haircut. Frontline plus works all year long and keeps him flea and tick free.This product works for us. I suggest you never miss a 30 day application. I have tried other brands of preventive applications, those were too strong and caused him to vomit and made him lethargic.He got a tick and had Lyme disease while on the "other" product. . Follow the instructions and drop only in one spot on the skin between the shoulder blades don't rub in and don't spread around! Happy summer to all the pups.

ineffective treatment by Jules07/16/2011

The Frontline Plus I received from you for my cats and my dog did not work at all. I am now infested with fleas, have spent a lot of money to bomb my house, shampoo and anything else to get rid of them and am still battling them. I also have 2 months left for my dog that I don't even feel I should subject him to its chemicals if they are ineffective. I don't believe I even had fleas until after subjecting them to this expensive treatment. I don't know that you can help/compensate me in any way, but if not, do not send me any more emails or think that I might order from you again.

Don't order from this company. by afant33 from Charleston, SC06/11/2013

I never recieved my order after the package was shipped I found out that the address was not placed on the package. My order was returned to the shipper, they never notified me, I had to follow up with them and was told it would be reshipped. I waited another week and a half then contacted them again, they asked if I wanted it reshipped. I requested my money back, I am not to sure about when I will get that. Customer service here sucks and just a bad experience overall, will not buy anything here ever.

Good Product without Harmful Effects by Linny from Bakersfield, CA04/23/2014

I have a small dog and I heard complaints about serious issues with other products like Vectra and Advantage because that product goes into the dogs nervous system unlike Frontline which does not. I am into the 2nd month of usage and have to admit that I was still finding fleas during the first month. I believe most coming from my yard and I did treat my house with non-chemical products and treated my yard also. Much improved now. Fighting fleas is an ongoing issue and cannot always be resolved within days. I believe Frontline product is safer than other alternatives. I've used many times in the past and will continue to use. I also treated my three cats.

I trust Frontline by Jean from Chicago11/07/2012

Although I don't like the smell or the way my dog feels after applying, this product has prevented him from getting fleas. (He had them once when I didn't use any topical treatment). I trust this over some other over-the-counter products which reportedly have had some adverse effects on dogs. I watch for it to be on sale here, but have also found it at Menard's for a lower price than pet stores.

Flea Prevention by Char's Mom10/30/2011

Frontline Plus is a very effective product. It is easy to apply. We live in an area that is very humid during the summer and Char never has problems with fleas. I use it year round.

Life saver from fleas by Atnemra from Iowa10/22/2012

We had bought several flea products from discount stores and it seemed to make the fleas stronger. In trying to save a few dollars we ended up spending much more to rid our house of fleas than we would have if we had purchased Frontline at the first sign of the fleas. We learned our lesson, next spring we will treat with Frontline.

great product by jmpnfrogs12/03/2011

This product works really well. i would recommend to anyone who lives in an area with fleas and ticks. We used it on a dog we rescued from a shelter and she was infested with ticks. I applied the frontline on her and continued to pick out the live ticks. Within 5 days the ticks that I did not find were falling off dead. They did not spread to my other dog who was protected with frontline plus.

The Only Brand I Use by Vicky from NC04/23/2014

My dog's been on Frontline for nearly 14 years now, and even when the vet ask if I'd like to try the new oral meds, I stuck with Frontline (why mess with something that works?). The applicator is very easy to use & she's free of fleas & ticks. Also, EntirelyPets has a great price on these, and their shipping rate isn't too bad, that I've switched and started buying here.

best flea product i have ever used! by claudia from california03/14/2012

i have an 8 month old border collie, and i have always been very pleased with this product and the very best thing is, how quickly i receive the product, after i order it!! i used it on my old dog also, for about 3 or 4 years.

by tep from Randolph,MA.06/20/2012

the best flea and tick med going .I have used different kinds but frontline plus is the best

Only thing that worked by Ellie from Chicago05/07/2013

I have a very sensitive Boston Terrier. She is a bit of a diva and HATES flea and tick topical products. We have tried several different options and every time I apply it she has an allergic reaction. K9 Advantix was the worst. I actually had to wash it off because 24 hours after applying it she was hunched over, refusing to move and seemed in pain. I was nervous about shelling out the money for yet another one that would cause problems. The vet suggested giving the topical one last try because we need tick protection and a collar is not an option. I applied the Frontline and aside from her initial reaction, she was acting fine within the hour. This is a drastic improvement and I feel comfortable continuing to use it.

Frontline Plus by Barb from Greensboro NC01/25/2013

Easy to order and very pleased with delivery

None Better by SisterGrace from Supply NC10/15/2011

Before I started using Frontline Plus for my Chihuahuas, I had tried just about everything on the market, and they still had fleas. Since I began using this product, they are totally flea free. I will never use anything else!

super easy by super k9 mom11/04/2011

Frontline plus is super easy to use and is VERY effective.

by from 09/11/2013

Sounds like a title of a song:)

satisfied by with from FrontlioneI


Works Good by JouJou from Allen, TX05/29/2012

Keeps the ticks off a Pomeranian! It is easy to apply, too.

Good product, does not expire by Sammy from Portland, OR07/03/2013

I like this better than the Advantage because it's waterproof and does not expire. I wash my dog every week, so the waterproofing is a big deal. Works great, my dog hasn't had a flea on his body since I applied it! Thanks for the excellent service from Mark at Entirely Pets!

Very Reasonably Priced by teddi from Michigan03/12/2013

The vet's cost is so much higher that Entirely Pets. I checked at various pet supply stores and big box sites and found Entirely Pets price is still the best. As a retiree on a fixed budget, I'm happy to find a place that I can afford, to keep my dog flea free.

Great for dog with flea allergies by Jules03/15/2012

I have a severely allergic dog, so I need a product that kills fleas on contact - this product has never let us down (and doesn't bother my dog's sensitive skin).

not so good by iggymom from los angeles, ca09/22/2011

I bought this last month at the height of flea season. I put it on both of my dogs backs about 2-3 weeks ago and I am seeing fleas on them after walks. They never had a lot of fleas, they will have one or two and I pull them off as needed. I thought this product would eliminate the need to check them over thoroughly before entering the house but it hasn't, every walk I have to stop on the way inside and look for fleas and remove them as needed. It's hard to find them. So frustrating.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH SHIPPING! by kacy hayes from chelsea, ok12/14/2012

It is taking too long to get products, this review is on a black friday order and got it over 2 weeks later. I ordered yet again on the 10th and just last night I got the email it shipped. Over 3 days to complete an order? Also, I selected the 2-3 day shipping option and guess what it is scheduled to arrive DECEMBER 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! order#7996877

It works. by country girl from LA11/04/2012

I have been using frontline on my dog for over 5 years. He has never had fleas even after being around dogs with fleas. Follow the directions and it works. Wait 24 hours after washing dog to apply and do not wash pet again until 48 hrs. or more after applying.

by tarryma01/25/2012

First off I have to tell you that I love, love, love Entirely Pets! We have been using Frontline Plus for 24 yrs. (2 dogs). Good stuff!

great stuff by curlygrl10/04/2011

I have 3 dogs so flea preventative is imperative. Similar products seem to affect them-make them feel a little off, but I've never had that problem with Frontline plus. Entirely Pets provides a great service with a great product. Very fast! I got my order the next day!

Frontline 0-22 lbs by kiki from West Palm Beach03/03/2013

This product did not kill the fleas on my pet i had to buy another Frontline for dogs 23-44 lbs killed the fleas in a second

Frontline Plus, Plus ,Plus by Tilly's Guy from miami, fl.09/22/2013

She loves it, it's just what the Doctor ordered

Good Stuff by Chi-hua-hua from Rolla, Missouri11/02/2011

Frontline is the best product for my baby's and the price at Entirely Pets is the best I have found, and their reputation speaks for itself !

Awesome product by Lula Belle from Boynton Beach, FL01/17/2015

This works great for my dog, Lula Belle. She has never had a problem with fleas, ticks or anything else since starting this. I am very happy that it works so good.

Get it! by Paulina from Miami, FL12/28/2011

Great product! All of the dogs in the park got fleas or ticks except my dog! I have used this product every month and never had a problem. Highly recommnded!!

Fastest shipping ever by sandy from Detroit, Mi12/27/2011

Entirely pets have the best deals and free shipping. The shipping is warp speed and if not satisfied the sales associate will go out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied. Highly recommend.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH by hclevin10106/04/2013

It's been effective. Entirely Pets got it to me quickly.

Best Flea/Tick Control by Sonoransue11/30/2011

This product is excellent flea & tick control and Entireley Pets has great prices

It Works by Mitzi01/07/2013

Carrie, my sweet little rescue, is a flea magnet. The vet said to use Frontline once every three weeks. I still must check her but find very few which may have been ride alongs from her walks. I've used other brands. This one works the best.

Frontline Plus by Doggie Mom 5 from Stafford VA07/04/2012

I use 2 sizes of Frontline Plus and have never had an issue with fleas.

Frontline by BarkingBandits04/03/2013

I think Entirely Pets has the best prices around for Frontline. Frontline works great on all three of my dogs. I never have a problem with ticks or fleas and I live in a wooded area.

Good and Cheap by foxhaven from MO11/07/2011

Frontline Plus is vet recommended. What more could you ask for? Entirely pets is the cheapest place I've found to buy it!

Frontline by Songbird from Nathrop, CO05/22/2013

Just returned to CO from a tick haven in OK. Not one tick on either of my two dogs! Terrific product!

Easy Purchase FAST Delivery by Scoop from East Providence RI10/26/2011

The product is excellent and has a reputation that stands on it's own. The thing that makes this transaction awesome was the sites commitment to quick delivery and ease of use. I needed this stuff quickly and got it within 2 business days! Bravo Entirely!!!

okay by mike07/06/2012

Frontline Plus is the only product that I have found that lasts more than two weeks on my small Peek-a-Poo. It works better to repel ticks than the other products also.

Happy with Purchase by Robin01/04/2012

I received the Frontline PLUS in just a couple days after ordering and was very happy with the price. Will order through "EntirelyPets" again.

by Okie11/05/2011

I live in an area of the country that is flea and tick infested and this product takes care of both parasites safely. It is recommended by my veterinarian and I feel comfortable using it according to directions.

Excellent item by Marilyn from San Juan, P.R.09/26/2014

Frontline is just excellent. I have a dog that most of the time is outside, in the patio. I have never had any trouble with ticks or anything.

by from 09/10/2013

by from 03/15/2012

Never Received it by Steve03/27/2012

What you have listed for us is what we ordered, however, we never received that order. You sent us two different flea meds for dogs only, and none for a cat, and neither flea meds were the orange. We corresponded via email a few times, with your company with them stating we got what we ordered. With that results, I was done, and went to another company for what we needed. I asked if we were to return the items that was sent to us and to get what we wanted and we kept being told we got what we ordered.

A GREAT Price by Sammy's mom from Kingsburg, CA02/27/2013

Frontline Plus was recommended by my Vet and you have the best price that I could find. I have compared prices and yours is the best.

frontline for little dogs by polly from kansas06/29/2012

Frontline plus orange for dogs 0-22 lbs. Helps keep fleas and ticks off. we are using this more than ever this summer. Ticks are around a lot this summer.

proven effective by dishes04/18/2014

never any trouble with Frontline with my cat or dog. Other products affected the cat and dog (burned or itched) and they absolutely didn't like the others I tried. No problems with Frontline Plus, put it on and the pet acts as if nothing is there, no fleas or ticks seen since I started using.

cheaper is better! by evelyn from Unionville, CT01/22/2012

this product (frontline plus) is the same i pay almost twice as much for at my vet's! works the same, yet saves me $$! win - win!

Still Waiting by Thoroughly Disgusted04/17/2013

Unfortunately, after almost 30 days, I am still waiting to receive the Frontline Plus I ordered. I paid by check and check cleared well over a week ago and, after at least 5 phone calls, still have not received anything. I have ordered in the past but you can sure believe I will never place another order with Entirely Pets. Their customer service is terrible. They have my money but I do not have anything to show for it.

FAST by Don05/30/2012

just what I ordered, order placed on Wednesday and I received it Friday. Thanks!

happy dog by lolo from waldport or12/01/2011

Our dog is happy, no scratching from critters, and we don't worry about having fleas, etc in our home, plus our Vet recommended this product.

Frontline by tmp from Wayne, PA01/21/2015

Use if faithfully; consistency is the key.

Back to looking for a different brand by *Aunt*Sharon*03/06/2013

Wish I could say this eliminated or even helped reduce the flea problem I have but not the case. It seems my cat and dog have become immune to flea treatments!

by Roger08/02/2013

Product does its job but is almost impossible to open

by Christine from Seattle, WA11/08/2011

This is a great product and the price is decent also.

by Theresa01/11/2012

Never got items! Could never get customer service by phone or email. Stay clear they rip you off!

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 6 MONTH
product performed by cynthia from florence az09/05/2014

have used many products this one keeps all my dogs safe

Frontline Plus is Great by Gizmo's Mom from Southern California07/04/2014

I have Frontline Plus on my dogs for years to control fleas. It works great.

by from 12/06/2011

This product is amazing! It really keeps the fleas at bay for my pekingese. All his stratching stops and the fleas and their eggs disappear.

to by comment from onAlso


Great Purchase by Dan from Lewistown, PA06/25/2013

The Frontline works - my dog is flea free!

Always could count on Entirely Pets by Susie from Fox River Grove, IL07/24/2013

Frontline is a great product, but most of all, I think Entirely Pets is a great place to order from. If, by any chance, I am a little late on making sure I get my Frontline, I can always count of Entirely Pets for a very prompt delivery.

Been Using This Product for Years by Kelev12/02/2013

Frontline Plus has eliminated all ticks. Now use it 12 months.

Has kept dogs free of problems. by Julie from Rhode Island07/10/2014

Our dogs have been on Frontline plus for as long as we have had them. We have never had a problem. Recommend.

by pooch02/28/2012

I have used Frontline Plus for years, and think it works great---for fleas. My dog gets a lot of ticks now (we hike), however, and it does not seem to help at all for those bugs. He still gets them, they still bite him, and seem to stay attached until we use the Trix Ticklasso we purchased from EntirelyPets (which works great!) to remove them. I recommend Frontline Plus for fleas, but not for a tick problem.

Love this product by calidogs01/11/2012

Frontline plus is wonderful. My little dogs sleep in our bed and it's always nice to know that there will never be any live critters traveling around. Frontline has always been great, it does its job.

by from 03/21/2013

We had been purchasing our dog's meds from another company when we happened to hear about Entirely Pets. Much to our surprise their prices were even lower than what we had been used to paying. We decided to give Entirely Pets a try. Our first experience ordering from them was handled with polite, quick, and efficient service. We are very satisfied, and we recommended Entirely Pets to two of our sons, who are also dog owners.

Martin" by Very Pleasant Surprise from SusieTobey


Best Tick Medicines I have found by lengleman from Bentonville, AR01/30/2015

I have used Frontline for a number of years to help keep the ticks off my animals (both cats and dogs). I live on 10 acres in a wooded area and while we do not have fleas, ticks abound! This product works.

Excellent product by Kat04/16/2013

This product works very well for my two small breed dogs. Shipping was very fast!

another quality product by Africa from Eaton, IN10/23/2012

A must for all dog owners. I buy often for my doggies.

frontline plus by rick from san antonio,texas11/07/2011

recieved within few days and recied what was ordered

by jan09/11/2013

a friend told me about frontline plus for my dog, fine it to be very good we live next to the forest so lots of ticks since i started to use frontline plus haven't had a tick

Slow Delivery by Mike from Fla10/27/2011

Products are great, but it should not take ten days for delivery. Find another way. Other products ordered the same day from Center Pet Pharmarcy arrived a week earlier...................

Great price and fast shipping. by Jeaux from Louisiana11/29/2011

Very good product. I have been using this product for at least 12 years.

More Doggie Love by Susan from Salem OR11/20/2012

Yep, I have two little female dogs as well as my bigger guy. So here's what I said before: Frontline Plus is an awesome product and protects my dogs year round. No fleas on my dogs, no fleas in the carpet, no fleas on the furniture. And fleas LOVE to bite me, so I know if there's a flea anywhere around. Oh yeah, my dogs aren't spoiled or anything, but they do sleep on my bed. : ) So I'm very happy with zero fleas and no scratching! And none of my dogs has ever had a bad reaction with Frontline Plus--no side effects is good!

Dependable Product by Maggie Pistol from Kensington, MD11/24/2011

One thing is they have it wrapped up so much for child proof, that you have to wonder whether all of that is necessary. However, I am pleased with Frontline, the combo for fleas and tics.

by from 04/17/2012

whats not to like

by from product


used by for from 4producr


Great price, great product! by JH04/27/2012

Entirely Pets never fails with their prices on this product!



Beware of this product by Dissatisfied12/07/2011

Two days after use, my dog came down with lethargy, trembling, hiding out of fear and an eye infection. At first we didn't associate it with Frontline, but the same thing happened a month later on the next flea treatment. I went online and found that many dogs have had very serious problems from this product. Even though most vets say it is safe, it is NOT safe for all dogs.

It works by sparky08/02/2012

we live in south east Florida, ticks can be a summertime problem. Following a pest contol routine for the yard, home and our 2 dogs, Trixie and Chewy very few to no flees or ticks.

Works GREAT by LZ01/20/2013

We have a field behind our house and this stuff is AWESOME! I have three dogs and they NEVER have any flea or tick issues. This is the only stuff we use!

Box Always Opened by SpottyDog09/24/2013

3 Stars 'cause - Every order of Frontline Plus from Entirely Pets usually the box is opened. Don't recall ever receiving an order with the box flap intack. Although the inside 6 packs looks sealed, it is annoying to receive an opened box every time. A little smashed too. The shipping dept. doesn't get it, to wrap the box more securely with layers of bubble wrap, like I requested, but not done. Seems this product always drip down both sides of the back of the neck when applied. Even tried to wait for the liquid to dry a little during application. Frontline's website does not mention how to avoid the drips during application. Seems to work against the fleas, but the ticks are around before 30 days are up.

excellent by kathy07/24/2013

Me and my two dogs are happy with the flea protection that Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs. provides. Thank you Entirely Pets for providing this product at a reasonable price.

Great Purchase! by Gail from Pilot Mountain, NC03/27/2012

I have used this product for years and living in an area which is abundant with fleas, I can say that this product is effective.

WORKS! NO Fleas or Ticks by Katy from Knoxville, TN07/15/2014

I have been using this product Frontline Plus for my dogs for many years--my formerly adopted 2 schnauzers for their 9-10 years before they died and now for my 2 newly adopted schnauzers that have been with me for 7-8 months. My current vet says yes this product does work - contrary to what many other vets say - except for those who do not use it regularly And/OR who expose their animals to a flea or tick infested situation that already existed or for circumstances where people try to rescue other wild animals that are infested with bugs, such as squirrels. (he has seen it all) I am not saying that it is the only product that works - just that the products the first vet that I saw tried to sell me one that cost double. I do not know that this product does not cause any adverse effects - but I am very hesitant to give a pill taken internally for fleas/ticks as usually there is a higher chance of worse side effects.

Frontline Plus by schnauzermommy03/12/2014

My vet stopped carrying Frontline plus so I researched for a safe site to purchase Frontline from. Entirely Pets sells a legitimate product with Frontline Plus. I like that Frontline has the least amount of chemicals and is still effective compared to other flea medications.

Good price performer by Owned by a Sheltie08/20/2014

Have a new smaller dog and have started him on Frontline Plus. We've used the product for many years on our older Sheltie and have been happy with the results. Entirely Pets offers an excellent price.

Great Product by angel from Deville, La10/19/2011

I've always used Frontline on all my animals. It works Great on Flea's and Ticks. I also love the fact that it doesn't irratate my dogs or cats skin like other products.

Great purchase, great price by 704grow08/06/2012

My first order from and I was extremely satisfied with how quickly my order was processed & shipped.

Frontline Plus by Anne01/12/2013

Frontline Plus Great price. Product arrived on time.

great purchase by Mikey12/04/2012

The Frontline was a great buy. That is why I only buy at Entirely Pets

Wonderful by M. Dent10/27/2009

Entirely Pets has great prices. Best that I've found. I have used Frontline Plus on my dog since he was a pup and I have never had any problems with it. It's a great product!!!!

4 dogs! by Marilyn from San Juan, P.R.08/19/2014

I have 4 dogs, three small one big. With Frontline I have never had any problems with ticks or anything. Great product

Works!!! by Sandra12/04/2012

We switched to another product that included heartworm medicine in addition to flea control because our finiky Yorkie will not take the heartworm meds. She got fleas and kept them. We used flea shampoos. The best thing was to comb them out. We reordered Frontline+ like we had used before and now the fleas are gone and staying gone. Don't know what to do about the heartworm medicine though. Maybe we could alternate months...Frontline+ & the other one???

Best Prices by J. Burns01/10/2009

Of all the sites I've ordered from, Entirely Pets has the best prices and delivery is quick and products are safely sealed.

Outstanding by Jen02/14/2008

This works great!

It Always DRIPS by DoggieSmile from CA08/16/2014

Anyone know a way to apply this stuff without it dripping down the fur?? Don't know if prolonged use, will make it not effective on the bugs. Tried the Advantix, and it is always a vomit following use. It is a poison, but what else can you use when it's tick season, and it's only good for 30 days on ticks. Only gets 4 stars cause it is something that has to be used, otherwise too many bug bites. Too expensive, but nowhere else is cheaper.

excellent purchase by kadir from raleigh, nc07/18/2014

I was able to use a coupon for $10.00 so very pleased with my purchase.

Great Product by QOEWRC10/22/2012

I have never had any issues using this product. Works well and eliminates flea families!

it works by hef321 from Houston, TX03/20/2013

recommended by my veterinarian. I think it works...

by mrs from ohio07/06/2013

Frontline plus works great. Our dogs never have fleas or ticks.

by Lee08/05/2013

My family have been using Frontline for many years and it has been effective - except for this year. In fact I have heard from several friends that they have switched this year because Frontline has been ineffective. Perhaps this season the fleas are worse than usual but I do know that Frontline has not helped my two dogs.

Not as expensive as I thought by self from Fresno, CA03/03/2014

Did you know that in the small print on the back of the box that there is an option to put this on your dog every three months? That is what I am going to do since Maya is in a confined space and not exposed to other dogs who may have fleas. If it works, I will be very pleased.

still the best I've ever used by pittiekisses08/29/2012

I have tried other flea and tick protection products and I still believe nothing works as well as Frontline.

Can't do without it. by Works great from Anderson, SC07/29/2013

This product works. When we tried another product, we realized pretty quickly that it didn't keep fleas or ticks away. Frontline Plus works for our Yorkie.

Just not sure...?? by Lucy from Austin, Tx05/06/2012

Did not work for my Yorkies...they still have fleas!?!

Works well by Vicki from Texas10/27/2012

Works well but it seems to wear off a few days before the next application is due.

My experience w/Flea and tick meds by brawnydog from Oklahoma City, OK02/15/2014

I love this product b/c my dog does't get these bugs all year, and most importantly, it works all year long. I keep this product on him all year long. I am very satisfied.

Great product by KIMBA from Michigan04/23/2014

Works great..have used it for years and my pet remains flea/tick free!

Annoying Bugs by DogsRule from Northern California01/27/2012

Been using Frontline Plus for years. 2nd time to order it from EntirelyPets. Tried Advantage, but it does not control ticks & made my doggie throw up every time it was used. Then tried Advantix - also my doggie throws up with that. Sometimes still find a few ticks - yeck!!!! Again the box arrived a little smashed!! from this place... and they charged me for the shipping to get a smashed box - again. Told them to put extra padding before shipping, but they did not follow instructions for shipping. They could definitely reduce the price a little more!! You can order it here, or get it from the warehouse store, similiar price.

by jackie05/09/2014

we are very pleased with the Frontline product for our small dog. There are many ticks in this area and so far so good. We would recommend this product.

Frontline Plus by furrykids from Wilmington, DE09/11/2013

We live in a wooded area and our dogs love to play outside. We have used Frontline Plus for years and have not had a problem with fleas or ticks while using it.

Great product by Dog lover from Myrtle Beach, SC12/10/2013

Frontline Plus for dogs is a convenient to use product that does the job in flea control. Also kills ticks. Have had no sign of either on my dogs!

Why We Use Frontline Plus by Rita06/09/2013

This product, unlike another product that we previously used, is gentle for our dog and causes no skin problems whatsoever. We have had a good experience with it protecting our pet in a safe way!

Great Product by jacks4me from Iowa09/04/2013

Always use Frontline Plus, it works great.

by from 06/11/2013

Frontline Plus for Dogs by Donna from North Carollina01/14/2012

Always prompt service, and prices are good.

Great product, easy to use by jenk813 from high point nc10/12/2013

This is a product I have used for years. Easy to use, it works and not toxic to cats.

excellent by JavaPrincess06/23/2013

Easy to use and works well. The only negative for me is the residue left on her hair. It's obvious something has been applied.

pest-free all year!! by Carole from Clifton, NJ07/03/2012

Frontline Plus for small dogs (under 22 lbs) keeps away all fleas and ticks, especially when you have dogs that LOVE the outdoors. whether running through the grass or on the beach, this product works GREAT even on long haired dogs with dense undercoats like my Pomeranians! use once a month and keep your dogs happy and yourself worry-free!

used to work good by Sandy from Virginia03/31/2013

i have used this stuff for years for my dogs but over the last few years it has stopped working very well. i have since moved on to other products. dont think its a bad product just think the fleas have gotten used to it.

safe and affordable by Cheryl10/10/2011

I feel safe buying Frontline Plus from Entirely Pets. I know it is the genuine product and not an imitation. I always receive my orders in a timely fashion and often will get a sample with my order which is a very nice little touch. Though any product can cause a reaction I haave not had any with Frontline Plus. My dogs, including my 16 year old are happy and flea free!

Works Great by Clair Bear's Mom from Louisiana03/06/2012

Frontline is so easy to apply and works so well. In just two days, there was no more scratching or evidence of fleas.

Frontline Plus by Muffin's Daddy07/16/2012

Always a good product. Even better at Entirely Pets' price!

delivery timely by uni from Balto., MD06/26/2012

I purchased several items, and one of them was unavailable immediately. I needed the Frontline because the time for use was near. Instead of making me wait to receive the entire delivery, Entirely Pets' customer service rep (very curteous), sent the items separately at no extra cost to me. It makes me a faithful customer. No fleas or ticks because Frontline has been working for Dani Girl for 7 years. Thanks!

Frontline Plus for Dogs by Mo from California10/31/2013

I have been using Frontline Plus on my two dogs for 3 years and I am very pleased with the results. My dogs are allergic to flea bites, so I need to make sure I apply it on a monthly basis.

No bugs by BJ from Chandler, AZ06/18/2013

We put this on our little dog once a month. She knows the drill and sits still so I can put it between her shoulder blades on her hair. She likes to play with other dogs at the doggie day care now and she is protected...and so are they.

Does the job by Sandy01/16/2015

I've been using Frontline for years, it keeps the fleas away and my dog doesn't mind the application.

Really Works by Little Bubba from Plymouth, Ma10/31/2013

Have been using Frontline for many years for all of our dogs. Have never had a problem with Fleas, Ticks or any parasites.

Better than risking Lyme Disease by Joanne from NH07/21/2014

If you live in a Lyme Disease area, you have to do something to protect your dog. Frontline kills the ticks after they attach... hopefully before they can spread disease. I've been using Frontline Plus for years along with the yearly Lyme shot, and so far, so good.

always works with no side effects by artizona from Phoenix, Arizona10/30/2013

We go to the dog park often, and there is a big flea and tick problem, but not for my boys! We have used frontline for years. Never a tick or flea, and never a bad reaction form the application.

Frontline Works by Barb from Castro Valley, CA01/20/2014

I've had our 2 large dogs on Frontline Plus for many years and have never had any issues with reactions. I hike with them in remote places, so periodically I will see a tick walking on their head or back, but not adhering to their skin. I try to scan them both before letting them in the van, just to brush off any ticks if I see them. I put Frontline Plus on all 4 dogs (even the 2 little ones even though they don't hike with us) every month because it works and I love them!

Good Protection by Tammy from Lakewood, CA01/20/2013

I have used Frontline plus for my dogs for the last several years and it provides good protection from fleas for about a month. They seem happier and more content after I put Frontline on them. I will continue to use this medication to protect my dogs.

excellent price by STORM'S MOM from Maryland12/31/2013

The great sale that EntirelyPets had on Frontline could not be beat, and it arrived quickly. we would not use anything but Frontline because it has been the most effective over the years. We tried another well known brand when he was a pup, but that is the only time we ever found ticks on him and the last time we ever used that particular brand.

Frontline by oink from Cape Coral, FL11/30/2011

Don't believe the package says it can protect your pets up to 30 days. You'd better re-apply every 2 to 3 weeks. Remember, it won't get rid of flea eggs.

best price around by daisysmom05/30/2012

After comparing several online sites I settled on Entirely Pets as having the lowest cost for Frontline of all of them. This left me totally satisfied with the product and Entirely Pets too.

great purchase by dehulla06/20/2014

always get a good buy would never buy anywhere else

This Product works! by Carol from Martinez, CA01/24/2012

We have fleas and ticks in our area and this product is the only one we found that really does what it says it will. Have tried other products over the years for our 14 year old cockapoo and they did not work.

Good product excellent results by Becky's Mom from FT Myers, FL02/27/2014

We live in Florida and I put the Frontline Plus for dogs flea drops on my 10 lb Chihuahua the first of every month and we have never experienced a flea problem. This product is a must in our household.

Great purchase by Bill from Lore City Ohio08/23/2013

Highly recommend by my vet. Less expensive getting from entirety pets. Very well pleased with product and shipment.

by Traci06/09/2014

We live in an area that has LOTS of ticks and Frontline really seems to make a difference for our dogs!

Always reliable! by Lynda W. from Va.08/16/2012

I have always been able to depend on Frontline to kill fleas! Although sometimes I may need to reapply sooner than 30 days when fleas are very active. But with frequent vacuuming, that seems to help.

Best Price by SLA30 from St. Paul, MN01/31/2013

Better price than through my vet. It works when I use it. My dog contracted Anaplasmosis two times when not on Frontline from a deer tick. Devastating. It's a must in warmer weather.

Repeat Customer by SiraP10/20/2011

Frontline Plus is the best product for fleas and ticks!

My Dog Couldn't Live Without It by Dottie08/18/2012

I have been using Frontline Plus for many years. My Shih-Tzu is 13 years old. Since day one I have never seen a flea or tick on him.

Bug proof your pet by bw3 from Ashtabula, Ohio05/21/2013

The Frontline Plus seems to work very well. I use it on 5 dogs and no fleas again this year.

Frontline is so Easy to Easy by Red Edwards from Daytona Beach, FL redyeddy1@aol.com06/27/2014

Frontline is the easiet and most reliable way I have found, to prevent flea and tick infestation. We have lived all over the U.S. and in the U.K.; and Frontline is the ONLY flea and tick product we will use on our dogs. Applied once month, every month, there is need to spray a squirming dog or set off spray bombs in your house. No messy powder all over the floor. No more flea dips, flea shampoo or flea combing. No fleas jumping off your pet and onto you, the carpets or the furniture. This product virtually eliminates the problem of fleas, and kills ticks within 24 hours. I have relied on this product for years and highly recommend it.

Extremely pleased!! by Judi from Rome, NY06/24/2012

Was very happy with the product being the same as purchased straight from the vet. There are so many counterfeit out there. Also the product arrived within a few days and customer service was very helpful with all questions. I will most definitely order again!

No, thanks by Gigi from Hartwick, New York11/13/2012

This product made my dog itch and itch. I don't know if it works, because I had to bathe her to get it off.

Good product for good price by JR04/03/2012

This product has consistently helped with the unwanted fleas and ticks and your pricing makes it worthwhile to shop here. Delivery was amazingly fast and I didn't pay for faster shipment.

WORKS GREAT!!! by Wendora07/25/2014

I have tried other brands in the past, but Frontline works the best for us! We have had nothing but good results.

customer service by Peanut06/15/2014

Cutomer service is lacking in service. Received product in bubble envelope that was in very bad shape. Envelope was slashed and product inside was smashed and leaking. Two of the vials were damaged and empty. I called and was told to take pictures and e-mail. I explained I had a cell from 1999 and didn't know how on computer. I was told that was the only way. I don't understand the picture because someone with no scruples could do that themselves and send pictures. You either help your customers or not. I will no longer order from you and encourage others to do same. Since your price was low as Doctor Fosters and I order lean treats, I decided to order from one company. It seems I picked the wrong one.

Not as Good as I Remember by buffer66 from Portland, OR08/04/2014

This product used to be pretty effective, but now only seems to work for a couple of weeks. Even then, my little dog seems to be scratching and chewing far to much. Might have to look for a different product/brand the next time I am in the market. That's too bad, because I want my pets to find relief when I purchase and use these products on them.

keeps away fleas and other critters by Tuffy's mom from Bristol,CT06/21/2014

My dog is small and low to the ground.and has sensitive skin . He has had a severe reaction to other flea applications.Although the Frontline Plus does have some first day side effects like lethargy, and nausea, Tuffy manages to get past it in a day or two. I will continue this monthly application because he sleep in my bed with me and I don't want any bugs or bites.I know there are newer combination flea tick and heartworm applications that the Vets are suggesting but my dog has had severe reactions to previous heart worm preventives.I would not want to take a chance using the new stuff on my dog.

tick control by ms. hawaii from Oahu, Hawaii03/01/2013

the continual warm weather we have here in Hawaii is a problem for us dog owners..we must be vigilant to control ticks on our dogs..I have been using this product for years and it has done a very good job at controlling the ticks on my dogs. Buying it online here from EP is the best buy..haven't found it more convenient and cheaper with prompt shipment,anywhere else. Have been buying from EP for years now and have always enjoyed their prompt service.

by Maggie from Indianapolis, IN07/27/2014

I have been using Frontline for my little dog, Shelby, ever since I was fortunate enough to get her, for almost 13 years, now. It keeps the fleas off of her.

good product by Nia from California10/27/2012

i kept forgetting to reorder frontline and my dog ended up with a few fleas so i reordered it and now my dog has no fleas anymore.. it worked pretty fast ;)

Frontline Plus by womaninthemist from Oahu, Hawaii01/19/2012

Excellent, and so much cheaper than the vet's office.

NO more fleas by Diezel from Mass10/23/2012

have been using frontline + for years,have never had a flea problem

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 12 MONTH
Keeps fleas off my dog by sandyowl from Elkton MD10/03/2013

Frontline is very effective at keeping my dog flea free.

by from 05/16/2014

Great Product by Marty from New York11/06/2012

Frontline Plus works very well on my shih tzu. He is free of fleas/ticks/mites since we've been using this product on him. Good work Frontline!!

by max from broward county florida02/21/2013

frontline plus is a good product. been using it for 5 years.

Been using it for years by Mike from Delaware10/28/2011

Dogs still get fleas but big flea infestations don't develop.

Used this product for years by VA-Cacher from Northern Virginia11/28/2012

We live next to 35 acres of woods which is home to over 20 deer. Our dog is five years old and we have used this product since she was old enough to use it and she has never had a problem with ticks or fleas. So that tells me it works for her.

Outstanding by Jen06/11/2008

This works great!

Never a problem and our dog is 6 years old. by Peggy from Philadelphia, PA10/23/2012

Have used this product from the time our dog came to us at 8 weeks old. We have never experienced any problems with the product and the product has done the job it is supposed to.

Doctor recommended by Happy Gal from Aiea, HI05/10/2013

We live in Hawaii so it's summer all year long and my dog has never had a flea or tick. It's also easy to apply.

Frontline by Pela from Nebraska10/17/2011

Have ordered before and this time the order went just as planned as well. Much appreciated!

Great product by SA10/23/2012

Great product and excellent service - Thanks!

good product by dlb from Portland, OR10/26/2012

I have been buying Frontline for 8 years for both of my dogs. I find that it works well. I forgot to apply it one month and one of my dog's got fleas. I applied Frontline and washed her with flea shampoo and after a couple of weeks they were gone. I know other people say it doesn't work, but that is not the case with me.

Cheaper by the dozen by Jill07/02/2013

Great product at a cheaper price than i can purchase from my vet or pet store.

GREAT VALUE by Storm's mom from Maryland10/23/2012

Having done a lot of internet price checking, the sale price that ENTIRELY PETS offered was unbeatable! This is very helpful, especially in these economic times. THANKS FOR THE PRICE BREAK, E.P.!

Frontline Plus for dogs by Cindy from NE Ohio01/17/2015

I have used this product for many years with no problem AND no flea or tick in sight. But about 2 years ago I tried a flea med that claimed to be as good as Frontline Plus and almost immediately we had fleas. I will stick with Frontline Plus even though it is a little more expensive because it works!

Kills them dead by kraleigh07/04/2012

Just gave our 4 dogs baths. 3 of the 4 had dead ticks or fleas. No live ones. We are in a semi-rural area.

Frontline by Tina05/03/2013

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet. I have been using Frontline for the past 10 years and very satisfied with no complaints whatsoever.

Works great by Jan01/23/2013

I have used Front Plus for many years and it does the trick for my 2 dogs. I live in a warm climate and I am happy to say that my dogs have never gotten fleas.

Good price on Frontline by crazy coton mom from Chicago, Illinois10/16/2011

With two dogs, medicine for them gets quite expensive. I was happy to find a good price for the frontline plus.

Frontline Plus by doxie from NC11/07/2012

I used to buy this for my 2 doxies then switched to advantix b/c it repels mosquitos. One of my dogs acted crazy (very hyper) after applying advantix so I switched back. No problems, cheapest price I could find, fast shipping.

Frontline Plus by ncn305 from Pittsburgh, PA08/24/2013

Great product, does what it says it will do. My dogs are flea and tick free all season long. Plus it doesn't irritate their skin.

product great/shipping bad by vireya from Plm Bch Gdns FL12/31/2013

This, the third time, USPS has crushed the boxes every time

Frontlibe Plus Orange 0-22 pounds by Debster from Lakeland, Fla05/30/2012

I have a new TT puppy, she weighs about 6 pounds. I had no reservations about using Frontline Plus on her as well as my larger dog. She showed no adverse reaction after I applied and she is only 9 weeks old.

Frontline Plus Orange for Dogs 0-22 pounds by MM03/01/2013

Switched from Advantage to Frontline Plus because the fleas in my area became immune to Advantage. The dogs are much more comfortable. The groomer is not seeing fleas and having to use a dip and my family is not getting flea bites. Vet recommended this switch in meds. and I'm extremely happy to be using it on my 3 dogs!

by from 04/15/2013

I've been using this product for years for ticks, not fleas. It kills them after they attach. While I have found some live and feeding ticks over the years, for the most part I find dead attached ones. The idea is that the ticks die before they can spread Lyme disease.

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Awesome by The Pittlucks' Zoo from Lake In The Hills, Illinois03/15/2012

Best Prices for a Name brand product that works! Always had success with Entirely Pets and Frontline.

Frontline Plus is Tried and True by Melissa from NJ04/10/2014

I have been using Frontline Plus on my dogs for many years. Safe to say, we have never had a flea outbreak! The medicine is easy to administer, my dogs don't mind it, except I wish it would absorb more quickly. I have to remember not to pet them for a few hours or else I end up with Frontline on my hands! Entirely Pets has had the lowest prices hands down.

Frontline Plus Orange by LovesShih-tzu04/25/2012

Best price with reputable company; compare with others and you'll agree.

Best price ever! by skcs03/11/2012

Great product and with a 15% coupon plus free shipping, it's a fantastic deal. I've used Frontline Plus for many years on my Shih Tzu’s and it works great. I highly recommend this product.

Frontline Plus by Mystery Reader05/30/2012

What can I say. It does what it says it does. But the good thing is Entirely Pets ships it quickly.

Frontline Plus by Sharon from PA05/30/2012

Always get what I need quickly and at the best prices around..

Great Product by BA10/20/2011

An excellent product that does what it's advertised to do and the price here is as good as it gets.

by from 01/14/2014

by ethan04/24/2012

Have used this product for years with successful results.

Usual product for less by sbusi2410/11/2011

The products tend to be the same everywhere, I just look for the best deal and I found that here. :)

frontline plus orange for dogs by DotC05/30/2012

Excellent.....the ticks are terrible this year, this product really works even if a tick jumps on my dogs they fall off dead.

No problem with this product by Linda from Delaware09/05/2013

This productive is effective without any known problems using it

Great Deal by Kitkat05291959 from Palatine, IL03/15/2014

Frontline is a great product and the purchase price was awesome!

Wish I would have found EntirelyPets sooner! by Westie Mom from Louisiana02/16/2012

Can't believe I've been paying 20% more at my Vet's office for the exact same product.

We love EntirelyPets by Deedle from Battle Creek, MI01/23/2013

Always prompt service and the best prices - very dependable.

Frontline by Yorkie mom from Pa07/07/2014

Been using this product on my dogs for many years. Entirely Pets has the best prices, hands down... Service is great and they arrive in record time!

by annba8604/02/2012

The items I ordered arrived quickly. Will buy again.

Best deal going! by Weezie from Pennsylvania08/16/2013

The prices and fast delivery can't be beat! Been using this product on my Yorkies for years. You won't be sorry purchasing this product, or the service provided by Entirely Pets!

very quick delivery by Is from maryland04/24/2012

No problems it was delivered fast = this is a heck of a year for ticks --- it was just so warm -- be careful!!!!

Quality flea and mite control by SJP from Port Charlotte, FL03/11/2012

Have used for over 10 years....recently switched to one of the more reasonable priced products - not as good - so I'm back to FrontLine.

by laura from Memphis, TN10/25/2012

Great product at a great price! I would definitely recommend

Tick Control by randy from Costa Rica03/08/2013

We now live in Costa Rica and purchased a product locally. It did not control the ticks on our dog. We had a friend bring this product from the US and it is doing a pretty good job.

Great product by kg11/15/2013

I have used frontline plus for years and find it works as advertised .

great price for this product by pat from honolulu, HI10/18/2011

we use frontline every 3 mos and our pugs never have fleas.

by from 01/31/2014

Frontline Plus works by PJ03/09/2012

I have always used this product for my dogs. Recently I switched to a lower priced alternative - big mistake! My pup was covered with fleas after each walk, driving my dog and me crazy. This never happened with Frontline Plus so I'm back and won't switch again. Safety is a big concern but my dogs have never had any adverse reactions.

FrontLine Plus the best by Kenzie1mom from New Jersey07/25/2013

Entirely Pets ia a wonderful online service. I order Frontline Plus and the price was the cheapest anywhere. Even my Vet could not match their price. I have two dogs and I always get a year's worth of Frontline Plus and split it so each dog is good for six months... The product was shipped fast and the price could not be beat on any other web site....

Really works! by Ducklady from Annapolis, MD04/01/2014

I've been using Frontline for several years. Since I have birds, I cannot have fleas in the house because we can't spray inside to exterminate. We've been using Frontline on the dogs and cats, and we've been lucky to have a flea-free home. We've tried other products, but some are not safe for cats. Since my pets sleep together, we have found Frontline to be safe for all of them, and works well for fleas and ticks.

Frontline by judy from KY07/24/2013

3 small dogs/good price at EntirelyPets. This product recommended by vet, (who would like to sell it to me).

Good product by fireflyy from Okeechobee, Fl06/29/2013

This is not the first time I used frontline on my dogs. I had used a product my vet had suggested until it got too expensive. Frontline seems to be doing ok. The only thing I have noticed id that when we take the dogs outside, they come back in with one or two fleas on them and it takes a while fro the frontline to kill them.

Good Service, Very Good Price by Penelope28805/30/2012

We haven't used the new EntirelyPets supply of Frontline Plus on our dog yet (still have some of last year's product, bought on another site). Assuming the product is of good quality, would have to say that we're completely satisfied with the company's service. The product was accurate and arrived quickly. The only glitch was that we didn't receive an e-mailed order confirmation. We called and were able to get the confirmation through EntirelyPet's customer service...not a big deal. We'd order from this website again.

Great Product, Excellent Price by Marsh301 from Milwaukee, WI12/25/2013

Forget about PedMeds. They charge more for their products to pay for their commercials. Some people thought these mail order companies for pet products were expired products or soon to expire. NOT SO. The items I ordered, Frontline, expire at the end of 2015!

Wonderful Product by Angela11/29/2011

Your prices I have yet to beat anywhere else.

Frontline; a no-brainer by Robi from Pomona, CA03/16/2012

No pills No stinky sprays No bothersome collars Frontline is the easiest product I have ever used for flea control. I have 4 dogs; ALL different breeds. And this is one product I can use on all four to provide great protection from the "critters".

Six dogs by Marty from Orlando, Fl05/29/2012

Having six small dogs make you vigilant of quality, price, variety, convenience, and customer service. Entirely Pets puts all this together in their website. Frontline took care of a flea infestation we got while using Advantage.

Essential Protection by metrogirl from Gold Coast, Australia01/19/2012

I think it is vital to ensure the health and safety of your dog and that includes protecting it with Frontline Plus. This is a very good protection that keeps your dog free from fleas, ticks and lice. It must be used every four weeks though otherwise it's effectiveness lessens. Why would you allow your best friend to suffer. There is no "natural" way of protecting them. EntirelyPets also offers the best price for one year's supply, which is the most cost effective.

best product & best delivery service by mickey03/17/2012

frontline is the best flea and tick control ever I have a white dog and fleas seem to attach to white since using frontline not one flea.

Good stuff been using for years by KIB from NC10/31/2012

Only had one incident of a flea in many years that i have been using this. No infestation though. Have 4 dogs and need to use all year due to warmer climate.

Great Price by Spike03/02/2013

Very competitive price for a quality product. Will defiantly shop here again.

by Lauren05/01/2013

Great product. I've done a ton of research, looking for the best price for Frontline, and Entirely Pets is the best around. Quick delivery, too. Very satisfied. Thanks so much.

effective product by lu from Milwaukee, WI06/22/2013

Frontline Plus has worked well for the dogs in my family. We've had no fleas and no ticks since using this. I typically apply it just once every couple of months but ticks are bad this year so I've applied it every 6 weeks thus far.

The best product for the lowest price by Happy Owner from Fairfield, CT11/02/2011

We've been using Frontline Plus on our cats and dogs for years, and it works. And this is definitely the lowest price in stores or online that I've been able to find.

Returned it, they kept my money by Boston Holly10/23/2012

My vet advised that my dog and 2 cats have fleas. I've used this product for years successfully , until I started purchasing it on-line.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 3 MONTH
by from 01/01/2013

Great Product by Kim11/29/2011

When trying to decide which flea/tick preventative to use on my pets, research put Frontiline Plus ahead of the rest. It kills fleas at all life cycles and also protects agains several other parasites. I have never seen a single flea on my pets since I started using Frontline Plus over 10 years ago.

No Lasting Relief by Chuck M from Austin, TX07/13/2012

The first application seemed to provide some relief, but within about a week they were back in force. The second application seemed to have no impact whatsoever.

by Barb from Greensboro NC05/04/2013

I have gotten Frontline Plus from Entirly Pets for several years and always pleased with the ordering as well as shipment.Prices are better than with any other company and I have really shopped around.My sister told me about this company and I have been very pleased.

Frontlone Plus by kiki from West Palm Beach12/28/2012

I bought Frontline Plus for my pet to keep fleas off of him all year long, this product work excellent , and is worth the money, i will buy again.

Works Great!! by johnc66 from Raleigh, NC02/21/2013

Have been using Frontline Plus on our Shiba Inu for the last 7 years. He has never had flea or issue.

great flea stuff by candi from de07/31/2014

my dog was itching like crazy before I bought this but after I put it on our beagle, with in a day he completely stopped. great product

Works Every Time by Debby from Benton Harbor, Michigan10/05/2013

This stuff never fails, and I can let my dog outside knowing he is protected with Frontline..

Good Product by KinPA from E. Stroudsburg, PA06/18/2012

Frontline Plus is a good product however, I like the fact that the K-9 Advantix II keeps the Fleas from even coming on my dog better.

Very good product by Anna from Whitesville, NY03/27/2012

Have used it for many years on all my dogs. Works great.

Frontline by Sandy07/15/2013

I bought two Frontline packages and received them in a timely manner. This was the first time I used Entirely Pets and was happy with my purchase.

Frontline sub par results by Ramzzy from Rocklin, CA10/27/2013

Like the rates shows, I gave it 2 out of 5 stars because the stuff is only fairly effective and doesn't work nearly as well as I thought & believe it should, especially considering the high pricing of the product...

Best Price & Fast Delivery by HuskyBabies01/18/2012

This is the best price for Frontline you're going to find. And the delivery was very quick. I was pleased and definitely recommend!

Frontline plus blue by marcia08/27/2012

Frontline plus is very effective. Great shipping times.

Frontline Plus for Dog by pkpilk10/11/2011

This product is great!! I originally got it from my vet and paid double. Its awesome paying less for the same great product.

Frontline Plus by Topsider from Connecticut08/04/2012

Have used this product for years with great success.

Works Great! by Rocky from Boynton Beach, FL01/17/2015

This works great for my dog, a pug by the name of Rocky. All other products we have tried related to this have given him allergies. This one does not make him sick and kills the fleas.

by shar12/12/2013

have been using this for years, never had any issues

Very good price! by Tator Hound from Norton, OH04/10/2014

Shopping all sites and pet stores found best prices here!

Frontline by BarkingBandits04/03/2013

I think Entirely Pets has the best prices around for Frontline. Frontline works great on all three of my dogs. I never have a problem with ticks or fleas and I live in a wooded area.

by JETTA06/04/2013

I just can not get rid of the fleas. I have tried this product before and it worked but the last two years it is not working.

by MOM from Vidalia, Georgia04/26/2012

I was very happy with my purchase of Frontline Plus that I ordered for my lab and my golden retriever. I received it within 2 days after I ordered. I will continue to order all my pet needs from Entirely Pets. The price was very reasonable buying the 6 pack as opposed to the three pack. Thanks for your great service!

Works better than anything else I've used by Chris W from Georgia09/08/2013

Works better than the less expensive brands. Recommend it.

A must-have by bbkatt from Dayton, OH10/24/2011

Great price, speedy delivery and my little guy has been using Fronline Plus since he was old enough.. and he is almost 7 years old.. with no issues or problems. We live in a woodsy environment, and this product definately works!

by from 07/31/2012

Very happy with the frontline product for my dog and cat. Have never had a problem with fleas or ticks since using it. Your prices are very good and way below those of the local pet stores.

by from Thanks."


Frontline by johnc66 from Raleigh, NC02/22/2012

Have used Frontline for 6 years now and never a problem.

value by norainfl from Ormond Beach Florida02/20/2013

In Florida flea preventative products are a necessity year round. I'm very satisfied with Frontline Plus. Also with the prices and fast service provided by Entirely Pets. I have a border collie mix-Yoshi- who is a Hurricane Katrina rescue. She deserves a good life after being what she's been through. Top on the list-not to be a flea buffet!!

Frontline works by David from Christiansburg, VA11/30/2011

I have been using Frontline products on my dogs for years and always had good results. I didn't know how good until I recently missed a couple of doses and found ticks on both dogs as a result. I won't let that happen again.

It works by foots01/16/2013

No fleas and only dead or dying ticks .Have 3 outside dogs in heavy tick country.

works great by andi2634 from Pa10/10/2011

reduction in fleas in 24 hours. I will order again.

Frontline by Ricky09/20/2014

On time and new brand product. Excellent. Good price

Not so sure by rysgram from Sacramento, CA.10/31/2011

I don't underdstand what is wrong, but I have used Frontline on my cocker for the last 6 years, and this order I reveiced from Entirelypets, does not seem to be doing the job! He is a house dog, not outside much at all, and now 2 weeks after using the product, he has fleas!! Not real happy, maybe the Frontline is old???

Finally, Flea Free! by Randy02/20/2013

What a saga! Fraught with fleas forever! But no - Frontline Plus to the rescue. And finally - my poor, long-suffering beardies are free at last.

Love this online pet shop... by cotton from Oxford N.C.03/29/2012

They have always ship the right item and the shipping is very fast. I know that I can depend on them for all my shopping. GREAT GREAT online pet shop.

okay by burgurl12/01/2011

frontline still works okay for ticks on my dogs; however it seems to have lost its effectiveness for fleas. i use the frontline in early spring during the worst of tick season (western north carolina) and then swtich to advantage II.

Better than the others by Deby from Michigan10/15/2011

Frontline is the best product for keeping flees off of my fur buddy. I have tried some of the others, but nothing works as well as the Frontline.

Frontline for Dogs by Cheryl from Pacifica CA02/02/2012

I have been ordering supplies from Entirely Pets for over 5 years, Not once did I have any problems and all the products i get are fantastic and fast delivery!

Great Product by Rick from Rochester Hills, MI01/07/2012

Have used this on multiple dogs for years. It works, it's reasonably priced and it's well packaged.

Good Product by d51cowart from League City, TX12/31/2012

This works well for keeping the fleas off my 3 dogs. You have to use it every month, though, if you live in Texas, or else the dogs get reinfested when they go outside.

Is it asking too much? by Lukeys' momma10/10/2010

I have been using Frontline Plus for over 5 years, & I am sorry to say that this is the first time I have a bonafide complaint on this product!!! I have a 38 lb. dog that is absolutely infested with fleas right now after using Frontline Plus (for up to 44 lbs) 'religiously' the week of the 15th of every month for over 5 years. I noticed at the end of this past August treatment, he was itching so I put it on a couple days earlier the month of Sept.; Now I just put it on his little itchy body again for this month of October, & started grooming him & found eggs, big, & little fleas everywhere!! I am just disgusted cause I do take great care because he is an indoor,"couch dog" & his bed is in my bedroom. I sacrifice to keep him in flea control, as I am laid-off & every cent counts. So Like I said, "Is it asking too much"...for at least my pets' flea control to work??..!

another pest free friend by lolo from waldport or12/01/2011

Both our dogs use this product. No fleas, no scratching and Vet preferred.

Great Product by Shelsbells from Los Angeles, CA07/01/2014

I've been using Frontline Plus for over a dozen years and swear by it. It always works. We've never had a flea or tick issue with either of our Chow Chows. This is a great product with no side effects that we've noticed.

WORKS GREAT!!!! by Wendora07/25/2014

I have tried other brands in the past, but Frontline works the best for us! We have had nothing but good results.

It does the job by Zulu from NH05/30/2012

Have used this for years and have not had an issue with ticks or fleas.

Disappointed! by Sherrie01/24/2013

I was very disappointed with this product. A full month after using it, I found a well-fed tick at the base of my dog's tail. I felt that it had been there long enough that the Frontline should have killed it. Also, he seems to still be bothered by fleas. I talked to my vet about it and am going to try Advantix next time. Lyme Disease is a real threat in my area, and even tho I do get my dog vaccinated for it, I still do not want to find ticks feeding on him.

by Mopje from NH12/11/2011

I have used Frontline Plus on my dogs for many years. Never have had a problem with ticks or fleas.

Yuck! by Kempestuous from Seattle, WA07/07/2014

We usually use Advantage, but since it was on sale I got the Frontline Plus. The next day after I put it on his back, the fur was still wet looking and clumped together. It never did go back to looking normal even after I brushed it multiple times over the next couple of weeks. In fact when I bathed him a few weeks later, I had to cut a whole bunch of the fur off of that spot because it was so matted. Our dog has pure white fur and no undercoat, so it's very easy to spot a flea. With Advantage the most I've ever seen on him is one. When I went to bathe our dog and looked through his fur, there were dozens of fleas and flea droppings everywhere on him for the first time in his life. I will never buy Frontline again!!!!!

Reliable! by islalvr from Chicago, IL09/11/2013

Frontline Plus remains the most reliable product in my opinion. I've found dead ticks on my dog's blanket, so it's definately working. Will stick with Frontline Plus.

shipped as ordered by slim shaddy from Howell, Mi12/13/2011

I ordered a 3 month supply of Frontline Plus and received what I ordered. I recently had an experience with another website of ordering the same item and they shipped another like item saying they were of of the original order because of supply and demand. Very happy with the service.

Frontline Plus for dogs by MLH03/28/2012

This is the best flea and tick control product I've found. I've tried all the others from the expensive name brands to the cheap generic ones. Frontline Plus keeps the flea problem under control.

Simply the best by Bev07/03/2012

Frontline Plus is the best product. Easiest to apply and Entirely Pets is the best place to get it. Only one place has it for less, but they mess up the it's always Entirely Pets for me.

Frontline Plus by oldgrayboy02/03/2012

This site has the best price for Frontline Pluse that I have found. Shipping was fast.

flea by laurie03/28/2008

i love this product i use on all my pets i have 2 dogs and 1 cat it works wonderful and easy to use

Great Product by Louann11/10/2009

I have two dogs that I use this product on and it works great!. I live in Florida where the flea and tick cycle never really ends. So any product that keeps them flea and tick free, also keeps me and the house flea and tick free !

Product and Price perfect by CBG02/28/2012

Frontline is a great product that most pet owners are familiar with. This frontline order through Entirely Pets is the same great product but at an especially good price too. Good job Entirely Pets.

A great, reliable, flea and tick medication by darma from Greensburg, PA10/25/2012

Does the job great! A super product! This is the only flea and tick medication I order because I know that I can trust it to work on my dog Skye.

Laura by Laura from Gibsonville, NC12/06/2011

I've tried other brands, bad idea. We could not get rid of the 1 to 5 fleas on our dog. But then we used this in combination with a capstar. She is doing much better.

Works for a few days only. by C. Jones from Virginia Beach, VA10/30/2013

Does not work on my beagle mix, don't know if it's his coat or if the fleas are immune to it but it only lasted a few days. It used to work great a few years ago when we had a shepard but nothing we have tried has worked on the beagle so it might just be him.

Frontline Plus by tacey04/02/2012

I have used Frontline Plus since I moved to a wooded property. I was afraid my dog wood pick up a Tick and bring it in the house! Well, four years later,lots of Deer and other animals and, no ticks or fleas.... I won't change a thing! Thanks Frontline.........

Works very well by cpapgal from Iowa06/19/2012

We live in the counrty and have a lot of ticks and fleas in the area. Protects my dogs and keeps them healthy.

Love My Doggies by Susan from Salem OR11/20/2012

Frontline Plus is an awesome product and protects my dogs year round. No fleas on my dogs, no fleas in the carpet, no fleas on the furniture. And fleas LOVE to bite me, so I know if there's a flea anywhere around. Oh yeah, my dogs aren't spoiled or anything, but they do sleep on my bed. : ) So I'm very happy with zero fleas and no scratching!

Flea Protection by crib from Orlando, FL05/07/2013

It was a great product and it was my first time using it. My dogs seem to like it and thats what counts, keeping the pets happy!

FrontlinePlus by cinntannbutter from Wallington,NJ12/07/2012

Really works for my Dogs I would'nt fgo for other brands

Best Bargain Ever by Missy10/28/2011

A much better bargain for the same product as can be bought at the vet's office. Delivered within 5 days. Works great on my dog!

The Best by Sue07/16/2012

Ever since using this product, NO MORE FLEAS! It's better than others I have tried, because the odor seems to go away very quickly. And talk about Quick... The order arrived sooner that I thought it would!!!

Frontline Plus for Dogs by Nan06/17/2013

Product works very well and makes Missy happy to be flea free.

A Must by Barb from San Diego, CA06/12/2013

Living in CA this is a must all year long.

by from 12/14/2013

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 6 MONTH
great product by filly from Belleville Il04/02/2011

I have used this product for about 6 yrs now. the vet recommened it. I would not use anything else. And yours are so much more reasonable than at the vets. Try it and see how very good it is,

best for ticks by Pat from California02/14/2014

We live on a ranch in an area with many ticks. Frontline Plus protects our dogs better than any other product we have tried.

GREAT!! by PK01/11/2012

Product is great and much cheaper if you buy it through the site

Does not work by kjrt01 from Copperas Cove, TX06/29/2010

I have 3 dogs and spent over $200 on this product and my dogs got fleas anyway. I heard from other people that they had the same problem with this product. Even my vet told me that his clients complained that it is not working. I am very disappointed and I am hoping to get a refund.

never worry about fleas by aryder10/22/2011

We've been using this for 10 years and we never have to worry about fleas and ticks on our border collie - as long as he gets a monthly dose of frontline plus.

Terrible by Elizabeth07/24/2014

I ordered 3 different packages of frontline. One for my cats one for my larger dogs and one for my smaller dogs. After they had been capstarred for 2 days and hold absolutely no fleas I placed the frontline on my animals just as the instructions stated. Within days my dogs were covered in fleas and chewing themselves til they bled. I asked my vet about this and he said that for some reason frontline has not been working lately and he has received many complaints about the product. I have tried with no success to reach someone to help with this problem. I spent over $144 for a product that not only did not work but has caused me incur more medical expenses because of open sores that my dogs have chewed on themselves trying to rid themselves of fleas. I thought I was getting a good and reliable product but instead I got more problems and no one to help rectify the problem. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Excellent product by johna from Metro Charlotte, N.C.01/23/2012

Have used F'line Plus for several years.Always works very fleas/ticks...thumbs up !

Frontline Plus - great product by Kat from Saint Louis, MO08/04/2014

I've used inferior products in the past and Frontline is the best!

Great Flea Protection by Susan08/11/2013

I have been using this product for years. It works very well.

Frontline Plus works well by Nancy from North Hills, CA07/28/2014

Frontline Plus works well on my dogs and they haven't had fleas for years using this product monthly. I use it year round.

Keeps the Fleas Away! by Ducklady from Annapolis, MD04/16/2014

I have several dogs, cats, and birds, so it is important to keep the fleas out of my house so I won't need an exterminator. I used K-9 Advantix, until I saw the warning about the hazard to cats. I switched to Frontline, and have been extremely pleased with the job it does. We dose the cats and the dogs, and thank heavens we have not had a problem with fleas or ticks in the house or on our pets. It gets the job done!

Excellent price performer by Owned by a Sheltie11/26/2013

I have used Frontline Plus for flea and tick control for many years. Entirely Pets provides the best price performance for the product from a site I believe I can trust. Thank you, Entirely Pets.

by happy05/15/2014

much better than advantix (which causes growths on both dogs)

Great Product by Brittanyluvr from pennsylvania03/11/2011

My britts love the woods and always manage to get a tick or two, but with this frontline they do not get them and have never had fleas....I had another dog for 10 years and used this and she never got fleas..

Frontline Plus by TB from VB02/15/2012

Use to work great with my dogs but this year with winter no where in site I had to apply 2 doses in one month still waiting to see if it will do the trick since other product I use gave them a reaction

Good Purchase by mlang from Stillwater, OK07/24/2012

Product was delivered quickly, the price was great! I have recommended this site and product to many others. Frontline is a good product and Entirely pets offers it at a very competitive price. Overall good experience!

Can't Beat the Price by Too Many Dogs04/12/2011

So with three dogs, frontline is costly so I was researching the price at my local stores versus on line. My vet was charging me over $20 more than what I bought it for and again with three dogs that adds up. I found that Entirely Pets was the cheapest and always recommend it to multiple dog owners. Living on a farm, frontline is needed for the ticks. Thanks for being affordable so that I can protect my pets.

by from 11/15/2012

The best thing about this product are the fleas I have never found due to using the product. It works as advertised, and though it's very expensive, it keeps my Corgi flea free.

about by this from productThe


by Lloyd from Luttrell tennessee07/02/2013

we ordered from you all for u are the best place to get this product

Nice! by Father of Midnight from Ventura, CA12/02/2012

Great for our dog - long lasting, no residue.

Frontline by Pat05/09/2013

This is a very good product and I always buy it to keep my dog free from fleas and ticks.

Great dependable product by islalvr from Chicago, IL10/31/2012

My pug doesn't get into high grass or weeds, he has allergies so I try to limit that. But this year, we found a dead tick in his bedding (I was his bedding bi-weekly) and I am attributing the death of the tick to Frontline Plus, and keeping my dog safe. Dependable product, would not skip even if your dog doesn't go into the woods or high grass! Not thrilled about the greasy mess left on coat, but I plan his bath 2 days after application, as stated by Frontline.

Best price, best service! by spike29 from Boston, MA10/02/2014

I keep returning to Entirely Pets for my pets Frontline Plus purchase. The price is the best, the product is legitimate and I don't worry about foreign copies of the product. I trust this company with all of my purchases. Very reliable.

Great Product by kat09/19/2014

I use this for my two pups and didn't have a single flea or tick problem.

Frontline Plus BLUE for Dogs 23-44 lbs, 6 MONTH by dihof302/18/2012

I haven't used the product yet, however I was very pleased to receive the actual name brand product, and not a counterfeit product like I've gotten from other online companies.

by from 01/01/2013

Works Every Time by KR from Deltona, FL12/01/2011

I have used Frontline Plus for Dogs for years now. I have 2 beagles, and I have NEVER had a flea problem since I started using this product. Ordering it from Entirely Pets is just a plus! It costs less and gets delivered right to my door!

by skip from clt07/11/2012

NOT a good product. Didn't do a thing for getting rid of the fleas.. My poor dogs were miserable. I found out from several other people that this product doesn't work (one of them works for a vet, the other shows her dogs). So don't waste your money.

Frontline Plus by pat from Brooksville, Fl07/25/2012

Live in Florida, and have a large fenced yard. Have used Frontline Plus over 6 years. Our 2 30 lb dogs have never had a flea or tick problem. Won't take a chance on a less expensive product. Highly recommend.

Seems to be the REAL Frontline by Catprints from Stephens City, VA09/17/2010

I've been buying Frontline from this website for a couple years and we have not seen any fleas or ticks on our dog or in the house. I have 5 indoor cats that we do not treat so if they sold counterfeit Frontline, I would think our dog would have brought fleas in by now. So far so good!

by Lynn from CA11/06/2012

Totally necessary product for a country mutt!

Tick control by Joanne from NH08/25/2013

I live in Lyme disease country, and have been using the yearly Lyme shot along with Frontline Plus during tick season. So far, so good ; ) I only wish it wasn't so expensive and that it repelled ticks, not just killed them after they attached and fed.

Effective control by Sharon05/01/2013

We have tried some of the newer brands, but our dog didn't tolerate them well at all.

by granj from Wisconsin04/02/2013

I returned this product and still do not have a credit on my card for it. I was sent the wrong product. What happened?

Great Product by Jeanne from Springfield, Ohio08/25/2013

Has worked well for years now. I've used it for a long time.

works great by Kris07/22/2013

traveled to Mn where there are loads of ticks this time of year. They literally dropped off dead! Kopi (my dog) is like a magnet to ticks and Frontline keeps them off

Great product, easy to use by jenk813 from high point nc10/12/2013

This is a product I have used for years. Easy to use, it works and not toxic to cats.

A great product that works! by Pete from Newtown Square, PA12/30/2013

great product ... great seller ... do business with these folks! A+++++ !!!!!

Great Product by OsMama from Birmingham, AL07/07/2013

This has worked wonderfully for my two dogs for several years with no side effects.

Great Product by Lynnie from Austin Tx08/09/2013

My dog has an allergy to flea bites. His dermatologist dx this product. Flea's be gone!

Stop the itch by Pens Fan from PA03/21/2013

We have 2 Beagles, 1 has allergies, Frontline Plus works great on both.

WORKS GREAT!!! by Wendora07/25/2014

I have tried other brands in the past, but Frontline works the best for us! We have had nothing but good results.

by Coco's owner from Cambridge, MA02/20/2013

Frontline Plus is a very effective product, and Entirely Pets is where I've found the best price for it.

good deal by marion01/09/2012

Necessary, especially with the warm winters.

Frontline Plus by Chloehome from Colfax, CA01/20/2012

This has been a great product to repel fleas/ticks for many years. However, it is not working very well, in the last year. Our Vet told us, that the people at Frontline, are making a new product, which will be improved/changed, and able to repel ticks/fleas. Still, our Vet recommends Frontline over any other brand. All brands are, apparently, having this problem, re the ticks/fleas getting resistant to the products. Perhaps the fleas/ticks have evolved, to be able to repel this product, and live through having Frontline in contact with them... I am looking forward to the new product, that the people of Frontline, will put out there to us, to protect our dogs,and cats.So far, I do not see this new product available. I give 3 stars to Frontline now, as it doesn't last even a month now. Previously, it lasted the entire month. Like I said, perhaps the ticks have evolved, and that is why Frontline is working on it's change it. Entirely Pets, is, the best place to buy pet products; I have no complaint with them. They are the best.

by from 04/08/2008

Frontline is a safe product.

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Excellent pricing by Tim R. from Oak Harbor, Wa.12/03/2011

Best pricing I found on the 'net!!! Very rapid shipment. Could not be more pleased with the product or the transaction.

Good Product - Good Price by mlang from Stillwater, OK05/23/2013

As always Entirely Pets has the best price on a tried and true product.

Frontline is precision pet parasite control by Lyricalmom from West Chester, Pennsylvania10/29/2011

We have been using FRONTLINE PLUS and TOPSPOT for over a decade with our longhair Maine Coones and Shelties. We use it year round. Both of these pet breeds have short and very hirsute hind legs and underbellies, and run very low to the ground, making them very vulnerable to greedy tick, and other parasite, transmission. We have never had a tick or flea on our pets. Remember, always wipe your pet down after the pet is walked or comes in the house, especially if you live on the east coast.LYME DISEASE TICK prevention is a family matter. PROTECT YOUR PET, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. I am a public health nurse, and I remind everyone who lives on the eastern seaboard from Maine to the Carolina's to check their pets and children for ticks. Lyme Disease is a terrible disease to endure and poses lifelong complications for pets and humans. Pesticides cannot 'do it all.' Deer ticks are indistinguishable on pet fur and can live all winter long in subfreezing temeratures in leaves and mulch on the East Coast. Your pet should receive TOPSPOT year round and we all need to check our children for tick exposure as well. Dogs and cats are the number one vectors for ticks, and it takes TOPSPOT more than an hour to kill. Ticks can still crawl off your pet and onto your children or their clothing and school supplies that are left on the floor, even though they have been exposed to the pesticide. Ticks can live for two weeks in the home without a blood meal.

Coupons by Stupid Customer03/15/2012

I ordered $30- worth of filters for my fish tank I was pleased to receive coupons for discounts on products. Coupins expired months before I received them and after I had ordered my product. Thanks for nothing. Thanks for Clowning the customers. Never, Ever Again. DONE!!!

Great product at a great price by MizzM from Chicopee, MA03/17/2012

Product was offered at the lowest price with quick delivery. This is my preferred site to order flea and tick control.

Another great buy at enitrelypets! by zielinam from Apex, NC04/22/2013

This is the lowest cost for frontline that I've found ANYWHERE! My vet even offers 2 free doses, 8 for the price of 6, but buying frontline from entirelypets is still cheaper per dose than the special offer.

Good price by Michele K from Oklahoma01/10/2013

This product works well on my dogs. Although with four dogs it is pretty expensive. But you get what you pay for. I just hope it is safe in the long term.

Frontline Plus by John from Brentwood, TN04/02/2013

I have used Frontline products for several years and they have worked great. I expect Frontline Plus to have the same great results.

by Yo from Oklahoma City, OK11/30/2011

Good product, I can tell when I miss a month because my dogs will get fleas when we go to the lake. But if they have been Frontlined, they will not.

by from 01/18/2012

I have used Frontline Plus on my "baby" since I adopted her almost 8 years ago. I have never seem a flea or tick on her.

order by from from EntirelyPets.comEvery


by Mare10/27/2011

Frontline works, no concern about feas or ticks. Best of all EntirelyPets shipped immediately and I had my purchase in a couple of days - regular shipping! I couldn't be more pleased.

by Tammy12/08/2011

I love Frontline it keeps fleas off my pets and out of my house!!

Going to be a hot by cotton from Oxford N.C.03/29/2012

Had a very warm winter where I live and I know that I can depend on Frontline for the spring and summer. I have used this item for 5 yrs. Great stuff and plus I use it all yr around too.

Works well so far by JimInPA from Camp Hill, PA06/07/2014

It's still early in the season but we haven't had to deal with any fleas yet. The crucial time will be mid-summer and I hope I can maintain this rating.

Very reliable product! by cvl from NW IN03/15/2012

I have used Frontline Plus for both of my dogs for many years. It has provided excellent protection against fleas and ticks. The only downside of the product is the greasy residue left on the coat. But after reading the instructions, I shampoo my dog 2 days after application so I don't have to deal with the greasy fur for long.

Frontline Plus Best Ever by Lorrie from La Valle, WI07/23/2012

We've been using Frontline Plus for many, many years. We use what works for us.

A Solid Winner by LunaTick from California05/29/2013

I have been using Frontline Plus for several years. We live in a high tick area, and it is a rarity to find a live tick on either of my two dogs, even during the height of the season! I am grateful not to have to hand-pick ticks anymore, especially as both dogs are double-coated.

Heartgard Plus by mat from Florida10/16/2013

Good product selection and super fast service.

Frontlone Blue by mary from Torrance, CA11/20/2012

I ordered the blue by accident in the evening of October 29th 2012. I called in the morning and I was told that it had already shipped and I could not cancel the order. So, I ordered the purple on the phone. Well, it seems that both packages came at the same time about 4 days later. I sent back the blue and to date have not received a refund or acknowledgement that you have received it. This upsets me because I have such great service when ordering but it seems that returns are an issue. The product works great also

Frontline Plus Great Flea Protection by Bobbie05/23/2013

Excellent product for fleas and ticks. Been using it for years. Excellent customer service from Entirely Pets! I've been a customer for several years and enjoy doing business with them!

by nhpetlover11/29/2012

Reliable product. I tried the generic version and was disappointed. It's definitely worth the money to use the brand name.

Best product by FlaLady from Deltona, fla03/21/2013

I have always found this product to work great! It keeps the dogs and the house flea free!

Good Value, Great product by cbenc from Ambler, PA03/10/2013

My dog was infested with fleas, this product - with PLUS - worked to clear up and keep fleas from hatching.

Great product by Lud 1 from New Jersey08/08/2014

Have been using this product for years on both dogs. Easy to use and no pesty pests. Arrived within days of placing order. Great product

vet recommended initially by zsty awc08/18/2014

Been using Frontline and now Frontline Plus for years with all of my dogs. My vet recommended this product initially and I have continued to use it regularly. Try to keep up to date with applications, as we travel for dog sporting events and come into contact with many other dogs and we're often near grassy or wooded areas where I seem to come home with the ticks and not the dogs! Product is easy to use.

Flea Control by Peggy10/05/2011

I have two Cocker Spaniels and have tried all the flea control products on the market for the most part, but Frontline Plus is the best and most effective for more that just fleas. It includes the eggs, mosquitoes, and ticks. We live in the woods and ever since I have used this product faithfully, I have had not pest problems. It also does not irritate the dogs skin. You web site has the best prices and this is why you am faithful to you site. I particularly like the free shipping offers and the occasional discounts. I watch for them often.

by from 07/21/2012

by SMiedel07/23/2012

Good price on product; fast shipping; excellent transaction and customer service

the real stuff by 2petowner from Owego NY11/06/2012

The frontline plus sold on is the real stuff, approved by the US FDA/EPA . Other on-line pet suppliers sell the non-approved frontline plus and then give you an extremely hard time when you try to return it because it is not approved for use in the US.

Frontline Purchase by Liz from New Jersey04/30/2013

I was very happy with my purchase of Frontline Plus. It got to me within a few days which was great since I ran out and my dogs needed their next dosage. I have been ordering from Entirely Pets for a couple of years and have never had a bad experience.

Frontline Plus Dogs by Donna from Rochester, NY12/23/2012

No more worries! All stages of fleas are gone!

The best prices by luvdogs201/28/2011

Thank you for always shipping this item so quickly! You have the best prices for Frontline Plus!

worst purchace ever by catbird51107/16/2011

I put frontline plus on my 3 cats and a week later they are still crawling with fleas! Help

good product for tick infested areas by mom of kitties from Alvaton, KY07/03/2013

I have used this product for years and have found that it does a good job but does not seem to be as effective as it was years in the past. I still find ticks attacked to one of my dogs and she was getting them every day in the spring. She is a house dog and would pick them up when the other dogs didn't. I didn't give the ticks a chance to die from the Frontline Plus because she has such short hair, I could find them with a quick search.

Frontline Plus works by Thisby02/26/2014

Our dogs have never had fleas and have always been on Frontline Plus. The purchase was easy, shipping was fast, and the price was reasonable.

great product by max08/31/2011

my mom's dog had alot of flees, I used 1 applicator on her dog and the next day most of the flees where dead, this works wonders love this product, and i love the fast service entirelypets give, a very happy customer i give it 5 stars

Frontline Plus by scottk from Ohio06/18/2013

This is the only product I will use for my dogs. I have had six dogs over the years, and there has never been a flea or tick problem with Frontline Plus.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 12 MONTH
Kills ticks by 4bostons from Chesapeake, VA01/24/2013

This works very good for fleas, but we use it because of ticks. It provides good protection from ticks for 3-4 weeks.

Great purchase by Shelby01/08/2013

The vet recommended this product. It has worked great for my two dogs!

Worth the money! by Zena11/29/2011

You need to keep your pets on Frontline! The alternative will cost you much more in vet bills for lyme and/or ridding your house of fleas not to mention the comfort your pet receives from not having ticks and fleas. Don't even think twice about it! You have to use preventative!

Entirley Satisfied by Floyd12/29/2012

We started using Frontline on our Bichon "Buddy" with great results when he was just a puppy. His vet talked me into trying an oral tablet but it made him sick and we went back to Frontline. He tolerates it well and has had no fleas or ticks in the almost five years we have had him. The most economical way to buy it is purchasing a years supply from Entirley Pets online.

Frontline plus vs pet armour by Tux from Chesapeake, va05/30/2012

Frontline wins. We use frontline for protection against ticks. We have shorthaired dogs and found frontline stays on longer. Don't know why, maybe doesn't wash off as easily?

flea meds. by gary from shenandoah,virgnia03/10/2014

the same thing is was getting at the vets for a cheaper price .

Don't let your best friend go without it by hallesmom from Greenville, SC11/13/2013

I use Frontline for all my dogs...I have NEVER found a flea or tick on either of them..Best product on the market!

great price - great product by happy customer from Bridgeport, WV05/03/2012

You don't have to worry about fleas if you use this product monthly.

This Product Works! by Dusty's mom from Pensacola, FL04/17/2012

I couldn't be happier with this product. Easy to use and it works wonderfully!

Really works by Nat from Renton, WA12/01/2011

We use this for both of our pugs and we have zero flea problems.

Good price performer by Owned by a Sheltie08/20/2014

We've used Frontline Plus for many years and been happy with the results. Entirely Pets has the best price I've found.

Frontline Plus Blue by Pat from Brooksville, Fl03/05/2012

We live in Florida. So the problem with ticks and fleas is year round. We have had 3 dogs, now 2 and have never had a problem with either. After searching the internet we continue to purchase from Entirely Pets for the best prices.

Great Product Best Price by meandmypets04/06/2012

My dogs have been treated with Frontline Plus since they were puppies. They have remained flea and tick free. One of my dogs has severe allergies. Frontline Plus has never caused him an allergic reaction. While the product is rather expensive, the 12 month pack from EntirelyPets was the most reasonable price I could find. Great product, best price, free shipping - good stuff.

flea by laurie06/11/2008

i love this product i use on all my pets i have 2 dogs and 1 cat it works wonderful and easy to use

using frontline plus for my cats and dog by ju from houston, tx11/06/2012

use this product over 10 years for all of my pets. Do not have any problem.

Dependable by 2Aussies from Youngsville NC10/25/2012

I have used Frontline for years and my pets have been free of problems. I started using Entirely Pets about 5 years ago and their service and prices are great. I always check them first when I need something for my Aussies.

Completely Satisfied by dihof3 from Georgia12/30/2012

I have purchased Frontline Plus Blue several times from Entirely Pets. I always receive the product in a timely manner and feel that the price is the lowest that I can find.

FrontlinePlus by furbabies mom from Hendersonville,NC03/28/2012

I give this website 5 stars+..I ordered & recieved my order of Frontline Plus for my two Aussie's & am delighted to say the order was filled & sent to me in just 5 days. The price for this product is great & about half of what my Vet has been charging me, I am happy to get the low price for the Fronline Plus. I have used this website, Entirely for many years, now with these two Aussies & for 6 yrs for my Husky who passed on 4 yrs ago. I did get all of her meds here & saved quite a bit of money from using Thanks for keeping your prices low & your service is great. Furbabies Mom

by from 10/30/2011

by dls07/18/2014

the product is fine, I have used this since we have our dog.

flea and tick control by caroline hannold02/28/2014

I've been using frontline plus as per my special vet Dr. Judy Morgan Clayton Veterinary Asso. We have five adopted animals and have used this product for 30 or more years with great success. We would not use anything else for our dear furry friends. Its the best!

The Best by jeani01/07/2014

I have had dogs for about 40 years. Not sure how long I have used frontline but I have no desire to change to another being frontline does its job. Living in the country we have tons of ticks with all the wildlife passing through the surrounding area. Great product

Frontline Plus Blue for Dogs by pin11/15/2012

great and I like being able to get in 6 months supply

Frontline Plus Blue.23 to 44 pounds by Debster from Lakeland, Fla05/30/2012

I have always used Frontline Plus, on rare occasions, I have used Comfortis during a particularly bad flea time, but Frontline Plus is my go to flea medicine of choice.

Great Service! by Jersey Jo01/01/2013

Found Entirely Pets to have the best price for Frontline Plus products and received fast and free delivery!

Best Price Online by DogMom5504/11/2013

It was as described, and a great price. With the free-shipping, I was saved a lot of money by buying Frontline on Entirely Pets.

Have the fleas become resistant? by CG10/29/2011

We've been buying Frontline Plus for years, and never saw fleas on our dogs until last month. Our three terriers were suddenly covered with fleas and we switched to Comfortis, a prescription oral flea killer, and the fleas died within a day. The veterinary staff told us they had heard similar stories from other clients, so I'm wondering if there is a resistant strain of fleas emerging.

Frontline Plus BLUE for Dogs 23-44 lbs, 12 MONTH by dihof3 from Georgia05/30/2012

I was very pleased with my order. I have already recommended Entirely Pets to my friends and told them about the quality product at a good price.

Excellent flea protection by 18thstlocal02/17/2014

We've been using frontline for years with our dog and never had a problem with fleas.

Ready for good weather by Jack&Jesse from Syracuse, ny04/16/2013

good timing for a sale. now all set for spring & summer with flea and tick protection.

Frontline by CP08/07/2012

I've used it for years and never had flea problems.

very disappointed by dogfriend04/25/2012

I have several dogs and each one without exception continues to have fleas after application. This product does not last 30 days as a matter of fact it is not even effective for one day. It is way over priced for what it claims to do. I called the help line and they were of no help either.

Works like it should by pupmom from westerville, oh03/17/2012

I have been using Frontline for years and it does a great job keeping fleas and ticks off my pups.

Excellent Protection by Lindsey from Bel Air, MD01/07/2014

I have been using this product for years. It works great. Kills fleas and ticks!

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 3 MONTH
Awesome Product by Dog flea product from Gainesville, FL07/18/2012

Works great, easy to apply and doesn't interfere with the activity of our two dogs.

Frontline Plus by noelkimberly10/27/2011

I have bought Frontline Plus for my dogs for years from Entirely Pets. They seem to have the best price. They also ship it fast. This product has worked well for my dogs.

Fleas and Ticks by Dante06/07/2013

I think it does well with ticks but didn't remove the fleas as it has done in the past.

Excellent product by Magoo from Cedar Crest,NM08/06/2013

I have been using it for years on all my dogs with great success.No side effects.

Good quality product by Dee from North Providence, RI11/01/2011

I have been using this product for many years and am extremely happy with it as it provides great protection for my dog.

Frontline Plus 45-88 lbs by Claudia from Richmond, VA08/18/2013

The product is excellent. Started seeing fleas dying within an hour. Dogs are happy now that they don't have to stop and scratch or bite every few steps.

Frontline by BarkingBandits04/03/2013

I think Entirely Pets has the best prices around for Frontline. It works great for all three of my dogs. I never have a problem with ticks or fleas and I live in a wooded area.

Good experience by j2303/04/2013

This was the best deal out there! Frontline always leaves us free of fleas.

Surprised it's not working by KnHouston04/17/2012

When we first started using Frontline it was great. No side effects, no fleas. But this year I have applied the product twice and it seems it's feeding the fleas, not killing them..The first application was from a very old package so I went out and bought a fresh package from the Vet. No difference! We are now working into our second week of the SECOND applicaton and there are fleas everywhere. When the month is up I plan to find another product.

Excellent Product! by bellaella77 from New Britain, CT04/08/2010

We have 3 dogs and this works great. We have hunting dogs so they get a lot of ticks on them. Our vet recommended to use it every three weeks and it's been working great! We never had fleas on our dogs!!

Ineffective product by BILLIE06/26/2012

Applied as directed, does nothing for the problem. Bought the same product for our indoor cats with the same results. Not sure if they're immune to the product or what, but definately would not buy again.

Frontline by gyoung094610/29/2011

Order arrived in amazingly short order. I have used this product for years and would not change,

Frontline plus purple by marcia08/27/2012

frontline plus is very effective. Great shipping times.

by MzSJW from Birmingham, AL03/14/2013

Great product! Very nice customer service & speedy delivery!

great product by bobcat from Tucson Az01/01/2014

i have a service dog who goes everywhere with me. I need a product to keep fleas away from him. This product was highly recommend by my vet and Entirely pets was the cheapest. I would recommend this product for all dogs and cats.

Frontline by Bonehead11/03/2011

I've used this product for a few years on my hunting dog. I'm always impressed when I see all the dead Dear ticks and he's never had a flea problem.

Super product by Pat from Kansas City area10/09/2013

Frontline Plus has kept my dog flea and tick free for 5+ years. I wouldn't use anything else!

Only site I use by Jim D12/08/2013

This the only site to use for your pet products. Everything comes in just as described and delivery is fast (usually comes in 2-3 days)

great product by zoegrl05/30/2012

We have been using Frontline plus for 5 years now on our lab Zoe'. This product never fails to produce the results it says it will produce. Our dog is free from pests and happy! Entirely Pets has the best online prices for the products we need and we couldn't be happier ourselves!

Frontline Works by Carbeg from St. Louis, MO04/15/2012

We've been using frontline for years on our 10 year old dog. Despite some of the other reviews saying how the product no longer works, I disagree. With the warmer than normal spring, we have seen a few ticks on our dog, but they have all been dead or almost dead. We will continue to use this product once a month.

by gangan from virginia12/05/2011

I bought this b/c it said it would kill existing flees within 24hours. Well, it has been over a week and the flees are still on my dog. She was not infested to start with and I don't see any difference since using the product. I would not use again or reccommend to anyone.

Good quality product by Dee from Providence, RI06/12/2012

I always purchase Frontline for my German Shepherd, it works great, have never had any fleas while using this product. I have heard about other new flea prevention products but am unwilling to switch since I have had great success with this one.

by Snow10/08/2013

Frontline is very effective in keeping dogs and cats flee and tick free.

Frontline by Brutie's Mom from Chalfont, PA01/16/2012

I've been using Frontline for years on my dogs. Easy to use, no mess and it is 100% effective against ticks and fleas. I've checked prices all around and found that the pricing on Entirely Pets is the best for me. I could get it at the vet's office but they want you to purchase a year's supply and that is not possible for me. Other retail stores are much more. Thanks Entirely Pets!!!

Front line by Charlie from Woonsocket, RI07/24/2013

Only one I will get for my Charlie : ) Keeps the fleas and ticks away.

good price by Kat from SC11/10/2013

Shopped around, got it here - quick shipping

Works great by Kat from SC11/23/2013

Easy to apply, works! Use monthly to avoid fleas in your home.

Good product by d51cowart from League City, TX12/31/2012

It works! I have a huge flea problem (live in Texas) and this product got the fleas under control in my 3 dogs. I do have to use it every month, though---or else they get fleas again.

Works like a charm! by freeporthoney01/31/2012

Use this for my older dog, am now using it for my puppy.

Great for dogs by ChloeK05/10/2014

I have used Frontline Plus in the past and have had no problems with my dog. It seems to work really well.

Dog in patio by Marilyn from San Juan, P.R.08/19/2014

I have a dog which most of the time is in our patio, She has been with us for 8 years and we have never had any problems with ticks or anything.

Great product!! by lisag28 from Morning view, KY04/27/2012

I have been using Frontline for about the last 3 years--have never seen a flea yet on my dog! Protects great against ticks also--highly recommend this product esp to anyone with dogs who spend lots of time outside in the warm weather.

by from 04/06/2012

Been buying for awhile by noelkimberly from Tennessee05/29/2012

I buy the Frontline Plus for Dogs. I have been buying this from Entirely Pets for awhile now. I have two large dogs, and it works well for them. We live next to woods. It seems to keep the ticks and fleas off them. When I order this, it ships quickly. I find the prices from this company are good.



My dog loves it because bugs hate it! by Suz from Averill Park, NY05/21/2013

Keeps my baby safe from fleas and ticks!

This stuff rocks! by Pet owner from Gainesville, FL10/22/2012

This is the best product for control of fleas and whatever else it does. Have never seen a flea on or pets.

Frontline works by David from Christiansburg, VA11/30/2011

I have been using Frontline products on my dogs for years and always had good results. I didn't know how good until I recently missed a couple of doses and found ticks on both dogs as a result. I won't let that happen again.

Great Product by THOR01/23/2013

another great product offered by EP...TY...great price and fast shipping...

no longer viable product by Sunny from Pennsylvania12/11/2013

We returned the frontline plus products because we have been advised by several dog and cat groomers, rescuers, pet store employees plus our vet that Frontline has not been working for some time and we should switch to another brand...which we did. Hopefully the new product Advantage and Advantix will work better. Your return service was wonderful.

Great Flea Product by Lucy and Sierra from Oakland, CA03/17/2014

Frontline is great for my two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Entirely Pets has the best prices for this product. It's very easy to apply to both of my dogs.

by from 01/01/2013

Good purchase by jjinfl02/03/2013

Yes, I purchased Frontline flea/tick medicine from your company using a Groupon. It was priced well and I got free shipping. Thank you.

by amber11248203/12/2012

It may work for others but it didnt work on our pets.

Brand name bargain by Asamom from Colorado07/16/2013

The product is recommended by vet and this price was great! I saved quite a bit and will order gain next summer!

Works great. Been using this for 8 years. by Jen from Crystal Lake, IL07/31/2013

This is a great product. Works on my Golden Retriever. Never have I had a flea or tick problem using this product on her.

by sandy05/10/2013

this is the only product I can use on my very allergic Siberian husky. She even lites up from Advantage-severe skin reactions. She also has sensitive gi tract so orals are out as well. I don't think it works that great on fleas so I reapply at closer to 3 weeks rather than a month.

Good tick control by Pat from California09/27/2014

This is the best product we have tried for tick control. It also works well on fleas.

by from 03/15/2013

I have always depended on Frontline Plus for all my dogs because it works! Purchasing a 3-month supply helps keep me on track with protecting my 2-year old black lab as well as not getting flees in the house.

it by wa from tooAt


was a fan by tleet from Virginia10/11/2013

I've used this product for years but recently it is no longer effective on fleas.

by from 09/04/2013

Excellent Protection by Shelsbells from Chatsworth, CA02/08/2014

This has been our go to flea and tick protection for years on both of our dogs. It is easy to apply, very effective, relatively inexpensive and has no side effects.

Frontline Plus by Gazebo07/15/2013

I've purchased Frontline from Entirely Pets for years. I know that I'm getting the "real thing"....and the shipment always comes very quickly. They also have the best prices on the internet.

Excellent Product by Gretta C.05/30/2013

Been using frontline for years on my 3 dogs and it keeps them free from fleas and ticks year round.

frontline by jf from new york10/13/2011

this is a great reliable product. I have tried others and always come back to this.

by Jerry12/21/2013

Excellent product for controlling fleas . Arrived quickly in mail.

defective product by dog owner11/29/2011

Looks like their frontline is discounted for a reason. When we opened the box, all three tubes were sealed and full of just air. While they are working with us to do a return, this was unexpected an inconvenient.

Great product by Boxador Lover from Pennsylvania08/08/2013

The only product I have ever used for fleas. Works and no side effects.

Great deal and a quality product by charlie237 from Fuquay Varina NC09/25/2013

Best price I have ever seen, and this is a great product compared to all the other's

Frontline by skydancer08/12/2012

A really good product, as expected, and delivered in a timely fashion. Good web site.

Product great shipping not so great by Bev from Eugene, Or11/13/2012

As always you cannot get a better product to treat fleas and ticks, but they ship it in a "bubble type" large envelope and every box inside is smashed by the time the postal service gets done delivering it. It does not hurt the product, but they could devise a better way to ship.

keeps the fleas and ticks at bay by Gdog from Eastern, KY07/03/2013

Frontline is consistently effective. We live on a farm in the woods. Our dogs simply don't have fleas or ticks. They are out every day in the fields and woods. Frontline doesn't leave a greasy resdue on their coat like many of the other brands.

Pest Control by John10/05/2011

I have a German Shepard that loves to run through the woods. I have found that Frontline Plus does the best job at keeping pests at bay. Your order process is easy and reliable. Your discount offers are a blessing. Thank You

Works great on keeping my dog free flea by Debra K from Lewiston, Maine07/31/2014

My dog has an allergy to fleas and I use the Frontline Plus and she hasn't had any fleas at all this year

by Lori06/28/2014

Have used this product for years. Our dogs have never had fleas & amazing how they keep ticks off them.

by Spareaux from Seattle, WA01/21/2013

Frontline Plus always works on my pets quickly and effectively!

Not this season, maybe never again by RMM from Kentucky11/14/2013

I've used Frontline Plus for years, and it's been great. But since it's gone generic, the fleas seem to be immune to it. I've had to switch the flea protection my dogs are using. :(

No more fleas by Little Cloud from Chicago11/24/2011

Best protection we every had. We go camping and hiking and really need this.

good stuff by docwiley from CA08/07/2013

works very well. we live in an area with a very high tick population.

excellent by jean08/17/2008

I have used frontline for many years, product of excellence.

great !!! by perils04/06/2008

this stuff really works, I only use it everyother month,since is says it will work up to 3 months. My dog is 9 yrs old and has never had fleas because of this product.....

Awesome by donna02/09/2009

We've been using this product on our 4 year old German Shepherd mix dog since she was a puppy, and have never seen a single flea on her! I also came across this website by price-matching online, and this is the BEST deal I have ever seen on this product! It's half the price of the pet store and it's the same thing; AWESOME!

Love the Service by Melissa09/22/2008

I not only bought the stuff I needed for our flea infestation, but when I called 2 days before to find out what I should do and get the lady I spoke with had some of the best customer service. That is a big thing with me. She let me know what I should do in detail, and explained things to me that I did not know. When I bought the stuff on a Friday it was at my door at 9am on Monday with free shipping. That is some great service! Lots of companies when they give you free shipping it usually takes about a week to get to you. I reserched the prices of the Frontline Plus and all the other products I needed, it was the brest price I could find. The stuff I bought...Frontline Plus, Frontline Spray, Flea Clomb, Tapeworm Tabs, CapStar Tabs. I only spent about $110.00 on everything including Tax. I would have easily spent about $250.00 for all that stuff some other place. I will be using for my future Purcheses for my only son I will ever have.

Does the Job by LuLu from Michigan06/21/2014

I don't like putting chemicals on my dog but, have tried "natural" remedies without success. This product does the job and, I've been using it for 3 years. Does not cause seizures like some other products have.

Great! by Scott Jones03/31/2009

Almost $20 cheaper than I've seen on other pet med sites. Great buy!

Frontline by chevsam3311/06/2013

I only use Frontline on my pets - have tried others but Frontline is the best.

good product for dogs by Nellie11/06/2012

I have used this product for years with no side effects and no fleas. I only have to apply every 3 months to our dog who lives inside but goes out for walks etc. all over the neighborhood. We live in an area with heavy flea infestations but this has prevented any fleas on him and none brought into the house.

by Deb from Quakertown,PA10/25/2011

Very good product. Used on my Goldendoodle - great results. Would buy again,

don't waste your money by Sue from Tampa Florida02/17/2013

This product is supposed to kill fleas and nits in 12hours. I treated the house and dogs at the same time. 3days later they were still scratching and I was picking live fleas off of them. I had to take them to the vet for flea shots which worked. Also this product left their coats very greasy.

Satisfied by bixyrae from IL10/23/2012

I was very happy with this product, I've used it before, but I was really happy with the service I received from Entirely Pets!

by Pat from California04/04/2012

We live on a farm with prime tick habitat. Frontline works better on ticks than any similar product I have tried.

Frontline Plus is wonderful! by Max11/01/2011

I love this product and I love to be able to purchase it at the best price around!

Great price on a great product by Jer from Des Moines08/21/2013

Frontline Plus is the only flea/tick product I will use. Entirely Pets has the best price on it I have found. And the shipping is FAST!

Very competitive price. by Gene from Seattle10/22/2012

I got this with a Groupon coupon, so it was an excellent price and was delivered promptly.

Best product for ticks by Dog Lover12/08/2013

We live in an area with a high tick population. This product really works! In the past we have used other brands & still found ticks on our dog. Since switching, the ticks never bite him or nest-in. Wish we could use it on ourselves too! :)

Order processed accurately & fast! by Jenny from Pflugerville, Texas05/03/2011

I have been buying my pets' flea medicine from Entirely Pets for over 2 years. They always ship my order accurately and very quickly! I can buy the product for less than I can buy it at PetSmart or my vet's office - even with the shipping. I highly recommend using this company.

better than most by brenna from Texas07/24/2012

I have tried several products & this seems to work better than most. It does seem to wear off after about 3 weeks though instead of the 1 to 3 months as advertised. I had been using a product from my vet office but it seemed to wear off after the first week or so & was about $14 per dose. I also tried Triflex tablets to combine flea & worm control. I did not see any difference in the fleas with the oral product & it is very expensive, about $24 a dose for 1 month. Frontline Plus works longer for less. My dogs skin does look better too. It was red & irritated but after 2 months on the Frontline, it is clear again. I will continue to use the Frontline Plus as well as Heartguard. I also use the Frontline spay after her baths & between monthly spot treatments.

work great by andi2634 from Pa10/10/2011

reduction in fleas within 24 hours. I wil order again.

No fleas for sure! by Siderf05/03/2012

We use frontline plus year round and have never had fleas or larvae.

Very effective product, great pricing. by bittersweet from st louis mo01/12/2013

I have used Frontline on my very much outdoor dogs. There are a lot of ticks in the fields here and we have never had a live tick on them. I dont' believe my dogs have every had a flea either. Best pricing here and fast delivery.

Frontline Plus by ncn305 from Pittsburgh, PA08/24/2013

Great product, does what it says it will do, keeps my dog flea and tick free and doesn't irritate her skin.

First error by MR12/04/2012

Generally reliable, shipped on time. The last order was incorrect (for the wrong size dog), even though I ordered the correct size. I notified the company and am still waiting for reshipment of the correct size, a few weeks later!

Frontline Plus PURPLE for Dogs by Maggie03/06/2012

I tried the Sargent's brand last time and it left white spots on my coat. So I'm back.

by Ang05/07/2012

This product works well; it keeps all types of insects off of my dog. I am pleased with it.

Good price by longwood11/11/2011

I have used this product for some time, and found your price to be the lowest yet.

Works great! by doglover from Dickinson, ND10/24/2011

I bought this for our three year old husky/lab/border collie mix when I saw a tick on him for the first time. He weighs 50 pounds. He goes bird hunting and can get ticks and since he's been wearing this he hasn't had even one on him, no fleas either. He's been hunting alot since his first treatment and I will definitely buy again and through EntirelyPets. They have the best prices! I also use this product in conjunction with Preventic.


Best pricing I found on the 'net!!! Very rapid shipment. Could not be more pleased with the product or the transaction.

Best Value for a Great Product by Pam Rocks from Richmond, VA08/27/2013

We have a 14 year old German Shepherd/Black Lab mix who is like one of the children. He is a wonderful member of the family and a former therapy dog. The PhyCox soft chews have really helped him stay mobile as he ages. We appreciate the quality of the products we receive at Entirely Pets!! Thanks!

Great product by Angel from Providence, RI08/06/2013

I have been treating my dogs with FrontLine Plus for years and have not had any problems with fleas, ticks or other pests on them.

Great product at a great price. by Kathryn from Bedford, VA03/26/2014

I ordered this with another product to get free shipping. I was going to have to buy it anyway and it was the same price as Walmart and way cheaper than the vet or pet store. This is the only flea and tick that works on my dog. I have tried some of the cheaper ones but they did not work. I really like Entirely Pets. They have good products at a great price and good service.

Frontline by J23 from San Diego02/19/2013

Great deal. Best I could find anywhere and great service.

Good price and good product by Terry10/24/2012

It is much cheaper than in the Vet's office or a pet store. Works well.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
Always Excellent ! by Jim from Oklahoma07/24/2012

Excellent product as always.. and excellent service as always !

Frontline Review by Sheeley from Gansevoort, NY11/14/2011

Product works well and entirely pets has great prices on this product.

great service! by little lady from Bluff City TN02/19/2013

I purchased this product at a greatly reduced price than what I had been buying it and received it in only a couple days. Very happy customer!

Great stuff by Johnny D10/22/2011

Using this product for years. It works great. I wish there was a product like this for humans.

by from 04/29/2013

Works great! by The Supa12/03/2011

Our mixed breed hound dog had itchy-but syndrome several summers in a row. Starting using Frontline Plus and no more itching. All her hair even grew back.

by from 09/03/2013

best price and info. by swampman from whitney ontario.05/07/2014

the dog seems to like it, he didn't say he didn't?I didn't realise the money exchange but it still was a good by.

Best product I've found by Dog lover - Flea hater from Gainesville, FL03/10/2012

My dogs are outside 23 out of 24 hours daily. Have never found a flea on them. Love this product!

by from 10/23/2012

Front line plus by golden girl12/08/2011

I have 3 goldens in WI. Can't live without it.

No so sure by Mamatopets06/20/2013

I have a flea problem for the first time in 8 years. The dogs and cats have admittedly not been on preventative for 5 years. After much work, things are better but the dogs and cats still scratch. I have done and continue to do all the correct strategies inside and outside. I will switch to another more recent product like the new Advantage product or even Frontline I believe has newer product. I'm sure it has been tweaked to provide better results. If I had time I would return the 4 unused dog meds and purchase another product

Recommended by Vet by Nygoldengirl03/07/2012

This is the product my Vet has recommended, my dog has had no problems with fleas or ticks, nor any bad reaction to Frontline Plus. The price at Entirely Pets is very competitive and an excellent buy. Very pleased. A repeat buyer.

works well! by fdm1959 from maryland01/24/2013

been using this product for several years now, always works great! keeps the fleas & ticks away all season long.

surprized with results by Sunny10/23/2012

We have been using this product with great results for years with our dogs and cats. For the first time this year we had one of our cats bring in fleas. Everyone became infested and we did flea baths, Capstar, another Frontline treatment, a flea collar, washing everything in hot water, sprays on furniture, and diatemaceous earth treatments on the animals and the house. Two months later we are still finding one or two live fleas. I thought Frontline would eliminate the problem but it has not.

Always a great product by Pam from Norman OK12/24/2012

I have used this on my dogs for 7 years and always found it excellent

great price by cat from Beaver Falls,PA02/26/2014

checked around for pricing, vet's office was more as was other on-line site. product shipped well & in a timely fashion.

Solid Product with Positive Results by Dawn Girl from Virginia Beach, VA07/19/2012

I have used several brands of Flea and Tick preventatives, but Frontline has been consistently the best.

by from 11/11/2011

I have been purchasing my flea medicine for dogs and cats for so many year with Entirely Pets.

beat by them from forYou


Great product, great price! by JH04/27/2012

Entirely pets always has the best prices hands down!

Great Purchase by Bess03/06/2012

We take our dog for walks in a wooded area near our home and Frontline works well keeping her flea and tick free. I would recommend this product.

Frontline Plus, A+. by Dups from Groton CT10/14/2013

Great stuff! It works great! Wish they had this stuff for humans.

good product by Paul from Stow, Ma09/05/2013

Good for the heavy tick population this year and a good price

Did not work by scacountor06/18/2013

Wasted money and got infested anyway and had to pay $90 for a flea bath and then go to the vet to get a medication that worked. Plus the dog was in agony for days.

Great product.. by Losky02/26/2014

I have a German wire hair pointer and he goes hunting a lot in thick brush and he has gotten ticks before but everyone I have found on him has been a dead one. Very good product. I have never seen a flea on him dead or alive.

works great by murph07/19/2012

we have been using frontline since we got our dog and we have never had a flea or tick problem.

by from 01/12/2013

Frontline Plus Efficacy by Frank from Overland Park, KS07/03/2013

This is a dependable product and always performs as stated.

by None11/08/2012

An essential product for fleas and ticks and one that really works and much cheaper than even my vet

Excellent by mzedly11/06/2012

I alternate with Top Spot for less exposure to some chemicals, yet maximum benefit.

Most effective flea/tick treatment by Pappa D from Orlando, FL01/17/2012

Frontline has kept my dogs and home flea-free for about 20 years, and that's not easy in Florida. Two lived to 14 and one made it to 18 years old, so negative effects seem minimal. Now the new pup is on it, too.

It is a very good product and keeps my dog safe by Lorraine from Pittsburgh, Pa.10/24/2012

However, I think the price is kind of high. In the past, you offered coupons, I haven't gotten those for a while now, it would be nice if you offered those again! Thank you Lorraine Grabel

Decent Deal by FleaFree from Haughton, Louisiana08/28/2013

Frontline is a 4 out of 5 star product. The downside of using Frontline is that fleas will become resistant to Frontline if you continue to use it month after month. I spoke to 2 Vets about this and they agreed. They suggested alternating use with another flea prevention product. I use Frontline 4 months in a row, and then Comfortis for 1 month, and then back to Frontline. I continually alternate like this year round.

Works on extra large dog by Pet owner from Gainesville, FL10/22/2012

We use 2 each month for our 165 pound dog. The other dog is only about 55 pounds. Great product!

Necessary Product by BabyBoy07/17/2013

This is a must have for flea and tick prevention.

by from 12/06/2011

This works! by Gordon Setter lover from Gorham, ME08/14/2014

We have been using Frontline Plus on our Gordon Setter for 4 years. It kills the ticks that do get on her. She has luckily never gotten Lyme disease and we keep her vaccinations current. Frontline works very well. Just reapply in 30 days. We live in a wooded area so need to be careful of ticks.

Best Price by Rusty's Mom from Fayetteville, NC04/22/2012

I have been using Frontline Plus for years - product works great. This site has the best price I have found for this product.

by from 10/23/2012

I've used Frontline Plus for years now and will stick with it since the dogs haven't had reactions to it.

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Frontline by Mikey05/05/2013

I always buy Frontline from Entirely Pets because it is the best product, and the best place to buy from. The Frontline always works consistently well. So we think it is a winner.

This really works great! by Sue from South Carolina05/21/2013

I live in the south so there is a lot of fleas and ticks around. Our yellow lab Tater is a working hunting retriever and is in fields and high grass all the time. We use Frontline Plus and I have never seen a tick or flea on him. I can't say the same for my husband or myself. Tater loves the taste of the Frontline so it is easy to give it to him.

fg by bansal05/24/2008


Loses it's effectiveness over time... by savannah08/09/2010

Having 5 dogs and living in the South, fleas are part of life. Over the past 4 years, we have used Frontline Plus and our dogs are large in size, therefore this is quite costly. I start it in March and usually end in Sept. I have noticed the last 2 years, we continually have fleas even after several months on Frontline, treating the yard and flea-combing on a regular basis. We have spent thousands of dollars for Frontline and that seems pretty ridiculous if we are still battling fleas. Not sure if the product is being made weaker or if over time, it loses it's effectiveness. Whichever the case, I will be looking elsewhere for flea control.

Good Product by Sandy06/23/2014

I've used Frontline for years and all my dogs over the years have benefited from it's protection.

Frontline plus for dog by NBeck11/29/2008

Used Frontline Plus for my German Sheppard for years now. No problem, We live in the deep south and we need this all year around. Ths does not cause skin irrations either. Great product.



Frontline Plus by Marta08/26/2009

The best there is!!! No fleas, no ticks, NO PROBLEMS!!!

not working as well by Jodi from Miami, FL03/24/2012

I've been using Frontline-Plus for years and have always had excellent success with it. However, now it doesn't seem to work as well anymore. My Vet says that the fleas are extra bad this season and have become immune to it. Now I'll need to supplement with an additional form of prevention.

Worthwhile Purchase by Collie Mom from Bremerton, WA01/21/2013

This product seems to work better than other topical flea preventatives. My dogs do well being treated every 3 months with respect to fleas. For ticks, I always examine them after romps in the woods, even though Frontline kills ticks for a month.

great product at a good price by Nay06/24/2014

I have used Frontline flea and tick for many years on my cats and dogs. It is an excellent product, My pets have never had any physical problems due to the use of Frontline. My pets have never had flea infestation or tick problems since using it! Entirely Pets pricing is very competitive. thank you Entirely pets!!

wonderful product by peacherooo from Oriskany, NY07/31/2013

I have 2 dogs and 11 house cats, I only use this flea and tick product on my dogs and have never had any problems with fleas getting into my house and on the cats. I have also never found any ticks on my dogs and we have a large field in which they run.

Disappointed by Framegirl03/27/2012

This is the only product my Collie can take for fleas. All the other products contain ingredients that can kill Collies. This product doesn't work well but it's all that's currently available for dogs that are sensitive to certain ingredients.

A great product by wisedog580 from fontana ,Calif12/03/2011

I have had cats and dogs when ordering for entirely pets and have had great service .

G-R-R-R-E-A-T by ostomy visitor from Bayonne, NJ02/03/2014

After applying a dose of Frontline Plus to my dog, I couldn't believe my eyes... I spotted 3 dead fleas on a stool I have near my kitchen table - this was a few minutes after the application of Frontline Plus -- Talk about fast-acting. Wow!

by from 04/20/2012

I have purchased my flea medication from Entirely Pets for years.

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frontline plus by sundance10/27/2011

Have used it for years and am pleased with results overall.

Great Product by Jeanne from Springfield, Ohio08/25/2013

Has worked well for years now. I've used it a long time.

Easy Application! by Edison11/22/2011

No harm to the animal makes this product safe and easy to use.

by Pat11/14/2011

I have a collie mix. Frontline Plus is easy to apply and keeps her flea and tick free. Your service is prompt and dependable. Thanks!

Frontline by Boomer&Jake'sMom03/06/2012

Living here in Texas, & on some acreage in the country, FRONTLINE is a must, and I've been giving my boys a dose every month since they were pups (7 years). Until now, I've been getting the Frontline at my vet's, but when I saw this same product listed through Entirely Pets, at a much reduced cost to was a no brainer! this review is for dogs 45-88 lbs. I also ordered a 6 month supply for the big guy...up to 132 lbs. I'm very happy to be saving some dollars, getting easy & wonderful service, & protecting my pets through entirely Pets.

by silver10/22/2012

Product works as expected. It would be nice if the liquid was a little thicker so it wouldn't run so quickly. It needs to stay in one area longer to dry.

Frontline Plus by itsybitsy from Missouri07/10/2013

I have used this product on my dogs for many years and it works great everytime. Never had fleas or any other pest problems no matter how bad the season.

Great Purchase by LY from Sequim, WA02/07/2014

Love this product for my dog. It has kept my dog from getting ticks or fleas. I have been using this product for many years.

Great price! by Alphamama from Durham, NC05/27/2014

Much better price than local pet supply stores and vet's office.

Great Product by QOEWRC10/22/2012

As with my smaller dogs, I use this product for my two larger dogs. Works so well, all my Persian cats (that ALWAYS stay inside) are never troubled with fleas either!

Never a flea by js06/23/2013

Been using this for 6 years and never had a flea or tick.

by from 11/16/2011

I have used Frontline Plus on my 2 dogs for 5 years now.

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by from 04/15/2013

Frontline Plus for large Dogs by Witzy08/21/2014

We have been using Frontline Plus for a long time on our dogs and the product works Great! It's priced just right at Entirely Pets and is an effective flea medicine.

Great Product by blossom06/29/2012

Been using Frontline Plus for years. Great product and a great price at EntirelyPets.

Best price by Rusty's Mom from Fayetteville, NC12/02/2012

I have used this product for over 10 years for all of our dogs. Entirely pets has the best price I have found for this product.

Fell for the hype! by PBrown from North Syracuse, NY02/05/2012

I bought Frontline for my dog & cat last year and it was the first time ever that I ended up with fleas in my house and on my pets. I tried re-applying every 3 weeks instead of 4 with no success. I have gone back to Advantage and after bombing the house, we are again flea free. With the extra cost and the horrible summer for my family & pets, I will not purchase a Frontline product again. Thank you

Saved some $$ by Jill07/02/2013

This is the same product that vets carry, or pet stores at a cheaper price. Plus with the low shipping rates it is very affordable.

great purchase by danirose11/04/2011

This definitly helps with the prevention of ticks and fleas.

Very good product by Ken from Johnson City, NY02/19/2013

We have used Frontline Plus on our Old English Bullie Dogge since he was a pup. He's now three and a half and we have never had problems with flea's or ticks. But you have to use it as instructed.

by Ozzi0803 from CENTREVILLE, VA03/15/2014


Very Good Purchase by BengalLancer from Conway, SC10/21/2013

We have been giving our dog Frontline Plus for over ten years. She doesn't get fleas even when she's around dogs that have them.

Doesn't Work by Collie Owner from Clifton, VA11/20/2013

Frontline Plus does nothing for fleas or ticks. Product is worthless.

Best Price online by MPARM from St. Louis, MO07/18/2012

I seached online for Frontline for dog's and was cheaper by $10. Now that I have two dog's, I can use any break I can get.

Easy to Use by Virginia08/21/2014

Frontline was recommended to me several years, It is easy to use and Best of All my dog is content while I apply it.

by junior10/24/2012

i apply it every 5 weeks keep our 4 dogs flea free.

Frontline is a plus! by Karen P05/30/2012

I have been using frontline on my dogs since they were puppies. I live in the country, lots of sage etc, so I do not get a lot of fleas, but the ticks are big problem. The minute I see the first tick, on goes the frontline and they are done for the season!! I have tried others, but Frontline is my choice.

flea and tick by Dogguy04/08/2012

Frontline is a good product. Sold here at an okay price.

My Favorite Flea and Tick Product!!! by Cathy from Atlanta, GA06/22/2014

I have tried many topical flea and tick products, and this is by far the best. It lasts for longer than the said amount of time and it actually kills ticks too. So many of the other products wouldn't kill ticks completely. We live in amongst a lot of trees and in a very humid summer environment and this product is the best. I highly recommend it! I use it on my cats too.

Have never seen a flea by Dog Owner from Gainesville, FL02/19/2013

We have two dogs a pit/terrier mix and an Akbash. This product is great, we use it every month for great results.

No more fleas and ticks by j2304/23/2013

We don't really have a problem with fleas and ticks, but we like to play it safe! Frontline has always worked, so I'm sticking with it. Entirely Pets always delivers with excellent customer service and prompt shipping. Please keep it up!

Frontline Plus for Dogs does not work by zacarp05/29/2013

I purchased frontline plus for my 2 golden retrievers and my Scottish Fold. The product did not kill the fleas. I called to ask for an exchange or refund, and was told that there is just no gurarantee.. Not only that, but I would not be refunded or provided an exchange. As anyone knows, these products are very expensive, I am left with $70 worth of Frontline rendered useless.. Entirely pets did send me a free sample of another product.. but I don't think that made up for the money lost.

Frontline Plus by msue from Dallas, TX12/31/2013

I continue to use Frontline Plus on my dogs because it works. We walk around a creek and camp and I feel this product protects my beagle and hound/great dane against ticks and fleas.

Great product by Gainesville pet shopper from Gainesville, FL07/18/2012

This works amazingly well on our two dogs. We have one that is 160 pounds and one that is 55 pounds. Doesn't bother them and is easy to apply.

Not working this year by msnick from Ohi10/23/2012

I have used Frontline Plus the past several years successfully. However I don't know if there has been a change in the formula or if the fleas are becoming immune to it, but it is not working this year & I have switched to a different flea control product.

2 out of 3 not delivered by NB in AZ12/13/2011

I ordered 3. I received 1. I can't evaluate the product without evaluating the delivery problems. I'm an unhappy customer.

Shopped Around. by Judy from California02/06/2012

Shopped around at other pet sites. The prices were best at Entirely Pets. Product works great.

Frontline Plus by Harley from Bayville,N.J.11/17/2011

We, my wife and I, have been using Frontline for many years on our dogs and never had a problem with fleas or ticks which are very prominent in our Jersey shore area. Have no doubt that endorsing,have to many friends, the use of this fine product to anyone...

by from 10/11/2011

I was very happy with the timely delivery of the Frontline. The product was actually delivered sooner than expected..

to by shop from atI


Great deal on Frontline by WAG Rescue from Wimberley, TX07/03/2012

We are a dog rescue & adoption group. Entirely Pets has the best prices on Frontline, always offering some discount. We are able to purchase Frontline for our dogs and save money!

Frontline Plus Purple for dogs by Patty06/24/2013

I've always used Frontline, and it works great. Our big husky/german shephard mix is mainly an outside dog, so is exposed to lots of bugs. She's never had fleas - a true testament to this product!

Entirely Pets Rocks by HiLo from Hilo, Hawaii11/30/2011

Entirely Pets provided a great product at a fantastic price with quick shipping and delivery to my mailbox.

Great product by outdoor girl from New Albany, PA11/19/2013

The best product out there to take care of both fleas and ticks!

Monthly Ritual... by doggymommy from Porter Ranch, CA05/02/2012

My golden just turned seven in April and I've been buying Frontline Plus from Entirely Pets since he was a little guy. I've always received good service and the Frontline is recommended by my vet, so I intend to keep up our monthly ritual.

keeps ticks off by grannyj from Wisconsin07/18/2012

Best product I've used on my dog that truly keeps the ticks off, and I live in heavy tick country. I use it year round because it doesn't have to get very warm in the winter in order to ticks to come out, even in the north.

by Susan03/06/2013

Ordering was easy, pricing good and delivery as stated.

Frontline Purchase by Lightning from Leesburg, VA05/30/2012

We've purchased frontline through your company for the last several years. Although our dog Maggie is an indoor dog especially during the summer she does walks along the bike trail with tall grass trees and bushes

always quick by mike from euclid, oh04/16/2012

Once again E/P has come through, quick service and delivery. With the warm weather that we have encountered here in Ohio, I did not want to take a chance so I statrted the treatments early. better safe than sorry

Questionable by JJ11/01/2011

After using the Fronline Plus on my dogs, which I have been using for 10 plus years, I noticed that they were still scratching and when I checked them for flees, sure enough, they were there. I began to question if the years supply I purchased was a bad batch or had the flees now become resistant to the product. I can't answer that but I did purchase another 6 month supply. If I continue with the same results I will discontinue the purchase of this product and consult my vet.

FANTASTIC!!! by j4sonl33 from Saint Louis, Missouri01/30/2011

First, we lived in Pensacola, Florida with high humidity for ten months of the year. Then, we lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with very low humidity for a similar ten month span and this product worked VERY WELL for our Foxhound. We are a very good sample for this type of product because, as most people know, hounds track scents of many varieties. This inheriant trait would cause our girl, Sadie, to catch a scent, scurry off as fast as her feet would go, and end up landing her out in dense woods, high grass, thick brush, and other types of places things that could harm our dog like to hide. We have been through many types of treatments with many different manufacturers and this has been, without a doubt, the best product. Whether it is the ease of application, availability, or the pocket book that interests the purchasers, it does not matter when it works very well for a dog that is constantly on the move outdoors in any number of climates and does not care for shots or vetrinarians.

Frontline Plus for Dogs by Rosie from Athens, GA08/14/2012

Frontline is fantastic. We have not seen one flea or tick on our animals since moving to Georgia. Also, Entirely Pets offers the best price on all flea and tick products. Highly recommend this company for all your pet needs.

Frontline - Still good stuff by Big Daddy03/19/2012

I went to get the new brand of Frontline now that the patent has ended, but had some questions about it and the price wasn't that much lower -- not enough to take a risk. This stuff always works.

by goofy112/28/2011

This product is easy to use. The only thing is it tends to drip.

Bugs be gone by bw3 from Ashtabula, Ohio06/05/2013

I have not had a flea/tick problem since I started using this product... for years. 5 dogs and 1 cat all free from the bugs.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 12 MONTH
Flea and Tic control by JM from San Antonio, TX10/25/2012

We have used this product for 9 years with great results, we travel with our pets a lot and they are out in the woods so need more protection than the normal house pet and they get it with Frontline Plus. Great product

frontline plus by junior from honolulu12/24/2013

have been using frontline plus forever it seems and before that regular frontline, maybe 25 plus years. I apply it every 5 weeks just to be safe from fleas because I walk 3 of our 4 dogs daily . It complements the heart guard I am now using now. I was on sentinel for a long time but after the production problem with sentinel (shortage) my vet switched me to heart guard and told me to just stay on it because I am using frontline anyway.

by taz01/08/2013

we live in the woods and hike alot and like the way it works

Great product by Star71 from Oklahoma03/16/2012

I have used this product for years and it works great for my dogs.

Great by oconnorsusan8802/21/2012

I was very happy with the prices at and the shipping time was as expected. Very pleased with the product and service. Will shop here again.

Flea and Ticks BE GONE! by Kris from Ohio01/06/2013

Frontline Plus is by far the best product I have ever used to keep fleas and ticks off both my cats and dogs. I have tried other products and had horrible results, I'll stick to Frontline Plus...

Great Product by DoggyMommy07/12/2012

I've been using this product for 10 years on both of my indoor/outdoor dogs and have never had a flea problem. I choose Entirely Pets for competitive prices and the fast delivery. I've been totally satisfied with Entirely Pets service.

by from 01/01/2013

Ticks are terrible in western PA and Frontline plus helps keep them to a manageable level.

great by with from pricesEntirely


Price is right by kg02/10/2012

Good price and shipping was fast will buy from Entirely Pets again.

cheaper then the vet office by mollylover from Indiana03/26/2012

I live in a small town so shopping around for pet supplies really isn't an option. I ordered the flea meds from EntireleyPets because they are a cheap alternative to getting the Frontline from our vet who charges $250 for a 12 month supply. I put this on my dogs from April until September and they never have had fleas or any adverse reactions.

Frontline Plus by Shasta from West Bend, WI11/01/2013

Just put the Frontline Plus on the dogs, as we do the 1st of every month, year round. Now we can go to training, the field, or the pool facility without fear of bringing home unwanted company.

by jz07/23/2012

Product was just as advertised and arrived in a timely manner.

smooth transaction by sk from midwest12/12/2012

Good prices, fast shipping and processing.

Love this product by lovethemK9s from Colonial Beach VA05/30/2012

Since using this product I have never seen a flea or tick on any of my dogs. Of course we live in the city and sometimes go hiking in the long as it's not too hot. They do go to doggie daycare and I still haven't had any issues with fleas/ticks. The only thing I don't like is how crusty the hair around the application area gets, especially on the short haired dogs. Eventually I'd like to go chemical free with flea/tick medicine but until I do, I'll keep using this product.

Used it for years - have never seen a flea by Recycler29 from SC11/26/2012

Excellent speed of delivery. Have been happy with all my purchases from Entirely Pets!

Great product, great price. by Gary in NC from Lenoir, NC06/19/2014

Frontline Plus is the only topical flea/tick product I use on my two yellow labs. In my region of NC ticks are a big problem. Using Frontline Plus we see those little monsters either dead, dying, or doing their best to abandon ship. I've used K9 Advantix II, which caused a bad reaction in my dogs and PetArmor, which didn't seem to do anything. Frontline Plus is what I always come back to. has timely specials which allow me to stock up while saving some green.

great product / best price by KWEENHALLOWEEN from WAUCONDA, IL11/06/2012

I do a lot of comparison shopping and with 7 cats & dogs, I have to pinch every penny

by Tess12/13/2013

I have been using this product for several years and have no fleas or ticks.

by warren05/12/2013

Have three labs and have used Front Line Plus regularly for 12 years and have never had a flea problem . Must be great stuff.

does the job by Travelbyrd from Upstate NY03/26/2012

We live near a wooded area and our dog plays in the park regularly. We've used Frontline for his weight bracket since he was a puppy and it has done well.

good experience by beepipes from linden tn03/18/2012

frontline works extremely well for our four dogs. We live in tick country and even if a tick gets on the dog, it dies really quickly. The price was excellent and with the free shipping it was even better!

Frontline Plus by Labrador Landing from Maine05/22/2013

Works like a charm, my girls are flea and tic free.

Great Price by FurIsFlyin' from New York01/23/2013

Great product and at entirelypets you get fast service and a great price. I've been using entirelypets for at least 10 years. It's the best online store.

Great product, easy to use by jenk813 from high point nc10/12/2013

This is a product I have used for years. Easy to use, it works and not toxic to cats.

Extremely fast delivery on Frontline by bb from NH10/02/2013

this order was sent to me by Entirely Pet, received in perfect condition and with incredibly fast delivery. Entirely Pet has become my "go to" site for health products for my goldens. Just can't beat the prices.

Love the Price! by Jeneene from Ohio02/04/2012

This product is very pricey in the stores and especially at the vet's. I have two large dogs and need to keep my expenses as low as possible. Have cats too.

Effective all year round by J T from VA04/09/2013

I have used this for more than 3 years on our two rescue dogs. They stay outside except for extreme temps or when there's inclement weather. I have never seen a single tick or flea on them with the amount of time they are outside on 3 acres of land. On their annual visit to the vet, they're praised for being parasite-free.

resistant fleas by tadmore254 from Blue Ridge Mnts. Virginia06/20/2014

I don't know what is going on but the fleas and ticks are building up immunity or the company has lowered the effectiveness... but the fleas and ticks act like this product is all free all inclusive vaycay! The bugs are bad this year!

frontline by MIKEY from sunrise, fl02/21/2013

been using frontline for a number of years-the product is great and your prices make it that much better

Worked great for 2 weeks by Shaun02/06/2013

Fleas gone for about 2 weeks then they were back. Have had better luck with other products lasting longer.

Best deal on the market by Magoo,Milo,Muddy from Cedar Crest,NM04/02/2014

Outstanding product, have used it for years

by from 05/09/2013

We live in central Florida on acreage containing wetland, woodland and scrub environments, and our curious, energetic, young dog has run of the entire place. We require maximum protection for our dog who plays outside but lives indoors with us.

tried by other from topicalThough


by Sharon06/19/2012

We've been using this product for several years on our two dogs and are really pleased with the result.

Frontline Plus by Judy from CT01/09/2013

I tried the cheap stuff, Pet Armour and Pet Sentry and neither worked. Back to the good stuff!

Great product & price by Rhonda from Visalia, CA05/30/2012

Frontline Plus is my choice for flea protection for my 3 dogs. I was extremely happy with price and fast processing/ship of my order!

Works well. by DW06/05/2013

Entirely Pets has the best Price I've found for Front Line Plus for Dogs. They always ship quickly and I have used this company for years. Never have had a problem. Front Line Plus works great. Keeps fleas and ticks off the dogs. The only draw back is a greasy spot for a couple of days on their backs.

by GS from PA01/23/2015

Frontline Plus is easy to apply. Have had no problems with fleas and ticks. Use it on 5 dogs.

GEAT PRODUCT by kay from Npales, Florida03/16/2012

I not only love Frontline Plus for Dogs (although I do worry about long range effects to my furry lovies!!)....but I really love ENTIRELY orders arrive in great shape and the customer service is A+++.

frontline Plus by jeani from NY01/07/2014

Used product for years and it does work on my pets. Ticks were awful this past year. Use as directed and one will be happy they used frontline plus

Prompt service by Mary from Phoenix, AZ11/13/2011

I have used Frontline Plus for several years and have found the price at Entirely Pets to be the lowest. The free shipping and prompt service make this an exceptional buy!

Great product by Roxie from Orlando, FL03/13/2012

I've used Frontline Plus for years now on both of my dogs and I have NEVER had fleas in my house or on my dogs. I have had ticks attach themselves to my dogs & occasionally they stay but 99% of the time they fall off dead the next day! I highly recommend this product.

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! by Maureen from Centereach, NY05/29/2014

Sent emails, had live chats, left phone messages with no feedback what so ever. Never received the product & could not resolve the issue.

Best Price by rjeatonw from Arvada, CO.10/25/2011

The price for this priduct was the lowest I found.

Excellent product by Thisby02/26/2014

Our dogs have been on Frontline Plus for years and have never had fleas. This is an excellent product. Shipping was fast, and the price was very competitive.

by WINSTON05/08/2013

Product was as expected and at a reasonable price.

Good for our greyhounds by warnertv204/26/2014

We have used this product for many years for all our greyhounds, past and present.

Frontline Plus by berrylady from Powder Springs, GA03/27/2012


Great Price by PajamaMama from Washington, DC01/15/2014

This is the same thing the vet sells for much more. Buy it from Entirely Pets!

Good Stuff by Retriever Believer from West Bend, WI07/19/2014

Fleas and Ticks and bugs! Oh, my! Now the dogs are safe with Frontline Plus.

great product by Babe12/16/2011

Best prices and the shipping is fast. Absolutely no complaints. Try the company you will love it.

by 5greyt12/04/2011

I have used this product on my five greyhounds and have been happy with the results.

by from 03/14/2012

Frontline Plus definitely does the job right, and isn't greasy like some other products I've tried before I discovered Frontline Plus.

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by from Regards

by from Sandy"


Great Product by Our Three Dogs10/18/2011

This is an amazing price. If you get a coupon and free shipping, this is almost half of what you would pay elsewhere!

Great price & service by Kim from NY01/22/2012

Great price & fast delivery. Only place i buy frontline from.

Frontline works by golden from Northern New Jersey12/01/2011

We are very happy with this product. After one of our hikes, my golden had a lot of ticks on her and within 24 hrs. they were dead and she was fine. The vet said if she didn't have Frontline on, she could have been very sick. We use this products 12 months.

NO FLEAS by gailym from ROCHESTER, NY09/20/2014


Works Great! by Nashmozzi from Brookings, SD04/30/2012

We have always used Frontline and it works fantastic. It's easy to apply and dries quickly.

good product by kspetlover07/02/2012

Easy to apply. We live out in the country, so lots of tick problems. Seems to be keeping them under control.

Frontline Plus for Dogs by Jeanne from utica, ny04/01/2014

This product works great for my 2 labs and is the cheapest here on

Great Price by whitedog07/08/2013

I have purchased Frontline for years from Entirely Pets. I have checked around on other web-sites and have found that Entirely Pets has the best price. The product arrives very quickly in the mail and I've never had any problems. I highly recommend Entirely Pets.

Very good product by GG from Texas01/24/2014

Been using it since 1997 on three dogs. never had a flea or tick issue. Never had negative effects on the dogs. For us, it has done no harm.

Good product for dogs by Cristy from Wisconsin04/05/2014

Ive gotten this every year since I first got my dog and it's worked great. I only wish there was a better way to apply besides the oil on the back.

Only Flea Med to Use by Vickster from West Virginia11/29/2013

Frontline Plus has always been the flea/tick medicine I use. Have 5 dogs and live in the country so have to have a product that works.

as good as it gets by Ben04/10/2012

I'm not a fan of putting pesticide-like products on my dogs, but the ticks are so abundant this year that it's barely working. The product is fine...... I wouldn't use anything stronger, and certainly nothing weaker this year.

Works by HouseMom02/07/2013

This product is great, we use it every month for great results.

by House O' Dogs06/17/2012

Great product for parasite prevention in buggy Oklahoma! Keeps my dogs flea/tick free during our exceptionally long bug season!

Awesome product - Excellent Price by Kim T from Ohio01/16/2013

I have been using Frontline Plus for years. It's a great product and I use it faithfully year round to protect against fleas and ticks. I have priced Frontline plus at the vet, pet stores and online and this is the best price I have found that is a US approved product.

Works for us! by Big Bad Woofer from Southeast Georgia03/05/2012

What can I say about Frontline Plus, well---it works!!!. We have used this product on our retrievers for years. It is safe and lasts all month and there are never any sign of fleas. It kills ticks too, just not as quickly. I do wish it repelled instead of having to wait until they bite. However, until a safe and proven product appears that does that we will use the Frontline Plus. Good price too.

does what it is advertised to do by kg03/24/2014

I have used this product for several years. This is a very good price on this product.

Great savings!! by tina04/11/2013

I have been using this product for years and love it!!!

It Works!! by dog-friend from delaware04/21/2013

Great product. We are surrounded with herds of deer.... no living ticks & never a flea.

by from 04/16/2012

I shop everywhere and found this to be the best price. I wasn't going to buy the cats Frontline now but couldn't pass up the discount offered :) so I did.

to by a from forestWe


The only flea product I'll use by Emily from Tennessee04/28/2010

This is the only product I'll use for any of my pets. I have a boxer, a mastiff, and a cat and I use Frontline Plus for all of them. Some of the other brands peter out after a few weeks and you'll see fleas pop up here and there - not with Frontline! Here in the South, I use this all year round on my pets and we never have any problems. Works great even through weekly baths. Also, my mastiff has very sensitive skin and gets sick easily with certain meds; I've never had this problem once I started using Frontline Plus.

Frontline Plus for 4 Golden Retrievers by Jan Sofranko10/31/2011

I have found over the years that Entirely Pets has the fastest, easiest and most economical ordering for my monthly application of Frontline Plus for my 50+ pound Golden Retrievers. I have recommended this company to my Golden friends. I've never been disappointed with the service I've received and my product order ships immediately. Thank you for being available to those of us who live way out in the country.

Good product by RescuedDogsandCatsRule from Rural Eastern CT11/13/2011

Living in a deeply wooded area, our three dogs are constantly picking up ticks. Since switching to Frontline the frequency of their being diagnosed with tick-borne illnesses has decreased dramatically. We wish there was something 100% effective, but this is the best we've found.

Substitute Frontline not what I ordered by Gerri from Colorado04/10/2013

I ordered Frontline and was told it would be sent to me in a few days. After waiting nearly 2 1/2 weeks I received a substitute frontline from Europe not the Frontline made in the USA. According to your company Frontline was hard to come by So they sent me a substitute from Europe without even informing me of the situation. There is no Frontline shortage in this country so I don't know why they told me that to begin with. Second I would never give my pet anything from Europe that is not approved in this country. I should have been told of this shipment before they even sent it out to me but instead they just took it upon themselves to send me something I did not want . They did credit me the shipping but I had to pay for the shipping back to them which was no fault of my own. I doubt I will ever use this company again.

Great flea fighter by Judy10/18/2011

All of my dogs are on this product & it helps keep them flea free. They have never had an adverse side effect to it & they have to another well known brand. Also you can give it to pregnant & lactating females with no ill effects.

Best Price by TwoRetrievers02/21/2013

I came across this website while googling prices for this product. Your price was hands down the best price and not even much more than the "Generic" prices. Thanks! I recommended this to someone else I know.

Great Product! by Jen07/28/2014

I have been buying this product for years and it is great. I have a lot of woods in my back yard and my dogs are always well protected with Frontline plus.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 3 MONTH
by welshiemom from West Virginia11/18/2011

Love this product!! With nine dogs in the house and zero fleas and/or ticks, I am sold on it and have used it for many years.

Review of Frontline purchase for my dogs by Weetie from Raleigh, NC10/18/2011

Received the order in a timely manner. Always pleased with the quality but would appreciate seeing more coupons since I am currently unemployed. Thanks for good service!

I recommend 'EntirlyPets' by eduffy from Boston, MA05/30/2012

I ordered Frontline Plus which arrived at my home quickly. Great price . . . . web site easy to navigate.

Frontline Plus by Nearanddear04/08/2014

Have used this product for a few years now and have never had a problem with flees or ticks.

Easy To Use by Shebedog from Tacoma, Washington04/24/2012

I have used Frontline Anti-Flea Protection before . It is easy to apply and works quickly on my large dog. I have never had any adverse reactions with it and it relieves my dog's scratching and digging.

Best Purchase by Canine Lover07/03/2013

This product works very well and reasonably priced at Entirely

Good product by mary11/16/2011

My dogs have been using this product for 15 years. Never have a flea problem ever!!!

Frontline Plus by northcovegirl from North Cove, NC07/31/2013

We live in a rural area and even though our dog, Akira, is fenced with an underground fence, she is still able to go into the woods, which she loves so much. This product is great at keeping the fleas and ticks off of her. Without it she would be covered with ticks from being in the woods. Great product and very affordable!

by Ang05/07/2012

My parents really liked this product on their dog. He is an outside dog and it really keeps the insects (especially ticks) off of him. Plus, it doesn't stay greasy all over the dog where it is only applied to one area instead of all the way down it's back. I would purchase this product again for them...and for my dog (as I have before).

Great customer service by Tishy from Queensbury NY10/31/2012

I am impressed with Entirely Pets online purchases. Speedy delivery and friendly people when you need a person to talk to.

Love your Prices by Texas Peg from San Antonio, TX04/29/2013

Thanks for offering the same quality I get from the Vet or from other websites but for less - I love saving money!!!

Reliable Flea Protection by Jan06/07/2013

I have two large dogs and they have never had a flea or tick problem when using Frontline Plus from March-November.

great product/much cheaper here by holls from West Milford, NJ04/30/2012

With two Labs needing front line monthly this is the best way to order. We save a bundle over the Vet cost and have checked on line ordering- they have the best prices. Wish they had prescription meds too. Honest great company. Will keep using.They also run specials and have multi times when you can order with free shipping. Definitely a plus in these hard times when you want your pets to have the best. AND WE DO.

Great Flea Treatment by Phil from Auckland, New Zealand07/27/2012

An Excellent Product for treating the Fleas on your Dog, and can also be used on cats. Be sure to weigh your animal to determine how much you need to apply to your animal every month. Works very well and helps keep your animals happy.

Works by Joanie from Illinois08/01/2013

Use monthly on my Lab as keeps fleas and ticks off. Good product--works well.

Frontline by LilwithCats from Eugene, Oregon02/16/2014

Frontline has lost it's zing for killing fleas!

Works better than anything else I've used by Chris W from Georgia09/08/2013

Works well, keeps fleas and ticks off dogs, been a particularly tough season where I live for fleas but this product has hung in there and protected my dogs well. I tried less expensive brands but they didn't last as long or work as well so for me and my dogs, this is the product I will continue to use and recommend.

front line plus by lovelylinda06/06/2012

This is the best price I could find online and it is very fast in receiving my order.and shipping it out, plus they let you know it was shipped out. Awesome service.

Excellent product by jinwrij04/30/2013

Been using this for years on my rotties. I like to alternate between this and Advantix. You can't beat Entirely Pets prices. Highly recommend.

by Janyce04/24/2012

We've been using Frontline Plus for's the best; repels fleas and ticks like nothing else. Can't beat the price either!

What's wrong with Frontline now? by Sammie from Texas12/07/2011

Why isn't Frontline Plus killing ticks? I have used a topical product on my dogs for many years and I know how to apply it correctly. This was a waste of money for ticks. My dog had ticks on the back of his head just inches from where the Frontline was applied?? Totally dissapointed. I have bought Frontline Plus many times in the past but I will not buy it again.

Great service by Hellen07/25/2012

I love entirely pets. They have everything you need & ship it out fast. No waiting. Prices are good too

Great Price by ace from Corbin, KY04/15/2013

I have shopped around and Entirely Pets has the best price on this product. I have never had any problems with their service, its always great!

It Works by Monie07/15/2012

The Frontline works very good for about 3 weeks. On the foruth week I notice the dogs are starting to scratch again.

Great product by Jack's dad07/03/2012

The good stuff that works at a great price

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED by Deb from Massachusetts07/30/2012


Keep those ticks away! by fwreed3 from New Jersey01/11/2013

I use Frontline year around to keep the fleas and ticks off my dog. I have never had a problem and would highly recommend it!

Recommended by Rodney04/22/2008

Not only have I used other products, I was amazed at how unregulated the pet industry is - there are products sold that are very bad for our pets. From all the research I have done, indications are that this is safe to use and we have found it to be very effective.

FLEA & TICK FREE by blade03/27/2013

YIPEE my pets and me are flea and tick free so how much better could a product of this type be so its always FRONTLINE PLUS for them from ME !

flea free by JJ04/27/2008

We have been using frontline for several years does a great job ! The dogs says thanks!

great shipping by U07/23/2008

Loved the shipping! It was supposed to come here in 4-10 days, but came in only 2!!!

Easy purchase by Jane from Austin, Texas08/14/2012

I've been using this product for my large rottie for several years now, always buying it at the local animal hospital until my daughter, a vet herself, but living in another state, suggested this website. That was two orders ago, and I couldn't be more pleased with the ease of purchase and delivery. I'll definitely be back for additional shopping!

Frontline Plus is a must! by southeast from Mississippi02/19/2014

Flea protection is a must in the South. Frontline Plus has always been a mainstay for pets. It's used all year round; even in the winter, for protection.

Ineffective Frontline Plus this time by Deb from Boston, MA07/14/2012

I use Frontline Plus all the time. This time, however, it is not working as usual. My dogs continued having fleas and scratching. I don't know if it is a bad batch or what the problem is. I won't throw Frontline Plus "under the bus" yet because it has worked great in the past. However, if I don't notice an improvement with the next dose, I will reconsider purchasing this product. I may try K9 Advantix II as it covers fleas, mosquitos, lice, some biting flies, and kills ticks (not just immobilizes them like Frontline Plus).

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 6 MONTH
great products, great prices by big dog from Washington state04/09/2012

Frontline works really well and very quickly. It is easy to administer and causes no trauma to my dog.

This stuff rocks! by Chris & John02/20/2008

We had so much trouble using the Hartz products.... it was like putting water on the pets. It simply did NOTHING. Our house needed bombed every year for fleas. Since we started using this product we have not seen one flea or tick and our house has remained flea free. NO MORE LITTLE RED BITES ON OUR FEET AND ANKLES ! YES! Trust us...this stuff works great!

by Julou03/07/2012

you have the best price around. Shipped fast.

Moose by Rhonda from Visalia, CA05/30/2012

Excellent product, great price and customer service.

Great price by larry from Florida04/23/2013

Just in time. A very good product @ a very good price.

Not happy with the product by Mister.g from Prince Edward Island Canada05/30/2013

This was my fist year to try this brand and I am Very disappointed. Both of my Dobermans got a serious rash. When I called the company they gave me the wrong number of their supplier. They offered no support or no refund. They were les that polite because I was not happy with my purchase. Just another company that wants to know how you feel as long as it strokes them the way they want. I will never come back to buy again. The company that makes the product were very helpful but I had to find them on my own.

Frontline Plus- Large Dogs by Amfbob from NY07/29/2013

Used this for several years with great success.

by Charley's Mom from St Petersburg, Florida03/07/2014

This is a safe and very effective product. I've been using it for years with much success. Entirely Pets always has the best price on this product.

Frontline Plus does not work anymore by Connie from Oregon09/12/2014

The fleas laugh at this stuff. Ended up going to the vet and getting comfortis.

by fancying from Blacksburg VA11/09/2011

Very fast shipping. The lowest prices I find.

Dog and Horses by ng from White Pine, TN06/12/2013

I recently ordered this product and I always get such excellent responses to my orders. They are taken care of in a couple of days and I receive them with no problems. I have a dog and I also have horses, with which I order cosequin, a joint product for the horses, this stuff is wonderful, would not be without it. Entirely Pets always emails me with specials on Dog products and horse products. I highly recommend these products and the savings are

try something else by Ron from los andeles, ca07/28/2012

Frontline worked good for over 10 years but the last couple years it hasn't worked at all. At first I thought I got a bogus Chinese counterfeit batch but after buying from several places it seems like maybe they changed their recipe. Try something else.

frontline plus for dogs by jpneenr1 from Wilkes-Barre, PA08/09/2012

Frontline plus for dogs.....very good product....never have a problem and easy to apply. provides a great service.

GREAT VALUE by bikerdave from New Castle DE07/21/2014

This product is easy to apply and seems to work well on my 106 lb. German Shepherd

not perfect by zzed28 from Mich12/22/2013

This product works for the most part, but tends to only last two or three weeks before re appearance of visible fleas.

by ray04/03/2012

great service and great prices! and every one knows a great product.

Flea free by DTB from PA04/15/2013

This size of Frontline Plus allows me to treat both our dogs with the one application. I have a 55 lb. and a 16 lb. It is a savings to do it this way. I use it along with a Preventic Tick Collar for the added tick prevention. Entirely Pets is a trusted business that I have ordered from many times.

by Patricia01/11/2014

Still the best flea medicine I have used on my pets. The cat version was not as effective. Would love a bedding wash version...

Purchase all the time by horse112/08/2012

I have never had problems with EntirelyPets with any of my orders. I have checked other places and they seem to have the best deals.

Great Products by Michele01/24/2013

Pleasure to do business with - fast and easy.....Same products at reduced orices.

Fronline Plus (red) by Little Sis from Georgia11/12/2011

We have used Frontline Plus on our Lab Mix Large Dog for a long time. We tried Pet Armour, which advertised to be the same as Frontline Plus, however, Pet Armour made our dog "Max" itch. Pet Armour is not the same as Frontline Plus, and we will never use anything but Frontline Plus from this day forward.

love the product.. but took forever by n/a from cleveland, Oh05/30/2012

I thankfully have used the product before and love it, because it took over a month to get it shipped. I found everyone I spoke with at entirelyPets very helpful but the service was a little questionable. The prices were one of the lowest but again at what cost for me to have to purchase a smaller quanty from another place to hold me over till I get this one. Still waiting. Again the product is great but purchase process a little not so great.

Excellent by Lynn O from The Villages FL04/23/2013

Started using this product close to a year ago and have had absolutely no problems with fleas or ticks on my yellow lab. As you can see, Rusty is very active!

Super Fast Delivery by Higgins07/30/2013

Quality product at super price and super fast delivery!

Great transaction, would buy again by DonnaD from Pittsburgh, PA11/06/2012

Got a great deal on Frontline. It's the only flea and tick suggested by vets and even considered by me. Works great. Fast delivery too!

Frontline Plus by cc11/25/2012

This works great for my dogs. No fleas if i use it consistently. However, I tend to skip months. When I do notice a flea on anyone of my dogs, I use Frontline Plus immediately and the next day, no more fleas for a couple of months. I use it more often during summer time. This also helps with ticks!

best on fleas by skittles06/10/2013

Have been using this on my dog for years now. Easy and not messy to use. Best product for my big dog.

flea product by Lamblady08/22/2013

This product did not take care of the fleas, I want to know why. Alot of money for a product that does not work:(

Great product by The baker lady03/15/2012

Have used this product for years and have never had a flea problem since. I live in the south and fleas are an issue year round - this has really worked for me and my three dogs.

Solves flea problems. by Linn from Ohio05/30/2012

Have used Frontline for a long time, no flea problems, some tics make it into house but don't latch on to dogs.

DEPENDABLE by Mt Man07/26/2012

Protects all 3 of my pets, 2 Bouvier & a Mini. Schnauzer.

good value and fast delivery by dave from jerusalem ohio04/17/2012

good value and fast delivery best prices i have seen around

great company by jpneenr1 from Wilkes-Barre, PA08/02/2012 is a great place to buy your pet's Frontline. So far this is the only thing I have ordered. They are prompt with the delivery and there is always a coupon available (whether is is for free shipping or a % off)

Frontline by Dan from 315 McGowan Rd. Lyle, Wa08/27/2013

It keeps the ticks off the dogs and we live in a heavy tick infestation area

the best by Lin from New York11/04/2011

Frontline is the best ever. I have been using Frontline on all my animals for years. I work for a veterinarian and we swear by Frontline. Never buy a cheaper brand, they do not work. You get what you pay for.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH
Works Great by kat39 from NJ06/24/2012

I have been using frontline on my dogs for years. It works great…if I find a tick on them, it is always dead. And they have no bad reactions to the product. EntirelyPets has great prices and customer service!

frontline plus by meimei from Austin Tx08/07/2012

My vet said this is the fleas med for my mommy dog, It safe and works. I used it for all my puppies and pregnant dog.

Best Flea & Tick Product by teecamp427 from Boston, MA08/19/2014

Have been using this product for years. I have two big yellow labs who are always outside. No fleas or ticks

Best product out there! by outdoor girl from New Albany, PA05/05/2014

I tried about 4 flea/tick products on the market for both my dogs and cats and I think Frontline Plus stands out front!

Great product by Cindy from Texas03/28/2012

I use Frontline Plus every month year all year long and have never had a problem with fleas or ticks. Wondeful product.

by Lotsapups04/27/2012

This products works perfectly to rid our babies of the ticks out in the country.

great service by beth07/07/2012

ordered front line plus.FAST service..lower price. NO complaints

frontline plus by jrp01/27/2012

I've used this product for years, have tried similar ones but this seems to work best for my dogs. Great service from, recevied order within 6 days and got the best price for the other sites that were checked.

Frontline Plus Kills Fleas by Betty from Longview, Washington04/02/2013

I have five dogs and a clowder of cats. I used Frontline for some years, then changed to another brand for awhile, but found that it did not last as long, only about three weeks. Then Frontline updated to Frontline Plus and I returned to it. F-P is effective almost immediately, and lasts about four weeks, which I usually stretch out to five weeks to give the critters a break, except during ardent flea season. We don't have much of a tick problem out here in the Pacific Northwest, so can't address that. So...for flea control, I highly recommend Frontline Plus for both cats and dogs.

by from 07/06/2012

Would NOT recommend. It's all about trial and error as every dog reacts differently.



Entirely by Pets, from theyNo


by Helen10/30/2011

Product has a reasonable price compared to other stores and the delivery time is excellent.

Best Prices - Authentic Product by nhskimum02/20/2013

We've used Frontline Plus for a long time and been very satisfied. Two big dogs and a field of ticks means we have to use something effective without harm to our loved ones - 2 and 4 footed. I've also looked extensively for a lower price but Entirely Pets can't be beat. And the service and speed of filling an order is very fast...usually in my mailbox in a couple of days. Even when I mistakenly ordered Frontline Top Spot instead of Plus, they quickly helped me out with no charge.

my dogs love it by Ethel from TN11/07/2012

My 2 large dogs have been on revolution since puppyhood. They are now 8 and 7 years old.Never see signs of ticks or fleas, no positive test results for heartworm. Best on market

Have not found better by Pat05/08/2014

I've owned dogs for the last 16 years & cats for 14. Prior to that I had a dog for 5 years, about 40 years ago. To keep him flea & tick free, I used a "tick dip" which required dousing him with the toxic chemical mixture & letting him dry. Don't ask! More recently I tried many products ( the "dip" had been taken off the market.) First collars, then pills, then holistic preparations, then Frontline Plus. Only Frontline Plus did the job. The wait time after a bath is necessary. A small price. Thank you Frontline Plus.

frontline plus by helpsdogs07/21/2013

was very happy with the price! does its job.

Always the Best for my Pets by BezNez05/29/2012

I have used this product for years and it has never failed to take care of any flea and tick problems. I have two inside dogs and they have never had any problems and I live in the country where they are always subject to issues. Thank you Frontline and thank you Entirely Pets for taking care of my furry little kids.

Frontline Red by tahoe 1 from Lynchburg VA03/19/2012

I have been using this product for many years and am very satisified with the results. It does exactly what they say it will, it is one of the bestproducts of this nature that I have ever used.

by from 03/15/2012

I have been using frontline plus for years for my dog. It works great. I compared prices and had the best deal. I ordered this item and received it just a few days later! Quick delivery!

Kaya by San Diego, CA from Thank

Frontline Plus

Great for flea and tick control by golden lover01/07/2012

We have not had any fleas or ticks on our dogs since we began using frontline.

Fleas Be Gone by mrjackson from Martinsburg, WV11/29/2011

Have been using Frontline Plus for our two black labs for years. Have never seen a flea on them!! Have been purchasing from Entirely Pets for several years and have been very satisified with their prices and service!!! Thanks.

Frontline Plus by Mary Greaves from FL05/03/2013

Frontline Plus is an outstanding product that halts flee and tick problems before they begin. Our active Golden Retriever has lived in both the Midwest and Subtropical climates where flees and ticks are a real problem. Frontline Plus is quickly absorbed into the skin and dogs may swim afterwards without harming the effectiveness. Our dog is outdoors often in tall grasses and woods conditions and we never worry about flees or ticks coming into the house. Frontline Plus is easy to apply, effective, and affordable.

a product I have used for years with no problems by Barbara02/20/2013

I use it on my personal dogs and my fosters year around....

Why review ? I never used it by Boston Holly10/23/2012

My dog is 18.5 lbs. not sure why being asked to review.

Keeps Fleas & Ticks Away! by fwreed3 from NJ07/12/2014

I use frontline on all pets and I never have any problems with fleas or ticks!

cujo says thanx: by tubby03/11/2012

i administered frontline,and i thought i heard little screams saying jump for it,were all dead anyway,might as well try.cujo doesnt look like hes trying to start an old motorcycle anymore.thanx

Great Purchase by H2ODogs from Lincoln, NE07/03/2013

I always put frontline on my dogs in the summer months but I was impressed with the price on Entirely Pets and even more impressed with the shipping. My order arrived much sooner than expected which is always appreciated. Thanks!

frontline by mike05/24/2014

great seller, products always as advertised, promptly shipped, and arrive on time. We have been using Entirely Pets for our pet supplements for years and they have always exceeded our expectations.

Love Frontline Plus by Betty from Longview, WA11/11/2011

I have five good-sized dogs who seem to attract fleas anywhere, anytime. Frontline Plus almost immediately rids them of fleas, and lasts longer than comparable products. I like to stock up on it when EntirelyPets has it on sale; also appreciate their free shipping (I'm always over their minimum dollar amount).

Doesn't work by CLB04/18/2011

This product doesn't kill fleas and ticks

Very effective by whynotpugs from Carriere, MS12/01/2011

This product, unlike Advantix, has never given my dogs any problems or side-effects. I have several who are particularly sensitive to the ingredient in Advantix causing them to be lethargic and generally not feel well the first several days after applying. I buy the largest dose, which is very economical, and use the dosage recommended for smaller dogs. It's worked very well for my multiple dog household. has the best price I've found.

Best Product Ever by MoeBaz from Titus, AL05/31/2012

I had been using Advantage II, but fleas were still a problem. After switching to Frontline Plus, my dog is so much happier. No more fleas. I will not switch again.

Excellent! by Jacque from Lk. Stevens, Wa07/25/2012

I have shopped at Entirely Pets for many years now. Always excellent products at great prices!

The best for us by Linda Kern06/03/2008

I own 3 Bullmastiffs and we live in the south. I have my dogs on this 12 months a year and have found nothing better to keep those pesky fleas and tics off my pets and out of the house.

The One I Use by Zooey's Mom from Pacific Northwest10/22/2011

Have been using Frontline PLUS on my dogs for 12 or so years now. Have not heard of anything better so far. It has done the job. As it's rainy & misty a lot during the winter, I need something that will not wear off when rubbing the dogs (currently 3) after they're wet. As long as they're dry for a few days around the application, it works like a charm. It works pretty well on my cat...

Frontline Plus 12 month supply!!! by Sharon from Weirton, WV10/11/2011

I own 16 dogs that were all rescued from local animal shelters. Every one of my dogs are spayed and neutered and each has received all vaccinations and medical attention as needed. With the cost of food and veterinarian services, owning all these critters has become financially burdensome. However, I insist that all of my furry children receive regular flea treatments every month. Entirely Pets has become a life saver for me. They offer the best price and their services are unbelievable. Most of the time, I can receive my order within one or two days after ordering! I just love this company and have told all my friends and neighbors about this wonderful pet store!

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