• Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH

    Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH

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    Temporary Price Reduction! Frontline PLUS Red for Dogs 89-132 lbs

    Recommended by veterinarians, Frontline PLUS Red for Dogs 89-132 pounds is a powerful and easy-to-use formula designed to quickly and effectively kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. FRONTLINE Plus is specially formulated for dogs weighing 89-132 pounds. Available without a prescription, FRONTLINE Plus only needs to be applied once a month for thorough pest control.

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    Flea life cycle.
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    life cycle of ticks
    Tick life cycle.
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    Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, and Chewing Lice

    This powerful formula kills up to 100 percent of existing fleas in the first 12 hours after application, and it continues to kill new fleas for at least one month afterward. FRONTLINE Plus prevents the development of new fleas by destroying flea eggs and larvae and by destroying adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. FRONTLINE kills chewing lice and all four major ticks, including ticks that may carry Lyme disease, keeping both your pet and your family protected.

    Waterproof Formula

    Thanks to its waterproof formula, FRONTLINE Plus won't rinse off when you give your dog a bath or when your dog goes for a swim. The active ingredient in FRONTLINE, fipronil, is stored in the natural oils in your dog's coat, so your pet is sure to stay protected no matter how many puddles he or she tramps through.

    EPA Registered Logo

    This FRONTLINE Plus product is EPA approved and registered, so it's guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products.

    Package Contents

    Box includes three 4.02-milliliter tubes of FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs.

    Frontline PLUS Red
    for Dogs 89-132 lbs
    • Kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and
      chewing lice
    • Fast-acting formula
    • Includes 12 one-month
    • Waterproof formula
    • Easy-to-use applicator
    • For dogs weighing 89-132 pounds
    • Per Dose: $11.31
    More Info
    Got Fleas?

    A product guide to flea
    and tick products.

    Flea Facts You Should Know

    Interesting flea facts to help your
    pets be pest free.

    Fleas: Understanding the Enemy

    All about fleas and prevention.


    Helpful information on ticks and your

    FAQs about Fleas and Ticks
    Frontline Plus for Dogs Lifestyle shot
    FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs is Available In:
    (0 - 22 pounds)
    (23 - 44 pounds)
    (45 - 88 pounds)
    (89 - 132 pounds)
    3 month
    6 month
    12 month
    3 month
    6 month
    12 month
    3 month
    6 month
    12 month
    3 month
    6 month
    12 month

    Usage Info

    How FRONTLINE Plus Works

    Use FRONTLINE Plus for fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control. When you apply FRONTLINE, fipronil, the active ingredient, is stored in the oil glands under your pet's skin. It's then distributed continuously to the skin and hair of your pet through the hair follicles. This way, FRONTLINE provides waterproof, month-long protection against future pests while breaking down the flea and tick life cycles.

    Simple Three-Step Application

    Applying FRONTLINE Plus to your pet is an easy three-step process. First, remove the Frontline Plus applicator from the child-resistant package and cut or lift off the plastic tab to expose the foil and then peel the foil down. Next, hold the applicator upright and away from your face and body and snap off the tip. Finally, place the Frontline Plus applicator tip on the skin between your pet's shoulder blades and squeeze the applicator to apply the entire contents in a single spot onto your pet's skin.

    To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully.


    To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Always point the applicator away from your face, especially your eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after application. USE ON DOGS ONLY. Do not use on rabbits or other animals.

    Weight Dosage
    Up to 22 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (0.67 milliliter) once per month
    23 - 44 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (1.34 milliliters) once per month
    45 - 88 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (2.68 milliliters) once per month
    89 - 132 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (4.02 milliliters) once per month
    All weights Apply contents of one applicator (0.5 milliliter) once per month




    Fipronil is a manufactured insecticide that works on a cellular level on adult fleas and ticks. It seeps into an insect's cells and blocks chlorine molecules from passing through. This stops the nervous system from working and paralyzes the insect.

    Fipronil kills adult fleas and ticks on contact or when consumed, and it can be spread from one insect to another.


    Because fipronil is so strong, it only needs to be applied once a month to continuously kill fleas and ticks. Once it is applied with an oily liquid to keep it on the skin of your dog, it slowly seeps into the hair follicles and oil glands where the fleas and ticks live.

    Main Purpose

    To kill adult fleas and ticks.


    Methoprene is an insect growth regulator, which means it works by affecting the eggs and larvae of fleas. It interrupts normal levels of growth hormone, preventing a juvenile flea from growing and molting, leading to death.


    Specifically designed to target developing larvae and eggs, methoprene prevents a flea population from increasing.

    Main Purpose

    To break the flea life cycle and stop further infestation.

    Active Ingredients % by Weight
    Fipronil 9.8%
    (S)-Methoprene 8.8%
    Inert Ingredients 81.4%
    Total 100%

    Some animals are sensitive or allergic to the ingredients in FRONTLINE, so be sure to watch for any signs of allergic reaction. If your pet shows signs of itching, restlessness, nausea, lethargy, or breathing difficulty, seek veterinary attention immediately.

    Net Contents

    Twelve tubes, each 0.136 fluid ounces (4.02 milliliters)

    Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 3 MONTHFrontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 3 MONTHReg price: $57.99
    Sale price: $43.99
    Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 6 MONTH6 Mo Frontline Plus XLReg price: $109.99
    Sale price: $83.99
    Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTHFrontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTHReg price: $53.99
    Sale price: $40.99
    Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 6 MONTH6 Mo Frontline Plus SmReg price: $101.99
    Sale price: $77.99
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    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Works Great by kat39 from NJ06/24/2012

    I have been using frontline on my dogs for years. It works great…if I find a tick on them, it is always dead. And they have no bad reactions to the product. EntirelyPets has great prices and customer service!

    frontline plus by meimei from Austin Tx08/07/2012

    My vet said this is the fleas med for my mommy dog, It safe and works. I used it for all my puppies and pregnant dog.

    Best Flea & Tick Product by teecamp427 from Boston, MA08/19/2014

    Have been using this product for years. I have two big yellow labs who are always outside. No fleas or ticks

    Best product out there! by outdoor girl from New Albany, PA05/05/2014

    I tried about 4 flea/tick products on the market for both my dogs and cats and I think Frontline Plus stands out front!

    Great product by Cindy from Texas03/28/2012

    I use Frontline Plus every month year all year long and have never had a problem with fleas or ticks. Wondeful product.

    by Lotsapups04/27/2012

    This products works perfectly to rid our babies of the ticks out in the country.

    great service by beth07/07/2012

    ordered front line plus.FAST service..lower price. NO complaints

    frontline plus by jrp01/27/2012

    I've used this product for years, have tried similar ones but this seems to work best for my dogs. Great service from Entirelypets.com, recevied order within 6 days and got the best price for the other sites that were checked.

    Frontline Plus Kills Fleas by Betty from Longview, Washington04/02/2013

    I have five dogs and a clowder of cats. I used Frontline for some years, then changed to another brand for awhile, but found that it did not last as long, only about three weeks. Then Frontline updated to Frontline Plus and I returned to it. F-P is effective almost immediately, and lasts about four weeks, which I usually stretch out to five weeks to give the critters a break, except during ardent flea season. We don't have much of a tick problem out here in the Pacific Northwest, so can't address that. So...for flea control, I highly recommend Frontline Plus for both cats and dogs.

    by from 07/06/2012

    Would NOT recommend. It's all about trial and error as every dog reacts differently.



    Entirely by Pets, from theyNo


    by Helen10/30/2011

    Product has a reasonable price compared to other stores and the delivery time is excellent.

    Best Prices - Authentic Product by nhskimum02/20/2013

    We've used Frontline Plus for a long time and been very satisfied. Two big dogs and a field of ticks means we have to use something effective without harm to our loved ones - 2 and 4 footed. I've also looked extensively for a lower price but Entirely Pets can't be beat. And the service and speed of filling an order is very fast...usually in my mailbox in a couple of days. Even when I mistakenly ordered Frontline Top Spot instead of Plus, they quickly helped me out with no charge.

    my dogs love it by Ethel from TN11/07/2012

    My 2 large dogs have been on revolution since puppyhood. They are now 8 and 7 years old.Never see signs of ticks or fleas, no positive test results for heartworm. Best on market

    Have not found better by Pat05/08/2014

    I've owned dogs for the last 16 years & cats for 14. Prior to that I had a dog for 5 years, about 40 years ago. To keep him flea & tick free, I used a "tick dip" which required dousing him with the toxic chemical mixture & letting him dry. Don't ask! More recently I tried many products ( the "dip" had been taken off the market.) First collars, then pills, then holistic preparations, then Frontline Plus. Only Frontline Plus did the job. The wait time after a bath is necessary. A small price. Thank you Frontline Plus.

    frontline plus by helpsdogs07/21/2013

    was very happy with the price! does its job.

    Always the Best for my Pets by BezNez05/29/2012

    I have used this product for years and it has never failed to take care of any flea and tick problems. I have two inside dogs and they have never had any problems and I live in the country where they are always subject to issues. Thank you Frontline and thank you Entirely Pets for taking care of my furry little kids.

    Frontline Red by tahoe 1 from Lynchburg VA03/19/2012

    I have been using this product for many years and am very satisified with the results. It does exactly what they say it will, it is one of the bestproducts of this nature that I have ever used.

    by from 03/15/2012

    I have been using frontline plus for years for my dog. It works great. I compared prices and EntirelyPets.com had the best deal. I ordered this item and received it just a few days later! Quick delivery!

    Kaya by San Diego, CA from Thank

    Frontline Plus

    Great for flea and tick control by golden lover01/07/2012

    We have not had any fleas or ticks on our dogs since we began using frontline.

    Fleas Be Gone by mrjackson from Martinsburg, WV11/29/2011

    Have been using Frontline Plus for our two black labs for years. Have never seen a flea on them!! Have been purchasing from Entirely Pets for several years and have been very satisified with their prices and service!!! Thanks.

    Frontline Plus by Mary Greaves from FL05/03/2013

    Frontline Plus is an outstanding product that halts flee and tick problems before they begin. Our active Golden Retriever has lived in both the Midwest and Subtropical climates where flees and ticks are a real problem. Frontline Plus is quickly absorbed into the skin and dogs may swim afterwards without harming the effectiveness. Our dog is outdoors often in tall grasses and woods conditions and we never worry about flees or ticks coming into the house. Frontline Plus is easy to apply, effective, and affordable.

    a product I have used for years with no problems by Barbara02/20/2013

    I use it on my personal dogs and my fosters year around....

    Why review ? I never used it by Boston Holly10/23/2012

    My dog is 18.5 lbs. not sure why being asked to review.

    Keeps Fleas & Ticks Away! by fwreed3 from NJ07/12/2014

    I use frontline on all pets and I never have any problems with fleas or ticks!

    cujo says thanx: by tubby03/11/2012

    i administered frontline,and i thought i heard little screams saying jump for it,were all dead anyway,might as well try.cujo doesnt look like hes trying to start an old motorcycle anymore.thanx

    Great Purchase by H2ODogs from Lincoln, NE07/03/2013

    I always put frontline on my dogs in the summer months but I was impressed with the price on Entirely Pets and even more impressed with the shipping. My order arrived much sooner than expected which is always appreciated. Thanks!

    frontline by mike05/24/2014

    great seller, products always as advertised, promptly shipped, and arrive on time. We have been using Entirely Pets for our pet supplements for years and they have always exceeded our expectations.

    Love Frontline Plus by Betty from Longview, WA11/11/2011

    I have five good-sized dogs who seem to attract fleas anywhere, anytime. Frontline Plus almost immediately rids them of fleas, and lasts longer than comparable products. I like to stock up on it when EntirelyPets has it on sale; also appreciate their free shipping (I'm always over their minimum dollar amount).

    Doesn't work by CLB04/18/2011

    This product doesn't kill fleas and ticks

    Very effective by whynotpugs from Carriere, MS12/01/2011

    This product, unlike Advantix, has never given my dogs any problems or side-effects. I have several who are particularly sensitive to the ingredient in Advantix causing them to be lethargic and generally not feel well the first several days after applying. I buy the largest dose, which is very economical, and use the dosage recommended for smaller dogs. It's worked very well for my multiple dog household. Entirelypets.com has the best price I've found.

    Best Product Ever by MoeBaz from Titus, AL05/31/2012

    I had been using Advantage II, but fleas were still a problem. After switching to Frontline Plus, my dog is so much happier. No more fleas. I will not switch again.

    Excellent! by Jacque from Lk. Stevens, Wa07/25/2012

    I have shopped at Entirely Pets for many years now. Always excellent products at great prices!

    The best for us by Linda Kern06/03/2008

    I own 3 Bullmastiffs and we live in the south. I have my dogs on this 12 months a year and have found nothing better to keep those pesky fleas and tics off my pets and out of the house.

    The One I Use by Zooey's Mom from Pacific Northwest10/22/2011

    Have been using Frontline PLUS on my dogs for 12 or so years now. Have not heard of anything better so far. It has done the job. As it's rainy & misty a lot during the winter, I need something that will not wear off when rubbing the dogs (currently 3) after they're wet. As long as they're dry for a few days around the application, it works like a charm. It works pretty well on my cat...

    Frontline Plus 12 month supply!!! by Sharon from Weirton, WV10/11/2011

    I own 16 dogs that were all rescued from local animal shelters. Every one of my dogs are spayed and neutered and each has received all vaccinations and medical attention as needed. With the cost of food and veterinarian services, owning all these critters has become financially burdensome. However, I insist that all of my furry children receive regular flea treatments every month. Entirely Pets has become a life saver for me. They offer the best price and their services are unbelievable. Most of the time, I can receive my order within one or two days after ordering! I just love this company and have told all my friends and neighbors about this wonderful pet store!


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