Help your pet live a full life with Denosyl a tasty SAMe supplement for liver and brain health in dogs and cats. Denosyl has been shown to increase glutathione, an important compound for protecting liver health, and may also help with liver cell repair and regeneration. How does it do this? By supplementing your pet with SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine). Although Denosyl for dogs and cats is best known for its beneficial effects on the liver, it can also support brain health.

Denosyl for small dogs and cats (30 tablets) 90 mg
Denosyl for small dogs and cats (30 tablets) 90 mg

($27.99)  $20.99
3 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (90 tablets) 90 mg
3 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (90 tablets) 90 mg

($71.99)  $54.99

($18.33 Each)

6 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (180 tablets) 90 mg
6 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (180 tablets) 90 mg

($141.99)  $108.99

($18.16 Each)

Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (30 tablets) 225 mg
Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (30 tablets) 225 mg

($36.99)  $27.99
3 PACK Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (90 tablets) 225 mg
3 PACK Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (90 tablets) 225 mg

($98.99)  $75.89

($25.30 Each)

6 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (180 tablets) 225 mg
6 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (180 tablets) 225 mg

($197.99)  $151.79

($25.30 Each)

Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (30 tablets) 425 mg
Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (30 tablets) 425 mg

($63.99)  $48.99
3 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (90 tablets) 425 mg
3 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (90 tablets) 425 mg

($172.99)  $132.39

($44.13 Each)

6 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (180 tablets) 425 mg
6 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (180 tablets) 425 mg

($343.99)  $264.59

($44.10 Each)

Denosyl  for Dogs Professional Line (30 Chewable Tabs)
Denosyl for Dogs Professional Line (30 Chewable Tabs)

($38.99)  $29.99
Denosyl is a nutritional supplement that helps minimize a variety of liver problems in dogs and cats. It has also been shown to improve liver health and function by protecting and repairing liver cells. It is recommended to improve hepatic glutathione levels in dogs and cats. For optimal absorption, give your dog or cat Denosyl on an empty stomach, at least an hour before feeding.


Body weight Total daily administration and tablet size
Up to 12 pounds (5.5 kg) One tablet of 90 mg
13 to 34 pounds (6-15.5 kg) One tablet of 225mg
35 to 65 pounds (16 to 29.5 kg) One tablet of 425 mg
66 to 120 pounds (30 to 54.5 kg) Two tablets of 425 mg
Over 120 pounds (54.5 kg +) Three tablets of 425 mg

The number of tablets can be gradually reduced or may be increased at any time depending on the pet's needs.
Ingredients: S-Adenosylmethionine

Denosyl, a nutritional supplement, is the pure and stabilized salt of S-Adenosylmethionine for veterinary use only. It is the only brand researched in medical trials for veterinary use in dogs and cats.

S-Adenosylmethionine is an endogenous molecule synthesized by cells throughout the body and is formed from the amino acid methionine and ATP. It is an essential part of three major chemical pathways in the body.

Denosyl has been shown to increase hepatic glutathione levels in cats and dogs. Glutathione is a potent antioxidants that protects hepatic (liver) cells from toxins. A study found that low liver glutathione concentrations are common in dog and cats with decreased liver function.

For optimal absorption, tablets should be given on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before feeding, as the presence of food decreases the absorption of S-Adenosylmethionine. For those owners who have difficulties administering tablets to their pets, this medication maybe disguised in a small bite of food. Studies have shown that, in many cases, tablets or capsules given as a "dry swallow" do not pass into the stomach in cats, but may become lodged in the esophagus. It is recommended for pet owners to administer 3-6 cc of water immediately following any tablet administration to speed passage of the table into the stomach. Denosyl 9- mg tablets are ideal for cats because of their small size.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep tablets in original blister pack until used. Tablets are sensitive to moisture and extreme heat and should not be split or crumbled.

What does the liver do? The liver participates in many activities within the body. It helps the digestion of food through production of bile and helps change digested foods into substances used by the body for energy and growth. The liver also helps process some medications into material(s) that can be used by the body; the liver may assist in eliminating medications from the body once they have had their effect. The liver stores vitamins and minerals and works with sugar (carbohydrates, glucose), fats and proteins. It also helps maintain proper blood clotting and removes many body toxins from the blood. Without proper liver function, the pet's health is compromised.

Because it does so much, the liver may be subject to many things: injury, both direct and indirect, infection, and toxicity. Some of the signs and symptoms of compromised liver function in pets may include: weakness, vomiting, poor appetite, and/or seizures. But if there is mild or early stage liver compromise, the pet can appear normal. If you notice any of these symptoms or your pet is just acting differently, you should contact your veterinarian. Many veterinarians run screening tests for middle aged and older patients during the annual examination to ensure that organ function is normal.
4.88 rating based on 78 reviews
Featured Reviews for Denosyl for small dogs and cats (30 tablets) 90 mg
by almitra01/16/2012

Denosyl at this site is the best price I've found online....I recommend it highly.

Great price! by hflash from Alabaster, AL01/17/2012

My dog has to take denosyl for a health condition (prescribed by Vet.). I found the product on at less than half the price I pay for it at the Vet. With the economy in the shape it's in, I am forced to find the cheapest products I can. The product was received in a timely manner, without damage. Will definitely recommend and continue using them myself.

Awesome Meds! by LovesSissy11/14/2012

I would like to Thank You for your Product

Small pill easy to give by trailwaif from Elizabeth Lake, CA04/10/2013

This pill is smaller than the last brand I got in the same dosage, and much easier for the cat to swallow.

by from 02/16/2012

Denosyl for Cats by Annie07/13/2012

This medicine has kept my 15 year old cat alive for the past two years. When you look at her you would never know she has Thyroid and Liver problems. I would recommend this product to anyone to help keep their best friends healthy and happy!!!!

Life Saving by Pettrained from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas05/28/2013

We have a chihuahua-yorky mix. We found out he has a liver problem when he fell lifeless in our backyard while running after our other dogs. My husband gave him artifical respiration and rushed him to our vet. He will have to be on Denosyl for the rest of his life. He has had no other episodes since then. We are grateful to Entirely Pets because it makes Denosyl more affordable. They always send it in a timely manner. Since we are dependent on this product, it is great to have a reasonable resource.

Truly a lifesaver! by RCH from Overland Park, KS01/25/2011

Without a doubt, Denosyl has contributed to keeping my dog alive!! Due to a liver shunt, my dog experienced some liver damage. After surgery, my vet recommended that I give her Denosyl on a daily basis from now on. In follow-up tests of her liver, there are no health issues found. I believe this product has added to her playfulness and zest for life. The 90 mg pill is small enough to easily insert in her mouth and easily swallowed. I am a true believer of Denosyl!

good product by nld916 from East Freetown,MA11/25/2011

I paid $30 for this from my veterinarian. Here it was $19. Good deal!!

quick service by gale from covington,ga02/03/2014

i have a small dog that has liver issues. she has been on denosyl for quite some time. it really helps her. entirely pets has a very competitive price with other sites. the thing i have noticed the most is that entirely pets delivers much quicker than some of the other sites. when she is about out, it always comes in time. i would recommend this site over any other i have used.

Good supplement for dog with liver issues by Steph03/02/2014

Our 11-year old female Pomeranian began having liver issues a year ago (Feb. 2013) where her liver does not produce enough albumin. The vet suggested that Denosyl might assist her liver health and she was started on the supplement at that time. After starting Baby on the supplement, her appetite improved, as did her energy level. The liver issue is a life-long issue and the Denosyl is helping with her quality of life. She was sluggish and low energy prior to starting her on Denosyl, so I can only conclude that her liver and overall health are improved, and that her quality of life is better for having given her the supplement. I would recommend it highly.

Great Experience by RickM from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada08/08/2013

Placed my first order with Entirely Pets for 5 packages of the Denosyl 90 for my little baby girl, Krowka. The price is very fair and the product arrived in a timely manner, even though I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and this had to go through our Customs. Just a heads-up though to anyone ordering this or similar products from Canada ... I spoke with Health Canada and Canada Customs regarding importing such products as I began having problems with another supplier. Apparently there is no problem as long as you do not order more than a 3 month personal supply. Any more than that and you enter into commercial importing territory and different rules apply. But don't ask me how they determine what a 3 month supply is - it of course depends on how many pills you give your pet daily. Some get 1 pill, like my baby, some may get 2 per day. But those are the hoops you have to jump through. Perhaps no matter how much of this you need to order, simply have Entirely Pets write "3 month's supply" somewhere on the shipping documents. Hope this helps someone avoid delays and keep their pets healthy.

Keeps my pet healthy by CestMoi from Chicago, IL10/21/2011

Phantom was diagnosed with liver disease back in 2008. The combination of denosyl and another prescription drug has kept him in good health all this time! He's still with us today.

Great Product by junglegirl from Battle Creek, MI10/03/2013

So far Denosyl has worked as good as the product we purchased directly from our vet. We really like the savings we get with the 3 pack offer!

Great product by Max in Oregon from Oregon Coast05/02/2012

I have now had two elderly canines on the Denosyl liver support. It really seems to help as their liver values have actually improved with usage. Please remember to NOT give with Tramadol and/or other contraindicated drugs.

Awesome Product! by Sissy from Sherwood, MI11/01/2012

This product is saving her life. Thank you for being there. :-)

by from 02/25/2013

Great prices on this product by clearasglas from Birmingham, AL10/23/2012

My Chi-chi has a liver disease and requires Denosyl. The cost is much less than at my Vet. Glad I found Also, they are very quick with shipping.

by April from New York09/29/2014

It has maintained Spooky's liver and has kept him healthy. Its had to put the pill down his throat without food so sometimes spits it out or throws up the pill. I wish there was an easier way to administer the pill.

by from 01/25/2011

Tolly is 12 years old and has liver damage from a lifetime on phenobarbital for seizures. A year ago his ALT number shot up to over 500, 100 is high normal. After a few months on the Denosyl the numbers started to drop. He is now maintaining almost within normal range. He's playing like a kitten.

is by an from excellentDenosyl


Has helped my dog by Randa05/07/2012

My dog was diagnosed over 5 years ago with a type of kidney & liver disease. Doctors told me that this disease would most likely shorten his life and require special food & medicine. They prescribed him denosyl and 5 years later I had a full lab check done to evaluate the status of his disease. Well good news the denosyl is proving to be very beneficial as his disease has showed little to no progression. Looks like my best friend has made it past the 5 years they estimated and hopefully he will be around for many many more years. I have definitely had a good experience with this supplement.

Seems to work good by Rhonda06/20/2008

My geriatric cat (15 years old) had lost a lot of weight and looked very sickly. She wouldn't groom herself either. The vet found she was great on her kidneys and thyroid, but had abnormal liver enzymes in some recent blood work. We did not want to go through the expense and pain to the cat of additional tests, so my vet recommended Denosyl. He said that it would help the liver to regenerate. We haven't had additional blood work done yet, but it's been a month and she looks and feels 100% better. She even grooms herself now, so I think it's really worked well.

A Life-Saver by Richard01/23/2009

This stuff really works!!! After spending a small fortune at our money-grubbing vet, denosyl was recommended to stabalize our 17 yr old cat's liver problems. He was at death's door, lost a lot of weight, vomiting, quit grooming etc. After a year, he has put on weight and almost back to his old self, albeit he is an "old man", but now great for his age. This stuff works and we have saved lots of money by not going back to vet over and over again for expensive tests etc. The bottom-line, our cat is old and Denosyl helps him lead a normal life for his age related liver problems. We will keep on giving him a daily dose as he has steadily improved so much over the past years daily Denosyl!!!

love it by Dianne03/01/2009

works great and is a great deal thank you.

Denosyl by Jennifer from Chehalis, WA10/03/2013

I really like using your site. It is easy to use and the delivery is always very speedy!!!

This supplement works! by puppiesmom from Amherstburg, Ont., Canada09/24/2013

Years ago, our Teddy, a yorkie, at 7.5 years of age, developed leptospirosis, after exposure to the bacteria. He went into kidney & liver failure. His liver enzymes were elevated. Following the initial critical phase of his care, because of his elevated liver enzymes, our vet put Teddy onto Denosyl. Within 1 month, his liver enzymes were normal. Apparently, many dogs don't live too long after contracting leptospirosis, Teddy, lived to be 16.5 years old. I really feel that because Teddy received excellent veterinary care from the doctors &pet nurses, & the Denosyl we had him for another 9 joyful years!

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (90 tablets) 90 mg
super quick service by gale12/15/2011

I recently ran out of denosyl for my little min pin, China. I waited to long to reorder. The product really does a great job for her, since she has liver problems. I ordered on a Thursday and did not really expect to see the package till Monday. To my surprise and gratitude, it showed up Saturday. I have ordered from another company, previously, and did not receive the product no where near as quickly. The price was not as good either. I will be getting her pills from Entirely Pets from now on. Thank you so much for your quick service.

by Louise12/10/2011

My dog is on this product for elevated liver enzymes and the enzymes are still elevated but have not increased. He is doing well.

denosyl by Judy03/07/2012

This product has regulated my cat's liver function. He is almost 19 and has taken this product for 6 yrs and is doing well.

Best price by Francyn from St-Cesaire03/02/2012

Even my veterenean have your adresse now

Makes a Difference by Leesee10/30/2011

My geriatric kitty has been on Denosyl for the past four years and it has continued to make a positive difference in her liver enzyme values. The pills are easy for her to swallow and never seem to cause any sort of stomach upset as long as she takes them with a little bit of wet food. I highly recommend this product.

Dog Meds by BichonLover09/23/2013

I always get my Denosyl, which has been helping her liver for years, from Entirely Pets. They send fast and are usually correct. Once, when they sent the wrong dosage for one box, they promptly sent another one to me and told me I could donate the other box to my vet.

Affordable by Snoopy from PItman, NJ09/04/2014

My Dog Schultz(Dachshund) has liver, gall bladder, Cushings, etc. This medicine was prescribed for him by his Dr. One box at the Vets office cost what 3 boxes your company charges. Schultz has been on this for 2 years and when blood work is done, 3x a yr, this supplement keeps his levels perfect.

liver disease in miniature dachshund by betsyjo from Dayton, ohio01/04/2014

Betsy is a miniature dachshund, she has been on phenobarbital for seizures most of her life. She is almost 15 years old. We discovered she had liver disease shortly after she turned 14, Vet attempted to remove her from Phenobarbital with out success. However denosyl did lower her liver enzymes a significant amount. We had to put her back on phenobarbital after a major seizure. and her enzyme level once again rose but denosyl is keeping numbers from getting higher. She is perky and eats foods for her liver health.We did not want to lose her yet. but mostly do not want her to suffer. denosyl has worked wonders for her.

by from 11/28/2012

This product has been a life saver for my little dog. The customer service has been very helpful as well. I was having trouble with a Groupon and your staff was very good at making it work!!!

Chehalis, WA by from Thanks"


Necessary for dogs with lliver disease by Charlie10/18/2011

This product was recommended by my dogs veterinarian. She has liver disease and this is a great product to help reduce the changes of further liver damage.

Good value by Cocoa03/13/2013

This product provides additional protection to my pet because she takes phenobarbital for seizures.

denosyl by drjk from new jersey06/28/2013

so far very satisfied with both product and pricing...

Never received Product by Popeye12/24/2012

I can't give a review since the company never sent me the product.

what I expected by quiltlady07/21/2012

The item was as advertised and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you.

denysol by pet lover07/17/2013

helps my dog able to live a normal life. Easy to administer.

So Grateful for Entirely Pets! by Terri from Idaho10/25/2012

I have been a customer of Entirely Pets for many years. In comparing prices, they always come out the winner. I receive orders promptly. Their customer service is excellent and they are always available to answer questions. I highly recommend Entirely Pets!

Beats waiting at the vets office! by Misha10/19/2011

Order received quickly and much less money than the vets (and I didn't have to wait around for them to find it). I'll get my pet's supplements here in the future.

by from 08/07/2012

This is a good product at an excellant price. Unfortunately the manufacturer is behind on delivery of this as well as Denamarin.

the by best from youEntirelypets


Commitment Kept by Jim K03/08/2013

The order was correct and timely ... that's what counts!

Angel feels great! by cheriberry from Grass Valley, CA02/08/2014

Purchased this product on the advice of my vet. My dog is peppy and very happy.

Improved liver values by Dee01/07/2009

My dog Teddy has been on Denosyl for the last six years after being diagnosed by our Vet with poor liver values. His values improved to normal only after three months using the Denosyl. I started buying Denosyl from Entirelypets since it was almost half of what I paid the Vet for it. I kept him on one pill a day for maintenace and just recently increased him to two pills a day after a recent test showed his liver values were slightly elivated. After increasing to two pills a day his values are normal again. Teddy is now 16 going on 17 this year and I think the Denosyl has helped him live a longer, healthier life.

Wonderful by GW4407/30/2013

A pleasure doing business with this Co., very fast shipping and great prices, buy often, thankyou!

improved liver function by Julie02/29/2008

My cat William had a poor prognosis when he was diagnosed with liver problems, cause unknown. He was immediately put on Denosyl and Marin, and after 6 months his liver values are almost normal!

Easy effortless purchase by Hatlover from upstate, NY02/26/2013

So happy to find Denosyl at Entirely Pets. Saves me time and money instead of a trip to the vet. Love having it delivered right to my door.

Best Service You Could Ask For by Buddy from Central New Jersey05/30/2012

The product was delivered in a short time, the packaging and product was the same as I get at the Vet for half the cost. I am extremely satisfied with Entirely Pets.

DENOSYL by DEBBIE10/31/2011

This medicine was prescribed by my veternarian for my cat. Its works great. The vet was charging me $30.00 for a one month (30 Tabs) Supply. By ordering Denosyl from Entirely Pets I can get a 90 day supply (90 Tabs)for $51.99. which equals $17.33 per month instead of $30.00 the vet was charging. It is the exact same medicine that I was getting from the vet. I highly reccomend order from Entirely Pets. Items are delivered very quickly and are exactly what you ordered. I have been ordering for a while from them and I am highly satisfied.

Denosyl by Teddy12/10/2012

I never received this order. Was told it was on backorder.

by from 11/06/2012

price wise you can't beat this. my dog is doing so good on this and he is looking great.

is by i from canthe


Great company to do buniness with by Vicki04/19/2012

As always, great price for a great product! Will order again.

by Dusty07/22/2013

Wonderful, quick shipping, great company to deal with

by from 06/25/2013

Denosyl which is Sam-E only is a great product, especially as 100 mg size is not possible to buy in human form.

Entirely by Pets from sellsThe


by from 10/11/2011

Our 10 year old cat has had a liver problem for over 5 years. I usually buy 3 to 6 months worth of Denosyl for her. The costs are HALF what the vet wanted to charge for the exact same thing. Sales are always used when buy the products. Shipping in within a reasonable time frame too.

Pets by to from allI


Denosyl for cats by cat owner03/15/2013

My vet prescribed Denosyl for my 13 year old cat with chronic pancreatitis. As far as I can tell, it is helping maintain her pancreatitic enzyme level at a normal level. She is no longer experiencing pain from elevated numbers.

Just like the one at the vet by danhart10/25/2012

I bought Denosyl from Entirely Pets and I paid less than half what I pay at the vet for the exact same thing!

Great Purchase by Flshirl from Port St. Lucie, FL02/22/2013

Entirely Pets not only had the Denosyl for small dogs that I needed for my little Yorkie available, but the shipping was very fast as well. I am very pleased with this transaction and will order from this store again.

Featured Reviews for 6 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (180 tablets) 90 mg
Working Well by westcaldwellmom from North Jersey03/07/2012

My vet recommended Denosyl for my 12 year old Shitzu whose liver is not functioning as well as it once was. I use Denosyl with this diet: white rice, oatmeal and I/D Low Residue dog food. It's working well. My dog is peppier and has no diarrhea.

Good Product by tsmith3 from Murfreesboro,TN10/09/2013

My cat was diagnosed with FIP over 10 years ago and am happy to report that he is doing great to this day because of the Denosyl that was prescibed for him along with other med's. This is a good product to have and it really works.

best ppurchase by Dianne Shore from riverside, CA02/03/2014

delivered to your door. I will recommend this supplier to my friends. I will purchase from this merchant again

6 Pack Denosyl for small dogs by cactus0912/18/2012

Great product, poor service!! I usually spend about $500 per year on this from Entirely Pets. Last order was on backorder for weeks with no projected date of delivery. Claimed MFR backorder and had me contacts MRF for more info. MRF had no supply problems to any supplier. Went to another Vet Supplier online and had the product delivered immediately. probably lost me as a customer.

Awesome Product by Katie from Valdosta, Ga01/23/2012

The Denosyl is an excellent product and the pricing is much better than at my local vets office. My dog, Zack, has been on this product for over a year and has done very well on it.

Best Prices on the web by JerzeyJoe from West Deptford,New Jersey06/19/2012

We have been buying Denosyl online from entirely pets for at least 7 years,Saving us hundreds of dollars,The same product from the vets office was 3 times the price at our vets,If your dog or cat needs Denosyl this is the place to buy it,We will be a customer as long as our dog needs these meds.They are used to help the Liver due to damage from our dogs Seizure Meds.

Great Service. Gret price. by Randy from Phoenix, AZ07/17/2012

Ordering is easy. Delivery is always prompt and better than expected.

by from 12/12/2012

This product is AMAZING

a by liver from problemOur


vet by though from firstMUST


great product, good value by Biosquint from Tucson, Arizona04/18/2013

One of my cats has severe liver/galladder problems so he is on a special diet. Part of his treatment includes taking one 90mg Denosyl pill every day for the rest of his life. His liver enzymes went from extreme to normal in one month on this treatment and a low fat diet. Unfortunately, my vet's cost for the Denosyl was almost $30/month. I tried some other brands of SAM-e to get a better price but they did not work as well and his liver enzymes went up again. The Denosyl is the only one that seems to help. Thanks to Entirely Pets, I can afford to keep him on the brand that keeps him as healthy as possible.

Good product by Pauline02/12/2008

Again, my vet prescribes this, in combination with Marin, for my two pomeranians who have had elevated liver enzyme issues - One was elevated over 3000, over 10 times the normal high, and after a week, the reading was 900 - pretty good drop for a week. We are continuing on this medication (with Marin) for the meantime. In a couple weeks we will have more bloodwork to see how much more the level has dropped. Again, do check with your vet IF your dog has liver problems before giving this just to make sure it might not aggravate an existing condition. Otherwise if there are no existing health problems, it would be a good support herbal "medication" for the continue well being of your dog's liver.

denosyl by k.fuori01/12/2009

Ive been so pleased with the price and service at Entirelypets Ive acually have spread the word so we can all save and get excellent service. thank you so much and my little Punkin thanks you too!

by tft01/16/2012

So glad I can save a bit of money on my senior buddy's meds by getting these online.

Excellent Supplement for my Dog's Liver by Angie from Albuquerque, NM11/30/2011

I'v been using this supplement for while. A year ago, my beloved Benji was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy and the vet put him on phenobarbital and other drugs. Unfortunately, long term treatment with phenobarb WILL cause liver damage, it is the reason why I'm using this supplement, to strenghten his liver. Every time he gets blood work done, our vet his liver is in very good shape. This is mostly due to the Denosyl. I'm very happy it's helping Benji's liver!

back order by cary12/24/2012

Can't review. On back order for 6 weeks from Entirely Pets

Great to strenghten my dog's liver by Angie from Albuquerque, New Mexico11/07/2012

I have been using this product for over a year now, after my beloved Benji was diagnosed with epilepsy. He is being treated with a couple of different drugs, phenobarbital being one of them. This drug will cause liver damage on a long term treatment. Thanks to Denosyl, Benji's liver is in excellent shape and has not been affected by the levels of phenobarbiotal in his system. I'm glad my vet suggested this product, I'm very happy with the results and I'm even happier I found Denosyl at a great price. Thanks, Entirely Pets!

by from 06/07/2013

Our Cat has liver issues. the vet recommended Denosyl. We've been using it for a couple of years now, and the liver issues are nicely controlled.

Mary by New Jersey from Fabulous

Denosyl is outstanding

Best product by angela02/25/2013

Denosyl saved the life of my mom's dog, who is 12 and has an outbreak of hepatitis.

by from 06/04/2012

I think "Entirely Pets" is a wonderful source for all your pet needs. I purchased the Denosyl for my 15 yr old rat terrier, and so far so good! The FortiFlora is a must for all pets, from birth to the twilight years. And they evidently love the taste when i mix with their food. It keeps them "regular & normal" with their bathroom issues (especially my older terrier). I use the Flora for my 1 yr old rat terrier also. Thanks for also making ordering easy and safe!

Springs, by CO" from Denosyl & FortiFloraJ.C.


Denosyl is amazing by Pj from Miami, Fl04/21/2012

I have been giving Denosyl to one of our cats since it was diagnosed with hyperthyroid issues. So when another of the cats became sick ,stopped eating and vet couldn't help, we thought we'd try denosyl. Within a week a cat that seemed to be at the end of life was back to its old self! We now supplement with Denosyl 3x weekly and our old boy is looking great.

Life Saver! by CinderellaMoments from Texas03/16/2012

This product is incredible. Denosyl along with a special dry food diet saved my Yorkies life. She was at deaths door due to her malfunctioning liver. Now she's back to being a healthy, happy, playful dog. And the price on this site is the best I've found anywhere.

It's 3 x cheaper than the vets by dio from california10/29/2012

My dog has be on denosyl for the last 2 years.due to liver and kiddney promblems and he is still alive because of this medicine.

Denosyl by ilorene from Tennessee09/20/2014

Great price for Denosyl. It helps liver process protein in dogs with liver failure. Great service from you as well. She is now 15 yrears old.

Denosyl by RC11/25/2012

I've ordered from Entirely Pets a few times before, with no problem. However, with this shipment of supplements, the boxes of Denosyl were very poorly packaged (a barely padded shipping envelope) for shipping and 4 of the 6 boxes were completely smashed. Therefore some of the pills were also smashed which could possibly compromise their effectiveness, as they are not to be subjected to any moisture of any kind. The pills aren't inexpensive, so I was obviously displeased and disappointed. I hope Entirely Pets will begin to package merchandise more carefully.

Denosyl a miracle drug for my cats by Sue from Milwaukee, WI10/24/2011

When my first cat developed kidney problems I thought she didn't have long to live. Our vet put her on Denosyl. Within 4 months she had gained back all her weight and was acting like herself again. Then our second cat started with liver problems a year later and was put on Denosyl. Again she gained some of her weight back and her liver is once again functioning normally. Denosyl has greatly improved our cats lives and I would recommend it to anyone whose cats are having kidney or liver problems.

Denosyl by tsmith3 from Murfreesboro,TN11/14/2011

This product is very good for helping keep liver levels in check with your older pet. I have been using this for years and my pet is doing fine. Would recommend it - My only issue is with Entirely pets and how they send your order. They put it in a soft package and the boxes of meds gets smashed in shipment. I have complained a couple of times but nothing has changed. They offer good prices but their shipping lacks standards.

Used this product before. by Candace11/06/2012

I haven't received the shipment yet. Today's date is Nov 6, 2012.

Good Product....Bad Packaging by tsmith3 from Tennessee06/05/2012

I am a regular customer of Entirely Pets and I love the prices, you can't beat them. The only issue I have is with the packaging. Products are sent in envelopes that are easily crushed in shipment. My orders come flattened out most of the time. I have complained but receive no response on this.

In this case, a lifesaver. by tinheart from Joliet, Illinois04/03/2013

My wife's chihuaua has insufficient liver capacity. Denosyl 90 mg helps it do the job of cleaning Brewster's blood. When first diagnosed, the doctor estimated Brewster's life span at five to eight years. He is going strong and looking good and will be nine years old come April 15, 2013. Of course Denosyl is not the only measure we are taking. It is an important part of his treatment.

Great product by Marty02/28/2012

Much more convenient to purchase here. Delivered to my door quickly and easily.

Featured Reviews for Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (30 tablets) 225 mg
denosyl 225 mg & hexedine soap by Judy from Oak Lawn, IL10/23/2012

You have the best price on both the denosyl and hexedine. You have prompt service as far as the shipping. I am more than pleased and will continue to use you

by from 06/28/2013

My dog, Molly, was diagnosed with liver disease over three years ago. She was not expected to live two years.

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by from 05/16/2014

Product exactly as described...inexpensive and shipped fast A+++++

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denosyl by none04/29/2013

excellent low price, on time delivery as promised and product was in correct manufacturers packaging. will absolutely use ya'll again.

denosyl for liver by Moongoon03/03/2014

My dog was put on this by our vet many years ago when he had to take phenobarb for seisures. It is to protect his liver.

Great Product by Tsmom01/30/2014

My dog has a liver shunt and this product is much cheaper than the price that his vet charges. Thank you for such a great product.

Save my Dog by Christine01/17/2008

Denosyl saved my dogs life. My Sheltie is epileptic and the meds for his seizures damaged his liver. He was a very sick dog but my Vet suggested Denosyl and Marin and within a week I noticed major improvement. In a months time his liver fuction is back to normal and he feels great! I highly recommend this product.

Denosyl by Rose12/09/2012

My Beagle's liver numbers were 4 times out of normal range and became normal after using this product daily for a number of months. Seems like she will have to take it for the rest of her life to keep the numbers in a normal range.

by from 06/21/2013

I ordered this online because I was in a rush and to get to the vet would, one, take forever, and two, be more expensive. I ordered the Denosyl on here and had it within a few days. It was a little cheaper and saved me time.

RTD4 by from Thank

Denosyl QUICK!

Great 1st purchase experience by Laurie from Marysville, CA04/25/2012

Great price compared to other sites and quick delivery. Will definitely make future purchases from Entirely Pets.

Amazing Product by Mona from Ellijay, Ga.09/24/2014

Denosyl for dogs saved my little Ginger. Great product. I would recommend it to anyone who has a pet with liver disease.

by Murph02/07/2014

The service is prompt and the prices are good and the drug companies are known to me. Only GOOD things to say about your company!

Great product by Vinny from Las Vegas, NV10/30/2012

Is greatly helping to keep my dog's liver functioning well.

Wonderful Lifesaving Product by Underthemattress from Northwestern US04/15/2012

Our 13 yr. old female mini schnauzer has been into emergency vet 4 times now for pancreatitis related issues. Since starting Denosyl and Marin, her liver values have greatly improved and no more tummy issues. Highly recommend and we will in all probability keep her on this for the rest of her life.

missing product by ken from graham washington04/27/2014

i ordered denosyl and you did not have marin in stock .so i never recieved the marin. you said it was backordered, i am still waiting. Ken

by from 05/23/2013

When my vet told me my precious pet needed this medication for her liver condition and what the charge was, I was floored.

my by beautiful from dogYou


Helps my dog's liver problems by Mel from Edmond, OK09/05/2014

My dog had an abnormally high liver enzymes reading at her last annual physical. After taking Denosyl for several months, her latest checkup showed her liver enzyme levels were much lower.

Denosyl at HALF the price! by RTDfour08/30/2013

This product is a liver function pill that our vet requires our terrier to be on. At the vet it costs us over $60 and through EntirelyPets we get it at HALF that price! When you have older dogs that take several medications, it adds up. This site saves us a lot of money! THANK YOU!!

Best purchase by Shelley10/11/2011

Excellent customer service and prompt delivery of brand name products. Prices very competitive also. Explanations of product very informative and clear regarding doasge and usage.

Helps the old girl hold her own by LikesArt from Atlanta07/28/2014

My 12-year-old rat terrier has been taking this for years per the vet's orders. It seems to be helping keep her pancreatitis stable.

Rejuvenates you best buddy by Hootenanny01/13/2012

My pal had three bouts of pancreatitis and elevated liver readings that were off the chart. Even though it's difficult to get my sweetie to have an empty stomach (which is needed to take this medicine), it's been a life saver. Thank you, Denosyl.

by city-champ07/24/2012

Used in conjunction with Prednisone and Actigal for feline pancreatitis. So far lower GI symptoms have stopped, however only half-way through entire course of treatment.

Denosyl 225mg Tablets by Phyllis from Trussville, Alabama09/13/2011

I am so thankful for Entirely Pets. My dog had her gallbladder removed and had to start using Denosyl daily. Two different area vets wanted $80-$90 for this same product. When I found out I could order this from Entirely Pets, I have been very satisfied since my first order. They were efficient, cost effective and quick to send it through the mail. I would recommend Entirely Pets to anyone who wants great service and reasonable prices for their products.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (90 tablets) 225 mg
Denosyl by Hope09/17/2013

Great product at an even better price! Thanks

great deal by nae11/12/2012

This product has worked great for our dog has proably saved her life.

Seems to be helping by LikesArt from Atlanta07/01/2013

My rat terrier has been on this for several years (vet recommended) for liver support and it seems to be keeping her stable.

Worked wonder by June from Upstate New York08/27/2013

Denosyl, prescribed by my vet, is an excellent product. I buy fromEntirely Pets because of the low price offered and am very happy with their company.

Good Product by DannieRae from Southeast, MO11/06/2012

Denosyl is a supplement that my little dog is required to take daily for liver disfunction. The product is excellent along with the price. My problem is with the packaging. The boxes are often broken and bent when I receive them. Instead of packing these items in a mailing enevelope it would be much better to put them in a box. I have complained aabout this before. Also, be sure you check the date on the boxes as I have received them when they are out of date.

Denosyl for dogs by malbee1023 from Batavia, NY05/13/2013

I saved literally $20 per box by ordering here rather than getting it through the vet. It arrived 2 days after I placed my order, pretty fast. The blood work on my dog since taking it has improved.

Denosyl by Sandi R.02/19/2013

My sheltie went from complete liver failure to normal liver function in less than two weeks. She was on hepatic health dog food and took a denosyl every night. The vet said it was a miracle and couldn't believe her health change. She is back to normal food but still takes the denosyl. It's a small price to see her happy face when I get home!

Does what's needed by jamie from New Jersey04/30/2013

I've used this product for several years since my dog was diagnosed with "some liver problems". Apparently, it's working because Jamie no longer is at risk for liver disease. It's a supplement and doesn't seem to have any adverse affect. Worth a try!

Best Purchase Ever by Fran from Brookfield, MA08/21/2012

This product is great. I find the ordering process the best and most efficient, reliable and dependable. That is what I needed and that is what I received. Customer Service is outstanding.

denosyl by sandy from Westchester NY10/23/2012

Product is fantastic. Has maintained my dog's liver in a reasonalbly healthy state. She is on Phenobarbital which can distroy the liver. Have used denosyl for 5 years. My dog is now 15 yrs. old and going strong.

My vet recommended Denosyl by pj from Baltimore10/16/2013

My dog has Cushings disease and this is supposed to help aid her liver function. I can't really tell how well it works. She's been on it for 5 years. I only buy it at Entirely Pets, though I search the web for deal every few months. Entirely Pets always has the best price to be found for Denosyl.

Great product, price! by Carol P10/12/2011

My vet prescribed Denosyl for my dog, who has mild liver failure due to diabetes. This med has greatly improved his liver function. Entirly Pets has the best price for his product and delivers it promptly to your home.

by Ro03/07/2013

This product is wonderful...I have used it for my pet Polo for nine years....sadly I just lost him at 14 to his liver issues...but this procuct did help over the years to rebuild his liver function

Best Purchase Ever by Puggie01/31/2012

Since we have been giving this product to our dog, there has been a significant improvement with his health. (We know this through his recent test results.)

Excellent product! by JoeB from Vancouver, WA02/05/2013

This is a great product. Adds years to the life of your dog.

For Health's Sake by Roses1 from California05/30/2012

My senior aged dog has had elevated liver enzymes for the past few years. With Denosyl the health of her liver has stabilized. Great product.

Good price for a 3 pack by Soosie06/09/2012

Good service and prices. My dog takes Denosyl all the time so it was important to find a reasonable source for me to purchase on a regular basis. Thanks for being there.

Great Value by Baldwin's Mom04/01/2012

My Boston Terrier must take Denosyl, probably for the rest of his life. Entirely Pets saves me a bundle. I love my vet, but medication prices are ridiculous. I like having this product shipped right to our home, at a fair price. Thanks.

EntirelyPets is a good value by Soosie from St. Louis, Mo.01/28/2012

The best price for our dog's pills. A good website to order from and there are lots of other good values in pet care products.

by from 05/28/2008

My dog has been taking denosyl for over 1yr after he had a bout with pancreatitis...he's doing so well now you'd never know he even suffered from it.

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Great Purchase by Rose from Virginia11/05/2012

I purchased this product at a great price & deliverly was awesome. Will definitely purchase again.

Best price for these meds by IfNotForSitsWhyWarm from Lexington, KY04/01/2013

This was prescribed by our vet for our older cocker spaniel. She takes it every day, so I have had to find the best price to make the cost hit lower. I assume it works as expected since our vet continues to prescribe it.

Denosyl by ds02/10/2012

A great product. My 17 year old Welsh Terrier dog's blood work proves it.

Liver Supplement by If vet recommended from Shelton Washington02/18/2014

Our vet suggested we buy this product online to save money. I have been buying it from Entirely Pets for several years and am very satisfied with the company.

Saved my dogs life by TaraTriniti from Lafayette La06/21/2013

I could not have asked for a better product!!!!!!

Excellent product by sunsetreef from Redington shores Florida10/28/2011

Our dog has been taking this product for some time now and he is improving every day.

Great price... by mrsclean02/09/2013

I have not found a better price or better service. Very happy I found EntirelyPets.

by Murph04/05/2013

The cost is lowest I have seen and I received the medication in a very timely manner.

by kit12/05/2011

these seem to effectively improve my beagle's liver function. have been using them for a couple of years now.

Seems to help. by Nan03/24/2013

My Miniature Schnauzer was suffering from multiple seizures a day. Since starting her on Denosyl she has not experienced any seizures.It might be coincidence, but If its not the Densoyl "helping", it's not hurting either.

denosyl for dogs by frang from Virginia Beach,VA.06/05/2012

great price, fast of both worlds.

Excellent value by Savanna from Waterford, Mi.07/28/2012

I love the option of buying a three pack. I have two dogs who take the same dose so one pack only lasts me fifteen days. With the three pack it's convenient and economical. I wish the product would be offered in chewables three pack as the dogs don't like the taste so I put them in Pill Pockets.

by Huck11/16/2011


Better Buy by TerryL from North East Alabama07/01/2013

I was so relieved to find Denosyl at a better price. My Welsh Cardigan Corgi has liver disease and needs this product daily. I ordered the exact same product that I was getting at my vet's but at nearly a 50% savings. Since I recently lost my job, finding Denosyl at was a big relief.

Denasyl for Medium Dogs by Rayjay12/07/2011

Good product, excellent service and good price. Very satisfied with purchase on line.

liver support by kit1308 from Tucson, AZ03/17/2012

Our elderly dog is on phenobarbitol for seizures. These provide liver support for him and keep his numbers close to the normal zone.

by Mel from Singapore06/19/2012

Product is ok. But we were supposed to purchase the CHEWABLE form.

Great product by DrD1953 from Carbondale, IL05/28/2011

I have two 14 year old Shih-Tzus (litter mates)who have liver problems. One, Cocoa, would vomit after eating. Since her liver enzymes were off, the vet recommended Denosyl. She started eating and not vomitting, her energy levels returned to normal energy. I stopped after about 3 months and she again began to vomit after eating I went back to giving her Denosyl and she again stopped vomitting after eating. A few months later, her sister, Molly, began refusing to eat at regular times, she would refuse some meals and then eat after she had missed a couple of meals. She was eating about 1/3 or her normal diet and was losing weight. She looked very ill. I had her checked at the vet, but they couldn't find anything wrong except some liver enzymes being too high. I tried Denosyl and she has returned to her normal appetite and diet. I don't usually write reviews, but this product has been a life safer to my aging Shih-Tzus!

Denosyl by Gumbeaux03/15/2013

Always buy from Entirely Pets---best prices and prompt delivery!

Helps protect liver by KitS from Tucson, AZ06/12/2012

Our beagle has epilepsy and takes phenobarbital. The denosyl was recommended by our vet to protect his liver several years ago. He is now 17 and doing quite well.

Featured Reviews for 6 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 25 lbs (180 tablets) 225 mg
by from 11/18/2011

We have been giving Denosyl now for several months to our dachshund Mel since our Vet suggested this might help regulate her liver activity - it tested abnormal.

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Best Purchase by Lynn from Midlothian tx02/13/2013

This is the best purchase I have made for the money. My dog, Max has to take them, so it's great to find them at a better price than my Vets. Thank you, Lynn

Takes this daily by Lulu05/28/2013

My French bulldog could not be neutered because of his liver levels. He has taken this for 5 1/2 years and his blood work is now normal. Great stuff!

Denosyl by Gid from Burlington Ontario, Canada10/01/2013

Great price, wonderful product and fast efficient delivery - what more could you ask for :-)

Denosyl by Lonny03/03/2013

This helps keep my dogs enzymes in check

Excellent sevice by Theoni from Athens, GR05/15/2013

I can't really comment on the product since it is dog medicine, but I can comment on the service of the site. I have used the online chat help desk since I had an overseas shipping order and I give a big thumbs up to all the guys that work for Entirely Pets. Thank you very much!

Bad Company by Not Happy06/08/2013

Product is fine, just find another company to deal with. I ordered this on 5/29/13. Its now 6/8/2013. No shipping email. Went online and found out that the product had been backed order with no estimated time of filling my product. Nice of them to let me know. This is medication. One would think that this company would know that and inform me that they cannot fulfilled my order so that i could go elsewhere. Not the first problem I've had with them. Buyer beware and go elsewhere.

Good stuff by Susan from Houghon, MI11/14/2012

This product is great for liver function and reversal of previous damage.

Great Product by BJ08/20/2012

I have been using Denosyl for 5 years to help treat my dog Riley's liver problem. It is working great , as he has had no further symptoms develope . Only way we no he has a probem is with a blood test. I will continue to give him one pill a day. Entirely Pets has the best prices on this product I have been able to find.

Denosyl at a good price by CharinOmak from Omak, WA10/29/2013

Denosyl is a nutritional liver supplement which is a natural biochemical produced in the body by the amino acid Methionine. It has helped both of our older dogs who have problems with their livers. Significant savings at EntirelyPets compared to purchasing at vet.

Does what's needed by jjazz from New Jersey01/07/2012

My dog had elevated liver enzymes?? Not knowing exactly what that meant, it scared the heck out of me. My Vet suggested giving him denosyl. Apparently, it's working, Jamie's had great numbers in his last few lab tests. They told me he's doing great and not to worry. So, I guess it works - worth a try especially if you love your pet as much as I love mine.

best price by Shabalia from Oshawa, Ontario05/07/2014

Very happy with price, and only 6 business days to Ontario. $19.95 USD shipping and no extra charges. We are trying this for our 10yr. old miniature schnauzer mix. His alkaline phosphatase is just starting to increase, so time will tell whether it works or not. Repeat bloodwork in 6 months. Our late (16.5 yr old) Lhasa Apso was on this supplement for more than 3 yr., but I didn't start it until her liver enzymes were quite high. The vet wanted about $80/month, which was not an option with all the other vet bills. Much later, I found it here for an affordable price. I don't know if it made any difference to her health, but she stayed well until the last year of her life. According to the package insert, the 225mg dosage is for dogs 13-34 lb., and not as this website says.

Do not use this company by Janice03/27/2013

Terrible service. Still waiting for products that were shipped March 1, this is now March 27. I think they are walking them here.

Great bargain - right medicine same as vet by Jaybird from Salida, CO10/25/2011

These pills were costing us $35 a pack at the vet for the same exact medicine. we saved a lot of money getting them ehre instead. Thanks

Denosyl great...EP's customer service not so much by lizzyjonessmith07/26/2013

We've been using Denosyl for over a year now. It's greatly improved our 12yo dog's liver values. So, why only 2 stars? That's for Entirely Pets' customer service. I ordered the wrong size tablet and realized it within 3 minutes of placing the order...I made an immediate attempt to contact them to change the order. This was still during their business hours. They did not repsond, so I tried again. No response. I tried again. No response. Three days later, I received the product (quick shipping!). When I called customer service this time, they told me I could send it back at my expense. After looking more closely at their return policy I saw I may be charged a restocking fee. So, I called back to see if that was the case, this rep told me it would be 5% (on a $135 order). I decided to keep the product and give her 2 pills a day to equal the right dosage. It is their complete lack of responsiveness that is startling to me. This is the last purchase I will be making with EP.

My vet says these help my dog with Cushings by pj from Baltimore03/20/2013

I can't tell any difference, but my vet thinks they're helping. The prices here are the best.

by Lucy01/19/2014

This product seems to be helping a lot. Nice to be able to get a deal on a larger order.

Best Value by Va. Beach grandma09/21/2014

We adopted a 9-10 year old dog that has multiple health issues. He needs to be on Denosyl for the remainder of his life. Since he is on other medications, adding another that cost $49.00/ month at the vets, was not an option. We were able to get 6 months of medication, at a great savings. We will be able to provide are new family member with the medication that he needs.

Great Supplement by BJ03/18/2013

I give one a day to my Carin terrier . The vet says his liver is not working properly and this has been helping enormisly with his health.

Denosyl - Great product by Gid from Burlington , ON07/03/2012

Been buying the denosl for a year now - great product and works well with the dogs diets and meds - pkus much more economical than the brand the Vet sells.

Excellent results by Chicha from Monterrey Mexico02/18/2014

My 18 y.o. Dachshund has liver problems; the results of her lab work showed that her liver enzimes were very, very high. After almost one year of treatment with Denosyl +Silimarine+Lactulose, her numbers have improved and she is doing much better in general. I totally recomend Denosyl!

Help Extend my pets life by Pat from St.Albert, Alberta, Canada10/16/2011

Gracie was diagnois with a rare liver diorder when she was very young. With the help of denosyl that she take daily, she is living a happy life

GREAT Product and GREAT Price by Nwhitmire from Arlington, TX11/21/2013

My dog has been taking this for years and finding it on this site really saves us money. She is doing great, she is 14 years old and has Liver issues. The vet can not pinpoint what the actual problem is but this medicine seems to really help her. Thank you Entirely Pets!

by Peter06/15/2013

Have been using to successfully manage a liver abnormality for years and years

Denosyl by Annie B11/18/2012

Have been using Denosyl for years for our dog who suffers from seizures and is on Phenobarbital - Denosyl helps keep her liver healthy!

by from 03/21/2013

I am certain that the Denosyl Tablets have saved my dogs life. He is 12 years old and was suffering from damaged liver and related complications. The vet did not expect him to live much longer. He now has a new lease on life and runs around as if he were a young dog again.

prompt by response from andThanks


Featured Reviews for Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (30 tablets) 425 mg
Wish they were smaller! by Allie10/27/2011

My dog needs 2 of these every day to help treat his hepatitis and I wish these were smaller and easier to give him since he has to eat them on an empty stomach. On the other hand, this is the only place I've found them at this strength and the price is fair!

Seen a difference by Lori from lexington, ky01/27/2013

Since my dog was put on this product, I saw him get his appetite and weight back so I think it is helping his condition.

Denosyl 425mg by thegreatcommish from Bakersfield,California01/24/2013

Thank you for offering this life sustaining product at a reasonable price. Our "KING' of the house, Rudy had to have two rather large cancerous tumors removed...resulting in the removal of over half of his liver. We thought that we had lost him for sure, but he has made a fantastic recovery. It has been six months now since he became ill, and everyday is a blessing. He loves to go swimming in the pool, go on his daily walks, and play "keep away" with his big rawhide bone!!!

Great Value by bubbs from Mesa, Arizona06/12/2012

I am certainly glad to have found Entirely Pets. The prices are more in line, and the quality of service I received was exceptional. I ordered on line, and got through the process without aggravation. My dog is now on Denosyl, and hopefully this will restore her liver function. Thank you for such good service.

by Hank from Apple Valley,CA.10/24/2012

I have searched the internet as well as stores that sell dog medications and have found that EntirelyPets beats them all! Some of these places that I checked on charge much more for a specific medication than EntirelyPets does and I am very grateful for that. Thank you. Many of us out here are trying very hard to take care of our pets properly, but those that charge higher prices to make more profit does not help anyone out here in their stuggle to purchase affordable medication for their pets.

Denosy by Michael from Montreal08/06/2012

Perfect service and fast delivery fo Canada. 10/10

Great price! Fast Service!! by Jennifer M from Riverview, Fl10/27/2012

Very happy with Entirely Pets. Best price around. Signed up for Auto reship. Received my product fast, and in time before we ran out of the medication! Would recommend Entirely Pets!!

by Sayhi from Mechanicsville, VA01/23/2013

Back in May my 14 year old Siberian began to have liver issues and incontinence. She wouldn't get up and the vet believed she was close to death. I refused to give up so we put her on Denosyl (and several other supplements) and today she acts like a puppy again.

denosyl by debbie from Kane, PA07/09/2014

Have to give to my dog for a year for elevated liver enzymes

She's Still Kickin' by Blondie07/24/2014

My vet suggested giving Denosyl to help my aging dog with liver issues. One and a half years after he thought she might be on her last leg, She's still Kickin;!!

Great product by poohdle06/27/2012

This keeps my girl healthy. She has liver disease and has been on it for quite awhile.

For my Barney by Mountain Girl from Bayfield, CO01/28/2013

Unfortunately, my Barney has liver issues. He's been on denosyl for about 3 years. He is now over 14 and still hanging in there. Only the best for him. My only dislike of denosyl is the price, but because companies and vets know how much we love our pets, they can set the price at anything and we'll pay it...

Denosyl by Jan06/02/2013

This product was prescribed by our vet and will probably be something our dog will take for the rest of her life. The vet charged almost three times what Entirely Pets charged and it was exactly the same product. We are very happy with our experience with Entirely Pets.

it works by cindi03/14/2013

My dog has had her liver values reduced by half while on denosyl. Although values still high it has helped. Will keep her on it.

Denosyl product by jmar63 from Kernersville, North Carolina08/26/2014

I don't know if this product is working or not. It would be nice if these came in a chewable form. Not all animals will take the pill. Even when hidden.

Best price anywhere on Denosyl by Bonnie03/29/2012

My 15 year old Shetland Sheepdog has been on this for more than three years. I've researched multiple websites for the best supplier, but had missed EntirelyPets and was using another company. Found EntirelyPets to be the best price ever. Delivery was as promised. I have set up a monthly reorder.

by Jason11/06/2012

Great product for the health of a dog's liver.

Fast service by Jillian from Beach Park IL12/27/2013

Very fast service and good pricing on this vet recommend product for my dog.

Definite Buy by wiffylee from Waterford, MI02/05/2012

I have searched for this medication that is not a prescription, and found it very expensive elsewhere. Not only is it cheaper but Entirely Pets allow you to set up if you need this monthly, every couple of months or however you may need the product. That takes the worry out of having to order it.

GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT PRICE by Marnie04/27/2012

A very good product and it was recommend by my dogs vet. Her blood tests have improved since on the Denosyl.

It really helps by Patsy H from Florence, KY08/13/2014

Our veterinarian recommended we try Denosyl for our almost 15-year-old Brittany, Roxy. Within a very few days we saw a difference in her cognitive function. She is alert, "connected," in great spirits and doing beautifully. The only issue is that you have to give the med on an empty stomach with no food for an hour after. However, we've worked it out and she is truly doing well.

by from 11/17/2009

Just less than a year ago our large, 130 lb shepherd mix, had a liver enzyme count that was off the charts. The vet couldn't even measure it. We began giving him Denosyl 425 mg and in 3 months his enzyme count was high but measurable at 710.

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A huge difference by KD03/31/2008

Daily pain meds were raising our 14 y.o. Golden Ret mix liver enzymes dangerously, but Denosyl (2/day for 65-70# dog) brought her down from "off the charts" to "almost normal" again. Her overall health is greatly improved. And she takes them easily in a pill pocket, no bitter taste like some meds.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (90 tablets) 425 mg
Great Purchase by Kat12/30/2011

This was less then half the price as the vets and it was delivered in a timely manner BUT I ordered 3 boxes and they were all in one package and the package was totally open at the top so I wasn't pleased about that but everything was ok with the boxes. Hopefully next time they will make sure it is well sealed.

good product by doris from Quebec, Canada11/01/2012

I used to buy Zentonil but Denosyl do the same job. My dog's last blood test was very good.

Cheaper here by Poodle11/04/2013

Recommended by vet so who am I to talk about its efficacy. Will say, though, that it's less expensive here than anywhere else I've found online.

great price by fuzz from rhinelander WISCONSIN01/25/2012

this product was a third the cost of purchasing through my vet. Thanks

Denosyl for Cataracts in dogs by Tom from TN05/22/2014

I use glutathione to control/reverse my cataracts, and I searched for a veterinary product to do the same for my dog Spike. Denosyl is sold for treating the liver, but if you read the "fine print" it greatly increases the dog's own production of glutathione in the liver. If you research glutathione you will learn that it 1.) must be made in the body from other precursors, and 2.) it performs many vital tasks in improving overall health. Denosyl is an excellent source of a precursor for glutathione (but not for human consumption - you can use Sam-E or N-Acetylcystiene to do that). It has significantly improved Spike's health.

Life Saver for my best friend! by NancyinTX from Texas05/10/2013

My then 13 year old Border Collie, Josie, was diagnosed with severe liver disease more than a year ago and declining rapidly. With a little research on of my own I made the decision to put her on a daily regime of a recommended LD product called Marin. When Marin was not readily available I substituted another LD product called Denosyl. To this daily dose I added a supplemental nutrient and antioxidant capsule of Proanthozone along with the vet recommended dose of Prednisone and a strict LD Diet kibble. It's amazing to see the quality of life Josie has enjoyed since I began the routine! She moves a little slower these days when she plays her favorite game of fetch but she is eating well, has a healthy coat and has regained her happy joyful personality! I don't know if it can be attributed to just one thing but, I'm not willing to risk changing any of it. Worth a try for sure. Please, NO MEAT SCRAPES no matter how much you'd like to give your pet a little treat, as just a small piece reverses Josie's condition drastically-learn from my mistake. Best to you and your beloved dog!

Denosyl by Ernie from Carlsbad, NM03/26/2012

This product works and the price at Engtirely Pets is better than others.

Never Received Purchase by mcfa18 from Columbus, OH05/29/2013

The product works well but was backordered and I still have not received it. The backorder is for quite a long time so I had to obtain the product elsewhere in the interim. Thankfully, I was able to do so because the health of my dog depends upon it. I do not know whether the issue was with the manufacturer or the purchasing folks at Entirely Pets.

Dog with tumor on liver by Snoopsmom02/25/2011

My 13 year old mixed breed was diagnosed with an inoperable liver tumor two years ago. She had elevated levels of liver enzymes, which led to an ultrasound revealing the tumor. Our vet recommende denosyl, which supports liver function. Knock wood, two years later she is still going strong!! And buying online makes this supplement affordable. Worth the cost to keep my best friend with me for as long as possible!!!

Required med by Lablover11/23/2012

My dog take phenobarbitol and potassium bromide to prevent seizures. He takes Denosyl to keep his liver functioning well. He needs this and I am pleased that Entirely Pets can provide it.

Whatever it takes by David from Christiansburg, VA11/30/2011

Denosyl is fairly expensive, but I will do whatever it takes to keep my dogs healthy. My 13 year old was diagnosed with liver disease 5 years ago and prescribed Denosyl. She is still doing well. Entirely Pets makes it much more affordable.

worst purchase ever by Kiwi from Canada09/17/2013

order apparently doomed from the get go! First off, was advised it was back-ordered. Got tired of waiting, so cancelled (TWICE) by email. No response. Order duly arrived (regardless of cancellation emails) some 8 weeks later. By then had decided to accept, as Visa payment had already been processed. However on opening order, found only ONE packet of Denosyl, instead of the three I had paid for. Phoned Entirely Pets (since email obviously useless) only to be told that orders could only be cancelled by PHONE. (where on site does it say that???), but when informed of the 2 missing packets, rep. grudgingly and abruptly stated I would be "credited for whole order". Emailed some 2 weeks later to see why my Visa had not been credited - only to find that it was a "store credit" - can only be used when/IF I buy more products. A BAD experience all round, and you can be sure that once I have used up my "store credit" I'll be taking my business elsewhere. (a far simpler solution would have been to apologize and send the missing 2 packets at Entirely Pets' expense!)

Great price for product & no prescription needed!! by JandL11/22/2011

Great product! My dog has acute liver disease and needs Denosyl for the remainder of her life, so I try to find the cheapest price out there. Normally I would need a prescription for this product, but EntirelyPets did not require one. You can't beat the price!

Customer service needs to improve by Dave McG07/25/2013

I ordered this product on June 12 and the order confirmation advised that it was backordered. No information since. It would be nice to get an update regarding availability.

Saves Money by Jan09/03/2013

This product was prescribed for my dog by her vet. To purchase it from the vet costs twice as much as when you buy it from Entirely Pets. Good service too.

Denosyl 425mg by Sylvia from Burlington, ON09/06/2012

At the advice of our vet, our dog has just finished a 3-week course of Denosyl 425 and his liver is back to normal. Obviously the product worked and we are truly happy with his quick recovery.

Denosyl is a miracle worker! by Clyde Redbone from North Carolina06/05/2012

I have a 15 year mixed breed dog who years ago was very ill and near death. The doctor said he had the same thing as Serosis of the liver. He told me to try Denosyl. This made a huge difference. He bounced back and has never been better. It may not work for all dogs but it is worth a try. Entirely Pets also sells it the cheapest.

Great Pricing by poohdlekb12/08/2011

This is a great price for this product! Denosyl keeps my dog healthy.

by from 01/07/2014

saved my dogs life by Gene04/15/2013

This product saved my dogs life , I lost her mother to liver failure . I wished I had found it sooner . When I found Sadie was having the same problem as her mom the Vet said to try this , after 6 mo. her liver numbers were cut in half , I gave her 2 pills per day then after about 9 mo. her numbers were good enough that I now give her just one pill per day and her numbers are in the good range , and have been for about 9 mo. Best stuff ever

They never delivered the product by Me from Baltimore, MD05/31/2013

They want a review on a product that was never received. WTF???

Comment by Hank from Apple Valley,CA.04/29/2013

If it were not for Entirely Pets I would be paying much more to medicate my dog by my vet. Thank you so much Entirely Pets.

Excellent Product by Susan02/28/2013

My dog was having serious liver problems a little more than a year ago and now he is doing great. He has been taking Denosyl for a year now and I wouldn't take him off it!!!

WORST COMPANY by Sarah from Farmington Hills, MI08/07/2013

The product is a necessity due to my dogs illness. I have been looking for a cheaper place to purchase since my dogs meds run about 400 per month. I love this product but this company is awful. I placed an order for this on 6/11/13 and received a back order notification immediatly after. I called 3 weeks later and they informed me they have a shipment coming in 2 weeks and they will expedite it. It is now 2 months later and "I" contacted them again only to find out they do not know when the next shipment will come in. I am glad they notify their customers who rely on these medications. I rather pay more than be treated like my order is not important. I will never purchase here again!!!

EntirelyPets Entirely Out of this World by Vicky from Roanoke, VA10/08/2011

My dog has liver issues and has to take Denosyl. This medicine is expensive through a vet. However, I found it at a much lower price at I soon found out that was only a small part of what EntirelyPets offered. I get free shipping and often get percentages off of my order. But the best part is that I can order it and within 2 days I have the order. I highly recommend using them. Thank you EntirelyPets!

by from 01/12/2013

Product rots!! by Pebbles from Long Island, NY08/13/2013

Ordered this product...MEDICINE FOR A SICK DOG.. on 05/22/2013 and it was FINALLY delivered on 08/12/2013. Called the company 3 times over 3 months and was told it would be shipped the next week. I will NEVER do business with this company again!!

Denoysl Effectiveness by Frank from Johnson City, TN03/04/2010

My dog is going on 13 and was taken to the vet with anemic like symptoms. It turned out to be a problem with the spleen and lukemia like symptoms on the body. He has been in treatment now since early Oct of 09. This product has helped him wonderfully. He is recovering and this product seems to be protecting his liver. He is still under treatment but he's holding his own and now the doses are been reduced 3 times. I think this product just might be what has pulled through all the toxic medications he's be on for over 6 months.

by jeff10/30/2011

This medicine is exactly the same as was given at the vet but a lot more inexpensive. Delivery is completed in a timely fashion as well.

Life saver by Celje from Arizona09/05/2014

This product saved my senior dogs life. I would recommend it for liver problems for senior dogs.

Used Denosyl for years by Ellie's Mom from Phoenix, Arizona04/01/2014

Great product that has helped my dog who struggles with liver issues. She has been on Denosyl for many years and it has helped to keep her liver values stable.

Best Online Price by Judi from New Cumberland, PA11/30/2011

We have had our GSD on Denosyl and Marin for almost 5 years now due to liver disease. I searched the internet and found Entirely Pets to be the best price anywhere. Just recently they have offered the 3 month auto-ship which I really love. We have her dog food on auto-ship and now her meds. I don't have to worry about running out ever again. Thank you EntirelyPets. We also like your choices of toys for dogs. Great prices and quality.

Good product by DogMom22bcs11/06/2011

My dog has been on Denosyl for several years; I do think it has helped. I would suggest slightly more/better packing, as the boxes come slightly crushed - but the contents are fine.

Brought down liver enzymes by Red Dog07/30/2012

This product, along with Marin, and over the course of a few months, helped to significantly bring down our senior's high liver enzyme level.

Featured Reviews for 6 Pack Denosyl for dogs over 35 lbs (180 tablets) 425 mg
Denosyl for Dogs by robfitzh03/06/2013


Denosyl by Sick of waiting from So Cal06/23/2013

Hard to review a product that was back-ordered to MID JUNE when I ordered it on May 26 and as of June 23 is still showing as a 4-6 week backorder. But hey no worries its only my dog's ailing liver

Save Money by Jan07/11/2014

Purchasing Denosyl from Entirely Pets has saved us quite abit of money. Our dog is elderly and will probably be taking this product for the rest of her life. To purchase it from the Vet would cost us so much more.

by Ana from Brazil04/29/2013

My two scothish terriers take denosyl since 2011 and since than, their liver enzimes are stabilized. Their life quality is much better now.

Great product by Zwoman09/16/2014

Great product, great service and super fast shipping!!!

Denosyl by Danook03/19/2014

I give it to my my dogs for many years now and it help liver function and really less expensive than to buy it at the veterinary clinic!

Best Price-Product Works by granee from Apple Valley California12/05/2012

My dog has been using this product for several years. He is almost 16 and his liver problem has not gotten worse!

Worst Service Ever by Unhappy from Naples, florida06/26/2013

Ordered this back on 5/29/13. It's now 6/26/13. Still waiting. Would not recommend anyone to do business with

Keeping him going by Deanie from Whitesburg, Ga.09/17/2013

Lupus treatment almost destroyed my pup's liver. Denosyl has gotten him back and his liver tests are now normal. thank you denosyl

Difficult.... by robfitzh06/22/2013

Products not yet delivered as still on back order......again - second time this has happened! Please sort this out

Lifesaver for My Dog by Jen from Middleburg, PA01/16/2015

My dog suffers from Copper Storage Disease which affects his liver. His ALP value was steadily increasing for the past year and nothing we tried would take it down. After 3 months of taking this, my dog's ALP and ALT liver values went down. I wish I tried it sooner. Thank you Entirely Pets for providing the product at a more affordable price than directly from the vet office.

by Lablover06/01/2013

I still don't have the product. It was on backorder and I have not received word when it may be in stock. When I called, I was told "next week". That week has come and gone and no word when it may be shipped. When I have received it in the past, the product was excellent.

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