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The 10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys


Sometimes, it feels like a trap, you find a cute toy that you think your dog will love, take it home with you only to have it fall apart in a day, or worse yet, a few hours. You feel like you wasted your money, your dog feels sad, and you once again begin the hunt for a new dog toy for your four-legged friend. You want the best for your dog, it can be hard enough to keep her happy if you live in a small place, like an apartment. In case youíre wondering, it is possible to have a happy and healthy dog in an apartment. So, is it too much to ask for a dog toy that provides entertainment for your dog and that will stand the test of time? I donít think so, so without further ado, here is my list of the 10 best indestructible dog toys.

1.†Kong Classic Dog Toy

I love this toy for a couple of reasons, the first is it is one of the best durable dog toys out there. The second is, it is great for new pups (or older dogs who maybe didnít have the proper training in their early years) as you can put treats in the toy -- a perfect training tool! They arenít expensive, so youíre not going to break the bank buying one and you can purchase Kongís line of Easy Treat, a treat that you simply spray inside the Kong which will keep your furry friend busy for hours. The claim is that Kong Dog Chew Toys help with, (obviously) chewing, but also with teething, boredom, separation anxiety, management of weight, crate training, and excessive barking or digging. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of your dog, and are made from a natural rubber.

2. Nylabone Chew Toys


If your dog likes human food, and letís be honest, what dog doesnít? Then, this is a great dog chew toy for your pup. They come in a variety of flavors, from peanut butter, (allergen friendly) to chicken, beef, and all the way to pancakes and sausage. They are durable, will stand the test of time, and come in a variety of sizes. A really cool feature is if you check their site you can go through their custom product finder where they will ask you a few key questions about your dog to help you select the appropriate size and toy. They are also budget-friendly.

3. Braided Animal Chew Toys

These dog chew toys are cute animals that have been created from braided ropes which are tightly woven therefore making it difficult to rip them apart. Many new dog parents find these braided rope animals the perfect puppy teething toys, for their durability and their ability to keep a pup busy. They are also budget-friendly and as an added bonus, can help to keep your four-legged friendís teeth clean. They are made from cotton, which is safe for your beloved pet and they may even turn into your pupís sleeping buddy as many find them comforting to be around.

4. Kong Flyer Dog Toy

If you are looking for some interactive dog toys to be able to play with your dog then why not try the Kong Flyer Dog Toy? It is essentially a frisbee, but a very durable frisbee. It comes in small and large sizes, which will depend on the size of your dog, and a variety of colors. It is soft and flexible, so, it will fly, which is its intended purpose. The material provides a gentle cushion for your dogís teeth yet can stand the punishment that your dog may put on it by trying to chew it to pieces. This will not only allow for a great dog chew toy but also hours of fun for the both of you.

5. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Toy

This 8-inch interactive dog toy is a ball with a rope attached to it, and yet, it is so much more. It can be rolled, thrown into a pool, and, if you happen to have more than one dog, is a great multi-dog toy where they can play a game of tug of war. The material is strong and even if the ball gets punctured, which can, letís face it, happen when dogs are tearing it up with their teeth, the ball will still float in water. It is made from a non-toxic material, comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and will be used in a variety of fun activities with you and your four-legged friend.

6. EEToys Durable Dog Spike Ball

The reasons for this being one of the best durable dog toys on the market are plenty, first, the simple fact that the material used to make this toy are durable, flexible, and even more importantly, friendly to the environment. It is a food-grade toy, meaning if somehow the ball burst into pieces and your dog swallowed a piece, she would fine. It bounces on both hard-surfaced grounds, like concrete, and soft-surfaces grounds, like grass. The spikes on the ball are great for cleaning teeth, and since your dog will be biting it a lot, her teeth will get lots of spike action. And, lastly, it is a great training ball as it has a squeaker inside of it making it easy for quick detection for your dog.

7. FurryFido Interactive Dog Ball

Whether you are looking to play fetch, want a soft ball to help massage the gums of your young pup, a ball that bounces easily, and one that releases treats, then look no further, because this ball has it all. A great dog puzzle toy, one that lets you place treats inside for your dog to find. It has multiple holes on the outside, and two holes on the inside, and it is up to your dog to figure out how to work the ball so that the treats come out. The ball is made from non-toxic materials, is slightly more expensive than other balls with similar purposes, but there is a lifetime guarantee, which will give you peace of mind.

8. Outward Hound Dog Tornado Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

While Iím on the topic of great dog puzzle toys, why not try this treat dispensing dog toy. This bone-shaped toy has multiple slots for putting in treats, and the uneven bone puzzle shapes slide open and close for the dog to figure out where her treats are located. One big hint for using this toy with your dog, donít fill all the compartments if you are trying to get her to use her brain, because it is too easy. Once you show her how it works, try placing a treat in one or two of the compartments and let her work at it for a while. The idea is that it spins like a tornado, hence the name of the toy, and the hope is that it will not only fight any boredom that your pup is suffering from but also provide some interactive brain training with a great reward at the end.

9.†ZippyPaws Brainey Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

The name is a bit of a mouthful, but it tells you what to expect when purchasing this dog toy for your pup. What is great about this is the lack of stuffing, which means, if the toy is somehow torn apart, you wonít come home to find stuffing all over your apartment. The character is really cute and looks reasonably realistic, at least I would think from a dogís perspective. It squeaks, with a total of six round speakers sewn into the round shape of the toy. In terms of size, it is about the size of a medium dogís head.

10. Mammoth Flossy Chews

Ending this list of the best indestructible dog toys is this simple, yet effective, cotton blend color 3-knot rope. It comes in a variety of sizes and is meant to either toss or play tug of war with your dog. The floss-like ropes also are great for helping to keep your dogís teeth happy and healthy (and maybe smelling a little better, too!). It has three knots in it which give a better grip for you and your dog or multiple dogs to hold onto while playing tug of war. As you can pick a longer length rope, it really gives you more room to really get into it with your dog.

Wrap Up

Selecting a dog toy that is durable, stands the test of time, allows for some interactive play, whether with you, herself, or one of her furry friends can be difficult to find. All of the above dog toys have been selected because they have been given to dogs and their owners have believed them to be as indestructible as you can get with a dog toy. I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a great dog toy, or a few, to help train your dog, relieve boredom, separation anxiety, to help maintain a healthy oral cavity, or just because you want to have some fun with your furry best friend. I highly suggest getting one of these toys for your friend lest she start on your favorite pairs of shoes.

About the Author Danielle thrives on researching and writing on all aspects of life. Besides writing for the Zumper blog and personal finance, she is an advocate of self-improvement and living a life that is both financially responsible and knowledgeable. When she is not on her computer, she can be found spending time with her husband and two sons.