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Sprays & Wipes & Powders

Flea sprays and powders are probably the most powerful pet antiparasitic products in the market today. However, buying any random flea spray off the supermarket shelves can cause severe health problems to dogs and cats. There are countless untested and unregulated pet products that come with some severe side effects. A quality flea powder or spray should not only be effective in killing ticks and fleas but also be 100 percent safe for pets. The best way to proceed when looking for the right flea spray for dogs or cats is to trust brands that are known to be efficient and have stringent quality standards.

EntirelyPets carries flea powder, wipes and sprays by trusted makers like Frontline, Hartz, Bayer, Adams, Zodiac and Sentry. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and health of your beloved pets. This is precisely why at EntirelyPets we only feature products that are manufactured by some of the most reputed pet care companies on the planet. Products such as Adams Flea & Tick Spray are designed to repel and kill flying and biting pests on contact, with active ingredients which break the lifecycle of adult fleas, eggs, larvae and ticks. We also offer tick-removal solutions that you can use after you've found a tick on your pet to make tick removal safer and more effective, ensuring that you fully remove the entirety of the insect.

Flea sprays and wipes offer easy application - no more fussing with liquids that pets can easily rub off. Furthermore, many of the products featured on our website are made using natural ingredients such as aloe vera, lemongrass oil, sesame oil, and others. All of these products are easy to use and are highly effective in halting a severe infestation in its tracks while preventing future ones. In addition to warding off fleas and ticks, some of these products also repel mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. To be completely safe, read the product information and usage directions carefully. Don't forget to browse our entire selection of flea and tick supplies for more great solutions from EntirelyPets.