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Extra Strength Joint Support

For elderly pets or those suffering from high levels of joint pain, high-strength joint supplements can help significantly ease pain, discomfort and stiffness. These extra-strength joint supplements for pets provide your furry friends with the required lubrication, cushioning of tissues and support of cartilage, connective tissues and bones required to ease pain and discomfort. Vets commonly recommend these supplements - especially extra-strength glucosamine - for treating pain from hip dysplasia, torn cranial crucial ligaments (CCLs), arthritis and other hip- and joint-related issues. You can also administer them preventatively, especially if you have a pet over the age of 7.

EntirelyPets offers extra-strength joint support supplements for dogs and cats. These chewable tablets and soft chews typically have higher levels of active ingredients to better treat animals with higher levels of pain and discomfort. For comparison, each Cosequin DS (Double-Strength) Chewable Tablet has 600 milligrams of glucosamine, while each regular-strength tablet has 250 milligrams. Some of these higher strength options are also enriched with added ingredients, such as MSM, an organic sulfur that is known to enhance the structural integrity of connective tissue, as well as vitamin C and other essential nutrients.

Deciding whether or not your dog or cat requires regular- or extra-strength joint support should come down to your dog's condition and the recommendation of your vet. Although these supplements are proven safe in pets, it's still important to discuss your pet's dosage with your vet before beginning daily administration. Also, make sure to carefully read the supplement's label before administering. EntirelyPets offers valuable extra-strength joint support products by the most trusted name brands, including Joint MAX, Dasuquin, Cosequin, Ark Naturals, Nimble and more. If you've already started your pet on a daily supplement, you can use our autoship discount program to save an additional 10 percent on regular deliveries.