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Feeding Supplies

Good nutrition is key to a healthy pet, and we have a great selection of feeding supplies to make sure your dog or cat is getting the nutrition he or she needs. We carry slow feed bowls for dogs who tend to gobble their food in one breath, which could eventually lead to digestion problems. Slow feed bowls are a fun way to feed your dog because he has to work for his food, whether itís filtered through a maze or the bowl features a small obstruction your pup has to navigate around.

If you work long hours, you can still make sure your pets stick to an eating schedule with one of our automatic feeders. The Automatic Pet Feeder features a digital timer so your pet will eat at the same time each day, and it slowly dispenses the food to prevent bloat and other digestive issues.

Pets also love our drinking fountains which provide a constant stream of clean, filtered water. Easy-to-clean, these fountains make sure your pets are getting enough fresh water each day. Our selection also includes raised feeders, which are great for keeping cats out of the dogís dish, or if you have a puppy and you want the feeder to ďgrowĒ with him. We carry a wide variety of decorative plastic food bowls and stainless steel bowls as well as ceramic bowls for those who want a little more panache.

We also have all of the accessories you need to set up your petís food station, from place mats to food storage containers and pre-measured scoops. We also carry a number of travel bags which are perfect for taking on long walks. To make sure your pup stays properly hydrated, all you have to do is unfold this bag and fill it with water.