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Missing Link

The Missing Link

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Missing Link

There are superfoods for us, and there are superfood supplements for your pet. Welcome to The Missing Link line of original pet food supplements guaranteed to make a marked improvement in the life of your pet.

Preferred by breeders, trainers and groomers, The Missing Link provides balanced omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids to support not only a healthy skin and coat, but to promote energy levels, digestion and more. There is The Missing Link for Dogs, The Missing Link Plus, and The Missing Link products designed specifically for cats, horses and even birds.

The Missing Link products are common sense solutions that are verified by science. The Missing Link uses flax seed the richest vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. While some pet foods are exposed to light, heat, and oxygen while being processed, The Missing Link uses a patented cold-processing system and nitrogen-flushed foil packaging to protect these ingredients right up until serving time.

Missing Link bridges that gap between natural food for your pet and those that are commercially processed. It is time you discover an alternative and a healthier lifestyle for your pet with The Missing Link brand of pet food products...superfood for your pet.