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Training & Behavior

Welcoming a new pet into your home isn’t without its challenges, but with some training tools and a little bit of patience, you can ease through the transition in no time. EntirelyPets has everything you need, from potty-training accessories and bark-control collars, to anxiety solutions to help relax your cats and prevent destructive behavior.

Potty training doesn’t have to be difficult and EntirelyPets has plenty of products to simplify and reduce the time it takes to train your dog. From sprays that remind your pet where to go to an alert system that improves communication between the two of you, we have a selection of innovative products designed just for potty training. We even offer a system that will teach your cat how to use the toilet, making your home cleaner and saving you time and money.

While most dogs bark to alert their owners when they hear an unusual noise or if someone’s at the door, some pups bark incessantly, annoying you, your neighbors and anyone else in earshot. EntirelyPets has a wide variety of training tools to help curb barking and pacify your pooch. Browse our selection of waterproof collars with “static correction,” a safe and effective way to keep your dog from excessively barking.

Another one of our innovative collars gives a quick spray of harmless citronella, which will distract your dog and interrupt the barking. And our training collars aren’t just for barking; we also have remote control collars you can use to alert your pet to any unwanted behavior. If you find your pet is chewing on everything except his own toys, try one of our deterrent sprays. With flavors like bitter apple and bitter orange, your dog won’t be coming back for seconds. We also offer a spray to keep your dog from digging up your lawn. EntirelyPets even offers sprays for cats who scratch the furniture and who continue to mark their “territory.”

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