Azodyl Kidney Treatment

Azodyl Caps helps to slow down uremic toxin buildup and prevent further kidney damage in dogs and cats. It is a breakthrough in veterinary product. Azodyl for dogs and cats works by providing natural Enteric Dialysis through the use of beneficial bacteria that support kidney function. Azodyl uses a mixture of three urease positive bacteria that work to actively reduce toxins in the bowel and circulatory system.

Special Storage & Delivery Instructions:
Azodyl is required to be shipped on ice. Store Azodyl in the refrigerator. Keep this medication out of the reach of children and pets.

NOTE: We recommend Vaccine or Priority Shipping for Azodyl. Vaccine Shipping includes ice packs and is shipped via overnight delivery which is the best way to ensure Azodyl is received at a cool temperature. Other shipping methods are not guaranteed to arrive quickly or cold.

Azodyl FAQ
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