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Cat Toys

Just like their humans, cats need to stay active Ė but itís not always easy to make sure they get their exercise. We carry a wide selection of toys Ė everything from jingle balls and stuffed mice to lasers and interactive toys Ė that will entertain them for hours. Itís important for you and your cat to have playtime together, and our teaser toys are a fun and exciting way to bond with kitty while establishing an exercise routine at the same time. We have a variety of teasers to grab their attention, from brightly colored fabric sure to catch their eye to wands adorned with LED lights that will both captivate them and keep them busy. Remember, cats are natural hunters, and these teaser wands are great way to satisfy their instincts.

Maybe your cat is looking for more of a challenge. EntirelyPets carries a variety of treat-dispensing toys that will stimulate their mind while also rewarding them with a delicious snack! You can fill them with treats, but they can also be used with kibble, especially if your cat tends to eat too fast. Treat-dispensers can help increase meal time since they have to work to get to their food. Some even come with catnip to guarantee extended playtime.

Speaking of catnip Ė itís the perfect solution for somewhat lazy cats who donít seem interested in playing no matter how many toys he has. Your feline friends wonít be able to resist our catnip toys, and EntirelyPets has so many to choose from youíll have no problem finding your catís new favorite activity. Just watch as your cat catches of whiff of catnip and starts rolling around and giving chase.

Another sure-fire way to keep your cat busy is with one of our interactive toys or laser pointers. Shine that red dot on the wall and watch as Kitty takes off, pawing at the beam and trying to catch it. Our wide selection of interactive toys will bring out the kitten in your cat whether heís playing peek-a-boo with a motorized mouse or chasing a ball through a plastic track.

We also carry plenty of plush and rubber toys to keep your kitty occupied, as well as cat scratchers, which help relieve their natural need to sharpen their claws and mark their territory. Youíre sure to find the perfect toys to keep your catís body Ė and mind Ė in tip-top shape.