Cosequin for Cats

cosequin for cats

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Cosequin for Cats


Cosequin for Cats

Optimal joint health is essential to your catís happiness. Cosequin for Cats is the #1 recommended joint health brand to aid your felineís mobility. This safe and effective supplement protects, strengthens and maintains joints and cartilage in cats. Each convenient sprinkle capsule is specially formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin (both important components in cartilage), and manganese (work with ingredients to reduce pain and inflammation). Just mix the Cosequin Cat capsules into food Ė your kitty will especially enjoy the purr-fect chicken and tuna flavor.

EntirelyPets offers Cosequin for Cats in a variety of capsule counts to match your needs. Donít let joint stiffness and pain get in the way of your catís livelihood. Buy Cosequin today to help your favorite feline jump, pounce, and play!

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