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Grooming Supplies

Regular grooming is as important to your petís health as a good diet. No one wants to walk around with matted fur, and sharp toenails can be a hazard to you, your pet and your furniture. Grooming is a wonderful chance for you and your pet to bond Ė weíve never met a cat who doesnít love getting brushed. And while some pets may shy away from a bath, we have the tools you need to make grooming simple and fun.

We carry a full line of shampoos and conditioners, making it easy for you to find exactly what your pet needs all in one place. From organic shampoos to conditioners that help remove excess fur, we carry salon-grade items while making sure they fit in your budget. Our shampoos and conditioners have lovely scents that will keep your pup smelling fresh for weeks on end.

If your dog or cat has a skin condition, we have plenty of items specifically formulated to offer comfort and relief. If your pet has itchy flakey skin, take a look at some of our medicated supplies. And if you ever have to deal with your dog getting sprayed by a skunk, we have shampoos and rinses that are guaranteed to remove the awful smell in no time.

You want to make sure you buy the correct brush for your dog or catís coat so you know itís removing excess hair and fur while making grooming time enjoyable for your pet. Our selection of brushes and combs canít be beat Ė we even carry a grooming mitt for dogs that features little nodules to help lift and remove loose hair and dirt from your petís coat.

EntirelyPets is your one-stop shop for all of your grooming needs. Youíll find nail clippers, scissors designed especially for pups and tools to help with shedding control. Take a look at our giant selection..