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Dog Training Accessories

It's always exciting when you bring home a new four-legged friend. And to guarantee you and your new pal get off on the right foot, EntirelyPets offers a premiere selection of dog training accessories. Patience and consistency are two main components of dog training. Without consistency, your pup is likely to slide back into old habits, so it's important not to become complacent. And even if you're consistent to a fault, reaching your training goals will still take time, so try not to get frustrated.

Most dogs are treat-motivated, so keep that in mind when deciding which training tools to purchase. We have lightweight treat totes you can take just about anywhere, making it easy to train your dog on a walk or at the park. As soon as he answers a command, give him a quick treat and praise him - you always want to reinforce good behavior. Some of our treat totes can easily clip to your belt and some are even waterproof. If you're looking for something a little more high-tech, which allows you to reward your dog with a treat every few minutes. It has a range of up to 100 feet and goes through walls, so it works even if you're in another room.

EntirelyPets has a number of sprays specifically designed to prevent unwanted behavior. Using different audible tones, they alert the dog to wrongdoing and then spray either a burst of air or an interomone, which is a chemical released by one species that affects the behavior of another species. Sprays are a fast and reliable way to teach your dog what's acceptable and what's not. And if you remain consistent, your pup will learn the new behavior in no time.

If you're training hunting dogs, we carry D.T. Systems' full line of training accessories. From Flutter Launcher Dummies to soft mouth trainers, these accessories are perfect for teaching your pup to retrieve on land or in the water. We have a variety of sizes and colors available, so you're sure to find exactly what you need.