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Horse Treats

Your horse will be nickering for more of these tasty treats! Show your horse that you care and appreciate them with a delicious treat after a long day of training, riding, or competing. Our selection of horse treats at EntirelyPets is not only tasty for your pet to enjoy, but they are also jam packed with nutrients to act as supplements and support their health and wellness!

While horses love the traditional apple or carrot treat, you can never go wrong with some special supplementary treats! MannaPro Bites are bite-sized nugget treats that horses love! They are deliciously flavored and contain nutrients such as calcium, protein, fiber, and vitamins to give your horse’s health that extra boost.

Probios Horse Treats are palatable biscuits with two nutritious selections: Hip & Joint Support Treats, and Digestion Support Treats. The Hip & Joint Support Treats contain glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health, and lactic acid bacteria, the “goodness of yogurt”, to promote digestive health. These treats are great for horses who exert physical labor on a daily basis through training for competitions, recreational riding, police work, farming, and more! Glucosamine and chondroitin supports joints to lessen soreness and aching after physical activities. On the other hand, the Digestion Support Treats are packed with probiotics that work to restore microbial balance to your horse's gastrointestinal tract. In times of stress, probiotic biscuits can relieve stomach upset and even have a calming effect. They are made with fruits, vegetables, and grains that provide horses with a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to digestive health.