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First Aid & Remedies

Accidents happen, especially when you've got an energetic or curious pet. EntirelyPets has everything you need to quickly and safely address pet injuries, from minor scrapes and scratches to post-trauma care. Keep your pet first aid kit fully stocked with essential supplies for treating minor injuries and helping your pet heal from an accident or surgery. This selection of first aid supplies includes pet antiseptics, bandages, blood clotters, barrier sprays, cough suppressants, bandage removal sprays, styptic powder and more that helps you instantly respond to accidents and emergencies so that your pet bounces back fast. This all-inclusive kit contains 55 essential supplies that will help you safely respond to open wounds, doctor injured bones and keep your pet safe until further medical attention arrives, if necessary. It includes pet gauze, tape, antiseptic wipes, medical gloves and more housed within an easy-to-store case. We always recommend putting copies of your pet's medical records and vaccine records in the case to ensure that they're close by in the event of an emergency. You can also create your own at-home pet first aid kit using supplies from our selection. EntirelyPets also offers a great selection of adorable PetFlex Bandages that you can use to treat wounds or to ensure proper coverage after stitches or surgery. These bandages are designed to flex with your pet's movement, so he won't be confined or restricted, and are essential for any fully stocked emergency pet kit. You may also want to keep liquid bandage on hand to instantly protect minor wounds and discourage biting and scratching as your pet heals. EntirelyPets is also happy to help you load up on low-priced veterinary supplies such as antimicrobial hand soap and cotton-tipped applicators.