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Pet Tech & Gadgets

From locators that find missing pets to treadmills that help overweight dogs get in shape, technology has come a long way. Pets and their families are benefitting from the latest gadgets which work hard to keep our pets safe and healthy, leading to longer and more fulfilled lives.

One way to make sure your dog is in tip-top shape is with the Voyce Health Monitor and Wellness Management System, which collects key wellness indicators and syncs them to the online wellness management center where you can access your dog’s medical records, health data, and set reminders. Your dog wears the monitor around his neck, just like a collar, and it collects data such as sleep quality, activity intensity, calories burned and more.

If you’ve ever wondered what your furry friends are doing when you’re at work, let the PetCube Interactive Wi-Fi Camerafill you in. The PetCube features a wide-angle camera that streams video directly to your mobile device. Check in on your lunch break and make sure the “kids” are behaving. The PetCube includes a built-in microphone and speaker as well as a built-in laser pointer so you can entertain your kitties even when you’re away from home. PetCube was named one of Examiner’s four Smartest High-Tech Gadgets of 2015, and for good reason.