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It’s not fair to restrict your dog’s playtime just to keep them safe from ticks and fleas. Pets need to be outdoors to socialize with fellow furry friends. This is where a flea collar proves itself to be a vital anti-tick and anti-flea solution. These collars emit a particular repellent that keeps the tiny pests away while killing the ones that are already present in the fur.

Tick and flea collars are not only inexpensive compared to other anti-­tick solutions, but they are also effective in creating an invisible barrier that protects your pet 24-7. Even though no single product can be deemed as the best flea collar for dogs and cats, there are plenty of products that are pet safe and efficient. Quality products such as the preventic collar by Virbac and Seresto flea and tick collar are ideal choices for controlling existing infestations and as preventives.

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