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Oral Treatments & Supplements

Are you tired of the sticky messes that come with topical flea treatments? Having trouble quarantining your kids from their best buddy because of a fresh application of flea and tick treatments? Oral medications will save you the time and hassle! These treatments are perfectly safe for your pet yet deadly for the biting bug. Their oral administration makes it easy to relieve your furry friends from pesky fleas & ticks. Just add it to their food or give it to them as a treat and they'll gobble it right up for fast relief in no time!

How do they work? The best method to kill every tiny little flea is to poison their food source. The oral medication will spread into your petís blood and kill the fleas when they try to feed. Donít worry though! There are three types of medications that are perfectly safe for your pet while being deadly to pests.

Spinosad is an effective treatment that lasts up to a month to prevent flea infestations as well as treat current ones. The medication kills adult fleas and lasts for the remainder of the month so that flea eggs and larvae can also meet their fate once they are of age. This is the perfect medication to relieve yourself of the present infestation and keep your pet safe from future biting bugs. You can find spinosad in brands such as Comfortis and Trifexis.

Nitenpyram is a medication used to quickly treat immediate flea infestations. It works as a neurotoxin that targets the nervous systems in adult fleas to shut them down within just a few hours! However, since flea eggs and larvae donít necessarily feed on blood like adult fleas do, you may be at risk for reinfestation. Nitenpyram also lasts only up to 24 hours, so if you are looking for a long-term solution, try spinosad! Luckily, this substance can be used alongside other medications for the optimal flea and tick removal! You can find nitenpyram in brands such as Capstar and Sentry.

Lufeneron attacks young and immature fleas such as flea eggs, pupae, and larvae. It prevents chitin, the insectís hard outer shell, from developing. Without their hard exterior, the immature fleas are unable to grow and eventually die. Lufeneron works well with spinosad or nitenpyram to destroy the flea lifecycle at all stages to keep your pet completely flea-free.

You can select the medication that best suit the needs of you and your pet, or use them together for amazing results. Because of their abilities to work together with other products, it is no surprise that oral treatments are 11% more effective than topical treatments!