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3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy When Youíre Busy!

Letís face it, life is usually busy rather than not. And depending on the life events you may be experiencing (heavy work hours, a new baby, a house renovation, family activities, etc.) you may be feeling that pinch of guilt in your heart about the time you are spending with your pooch! Not to worry! Here we have three ways to give your pet all the love and stimulation they deserve while you conquer the world.

1. Take advantage of toys!
Every dog needs mental stimulation. The level of that stimulation may vary depending on the age and breed of your dog. However, there are so many toys and games out there for your dog to be self-entertained that donít include much or any of your participation. This isnít to encourage you to not play with your dog when you have the time, but to give you an idea of things to make your dog happy when you donít. Go to your local pet store or favorite online shops and search for puzzles or treat dispensing toys. You can stuff the toy, and leave your pet to have lots of fun figuring out how to get to the delectable treat! One of my favorite things to do for my border collie is put a treat in a Kong. Once I do that, I seal the top with peanut butter, and then freeze it overnight. This makes the peanut butter like a lollipop for him and takes him much longer to get through to the treat on the other side.

2. Include them in things you already do!
This kind of sounds like a no brainer. However, sometimes making the conscious decision to include your pet can make a world of difference. Do you go on an exhilarating walk or run after work? Include your pal with you and let them burn off some steam too. Do you like to snack and watch Netflix when you get home? Invite your furry friend to sit with you and give them a puppy massage. Give your pup something to look forward to. Like a fresh carrot every night from the fridge or a crunchy ice cube to munch on. Are you going to take some time and do a little yard work? Grab a spot of shade, a bowl of water, a bone, and let your pet even be near you while you work. Fresh air does everyone good!

3. Commit to being a responsible dog owner
When you first brought that little brown eyed gem home, you knew it was a commitment. Now that life has gotten busier, put plans in place to give your pet the best of everything you can. There are so many places out there that offer doggies daycare services. Sometimes a change of scenery even once a week for your pet can really run out some energy and boost them out of that everyday lying on the couch slump. There are also a lot of dog walking services where they can stop in a few times a week and let your dog out, take them for a walk, or just love on them for a few while youíre at work or otherwise engaged. Donít be afraid to ask for help too. Is there a neighbor or family friend that just loves your dog and you think might want to stop by and give them some snuggles once a day? Be resourceful and always a responsible dog owner.

Ashley Wilcox is a double certified dog trainer and certified groomer. She has two dogs. A border collie (Jimmie) and a Shetland Sheepdog (Ella). She is new wife, mother, and dog enthusiast! You can watch her vlog each week on her youtube channel. Or read more things she writes on her blog.

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