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  4. Riley (6/26/06)

Riley (6/26/06)

Name: Riley Duncan Submitted by: A. Lofy
Location: Metairie, LA About: "Riley is a 5 month old Cairn Terrier, like the dog in "Wizard of Oz." His "real name" is O'Reilley Duncan which pays tribute to the Cairn Terrier's Scottish ancestry. He was a special puppy rescued from a New Orleans shelter following Hurricane Katrina. He is 10 lbs. of pure energy that is turned on 24 hours a day! He is the only child for his parents, and spoiled to a fault. Pictured with him is "Binky," his teddy bear and first toy he received as a baby." Likes:"Following mommy and daddy around the house room-to-room, barking at the walls when no one is there, hiding his treats under the couch (to be retrieved as a snack at a later date), chewing on socks and shoes, tilting his head when he doesn't understand what you're saying exactly, and falling sleep on mommy's pillow at night." Dislikes:"Being told "no!"" Submit a Pet Photo / View Previous Photos