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7 Things Your Cat Is Doing To Communicate With You

If you have a feline, you might be wondering what your cat is telling you. How do you know if your cat is happy? Are you doing the right job as its human companion? These are just some of the questions that you may be wondering about. Even if you are not the cat whisperer, there are some hints that could indicate if your cat loves having you as its owner or not. Here are some of the things that indicate that you have a happy cat in your hands.

1. Kitty's tail is upright.
If you are paying attention to the appearance of your cat, you may have noticed that their tail goes up when they come to greet you. This is actually one of the signs that your cat is pleased to see you.
Of course, this is pretty much different for when your cat gets surprised and her tail bolts up. If she's happy, you should see the end of the tail quivering. The ears and the eyelids of your cat may also be lowered.

2. Face rubbing.
Among the most common gestures associated with a cat's behavior is the way they rub their face and body against you. This gesture is one of their ways to tell you that they are glad to see you. In fact, if you have not been home for quite some time, you can expect felines to rub their faces and body on your person more.
This gesture is pretty much the same as a hug. Your cat loves to show you their affection the best way they know how and that's through a lot of gentle rubbing.

3. Purring.
One good way to know your cat is content is when you hear them purring. To many cat owners, the sound of a purring cat is quite heavenly. In fact, they think that nothing is as beautiful as the sound of a purring cat.
However, it is also important to note that purring does not always mean that your cat is having a good time. It could indicate that they are in pain as there are theories that purring can promote self-healing in felines.

4.High-Pitched Sounds.
Vocalization is akin to the conversation in cats. Hence, if you want to know if your cat is happy and pleased with her life, you should spend more time listening to what it is trying to tell you.
High pitched chortle that cats emit mean they are happy. Meanwhile, low pitch sounds often indicate that your cat is frustrated about something. As a pet parent, you might have to do some digging!

5. Responding with an eye-blink.
Have you ever looked at your cat across the room and it responded with a blink? This is one indication that your cat is happy. It's just the same for when you see someone you like or love across the room and you see each other eye to eye.
Blinking back is your cat's way to acknowledge your presence in the same way that a nod or a smile would be for humans. If you have never given any thought to the blink your cats give, you know better now.

6. Sleeping with all fours in the air.
Happiness is hard to define but in cats, it could be something akin to contentment. One way that cats show that is when they are out in the sun perhaps to work on their tan with all of their paws in the air. This is an indication that they feel safe.
If you are concerned about your cat's well being, this is a great indication that you are doing a good job in making your feline feel relaxed.

7. Playfulness.
Cats are just like humans in the sense that they won't play with just anyone else. They would only go all out and play with people and other animals that they trust. So, if your cat wants to play with you, you should be reassured that your cat likes you and is confident about running around with you.
However, you need to keep in mind that the activity level of cats can decrease depending on their age. If your cats become older, they won't be too playful compared to how they used to be when they were still kittens.

These may not be the only signs that your cat is happy and you may see these gestures to mean something else for your cat. But, in general, they are indications that you are doing something right.
At the end of the day, it would be the cat's owner who can tell if the animal is happy or not.

Author Bio

My name is Diana Hutchinson. I am the founder of I have more than 10-years’ experience in nurturing and caring cats. I love them. Since long ago they had been become important members of my family. "A home without a cat is just a house."

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