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7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

Our feline friends donít have many options like us humans to beat the summer heat. Itís up to us, as pet owners to take up initiatives and ensure our little furry buddies are comfortable during a heat wave. Unlike dogs, cats donít pant because the sweat is released through their paws.

In a bowl of regular water, place 4-5 ice cubes to ensure the water stays cool. Cat drinking fountains are extremely helpful as they automatically refill water to ensure your kitty has enough throughout the day.

2. Fans and Air-conditioning are a life-saver for your pet
On especially hot days, your pets require an extra hand to cool themselves off. Be a considerate pet parent and:

Turn on the fan closest to where your pet usually relaxes.
If you have an air conditioner, ensure the room is well cooled.

Air ventilation plays an important role in cooling your pet down.

3. Shield your rooms to Avoid Direct Sunlight
Cats are susceptible to open sunlight and may tend to overheat extremely fast if your shades are open.

Ensure your pet does not rest in a room with direct glares from the sun.
Close the blinds when you leave the house.
Prevent your pets from playing outside on particularly hot days.

4. Avoid Keeping your Pets Locked up in Cars
An extremely insensitive thing to do for any responsible pet parent is to leave their cat or any other animal, locked up in their car. One of the leading causes of pet fatalities in the States is due to the irresponsibility of leaving pets in locked cars.

Ensure there is sufficient ventilation, and keep the air conditioning on.
Bring a friend along to provide supervision for your pet while you run your errands.

Popular cat breeds like Persian, Himalayan, and Cymric have thick furs and are prone to dehydration a lot quicker than other breeds, such breeds are best avoided to bring on a trip.

5. Bare Floors are great for cooling your pets
Non-carpeted space or tile surfaces act as cooling pads for your cats, itís advisable to:

Remove rugs and carpets around an area where your pets frequent.
Basements are also great places for cats to avoid the sun and cool their bodies.

6. Popsicles are the way to your kittyís heart
Just like us, cats love a good Popsicle or two to play around and cool themselves in the process. This frozen treat provides instant relief for your kitty. You can also:

Freeze your cat food overnight to ensure it stays cool throughout the day.
Try to follow a diet high on light snacks to avoid overfeeding your cat during summer.

7. Give your kitty a haircut
Fur balls can form on your kitty and this can make life uncomfortable for it, consider:

Trimming your catís hair to the right length can assist in its cooling efforts.
Avoid shaving your cat, the skin can be exposed to lethal sunburns.

Despite all the efforts if your cat begins to show signs of drooling and panting, immediately rush it to a vet. These are symptoms of a heat stroke.

Denise Walton is a Pet Trainer and pet health expert at Dogs Cabin. He holds expertise in the area of pet training, health and welfare. He enjoys working with pets, training them to do anything from tricks, agility, obedience, and herding. He loves to help others learn to train their dogs and develop a positive relationship with each other.

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