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Absorbine ShowSheen Detangler Gel (4 oz) Video

Absorbine ShowSheen Detangler Gel (4 oz)

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Absorbine ShowSheen Detangler Gel is a high-quality grooming product designed to help you easily and effectively detangle your horse's mane and tail. It offers several key benefits that make it a popular choice among horse owners and groomers:

Key Benefits:

  1. Effective detangling: The gel formula of ShowSheen Detangler Gel is specifically formulated to target and eliminate knots and tangles in your horse's mane and tail. It helps to loosen the tangles, making them easier to comb or brush out without causing discomfort or hair breakage.
  2. Long-lasting results: This detangler gel not only helps you remove existing tangles but also provides a long-lasting effect to prevent future knots. It coats the hair strands, creating a protective barrier that reduces friction and tangling, helping to maintain a smooth and manageable mane and tail for an extended period.
  3. Conditioning properties: ShowSheen Detangler Gel is enriched with high-quality ingredients that nourish and condition the hair, promoting a healthy appearance and texture. It helps to moisturize the strands, reducing dryness and brittleness that can contribute to tangling. The conditioning properties also add shine and luster to your horse's mane and tail, enhancing their overall beauty.
  4. Easy application: The gel consistency of this detangler makes it easy to apply precisely where needed. You can target the tangled areas directly, allowing the gel to penetrate and work effectively to loosen knots. The gel formula also ensures minimal waste, as it doesn't drip or run off the hair.
  5. Versatility: While primarily designed for detangling manes and tails, ShowSheen Detangler Gel can also be used for other grooming purposes. It can help smooth flyaways, tame unruly hair, and reduce static on your horse's coat, making it a versatile grooming product to have in your arsenal.

In summary, Absorbine ShowSheen Detangler Gel is a highly effective and versatile grooming product that provides excellent detangling results while conditioning and enhancing the appearance of your horse's mane and tail. Its easy application and long-lasting effects make it a must-have for any horse owner or groomer seeking a reliable solution to tackle tangled hair.


  • Pet Life Stage: All Stages
  • Allergen(s): None
  • Product Form: Gel
  • UPC: 011444193036


cyclopentasiloxane, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, argania spinosa kernal oil (argan oil), fragrance.

Useful Information

  • Apply small amount to top of tangle and allow to saturate.
  • Comb out by starting from teh bottom of the tangle working to the top.
  • Comb through tail & mane for continuous conditiioning.
  • After treatment, apply ShowSheenŽ Hair Polish to coat, mane and tail for ultimate shine.

ShowSheen Line Extended Directions & Tips

Horses are one of nature's most beautiful creatures. Until they get dirty and they always get dirty. Fortunately, ShowSheen offers you a complete horse grooming system that lets you gently clean, condition, and moisturize your horse's mane, tail, and coat for a healthy, vibrant shine.

Here's how to get the most out of our different ShowSheen horse grooming products:

ShowSheen Detangler Gel makes life easier by helping untangle tough knots and removing clinging annoyances such as burrs and sand spurs from manes and tails when grooming a horse. Remember, always stand to the side out of the danger zone, when grooming a horse's tail.

  • Start by removing any foreign objects, especially burrs, sand spurs, goat heads and other clinging "seed pods" your horse has picked up while turned out. These are often the culprits that cause a badly tangled mane or tail. Hold onto the burr or seed pod and squeeze a small dime-sized amount of ShowSheen Detangler Gel directly onto it. Next, pull hairs out of the seed pod a few at a time. This works better than trying to pull the seed pod out of the horse's mane or tail all at once because it will usually break apart into smaller pieces.
  • Apply a small dime-sized amount of ShowSheen Detangler Gel to the top of knots or tangles and work them free. If you are trying to grow the mane and tail as long as possible, using your fingers instead of a comb will reduce the amount of broken hairs.
  • Work your way up from the bottom of the mane or tail.
  • Once all foreign objects are removed and tangles are undone, apply some ShowSheenŽ Polish & Detangler Spray over the hair, then run a soft brush through the hair until it is smooth and flowing.

ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener offers effective whitening without bleach or bluing agents, and also gently removes discoloration and stains, including dirt, grass, urine, and manure.

  • Spray on, rinse off method: Spray the stain with ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener until damp, then let it set for five minutes. Rinse off the product with a wet towel, then dry it with a clean, dry towel.
  • Pretreat method: Right before bathing your horse, spray onto stains and white areas until damp. Depending on the severity of the stain, wait one to five minutes, rinse off, and then wash the horse as usual.

ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is designed to clean and pamper your horse. Our top-quality, sulfate-free, and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner will leave your horse clean, soft, and smelling great. This equine shampoo is designed to clean dirt and grime away without stripping away the horse's natural oils, while Pro-Vitamins nourish and strengthen hair.

**Avoid spraying the face or getting water in the horse's ears. Always start the hose down at the feet and work your way up.

Manes & Tails

  • Wet the hair thoroughly.
  • Apply enough ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to the hair to build a lather.
  • Scrub down to the base of the mane and tail with your fingers to lift out dirt and dander embedded there.
  • Rinse the mane and tail completely until you do not see bubbles.


  • Thoroughly wet one side of your horse's body with water. Remember not to spray the face or get water in the ears!
  • Apply ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner directly onto a wet sponge, scrub mitt, or your hands. Alternately, pour one ounce into a gallon of water in a bucket.
  • Scrub the shampoo into the coat to lift dirt and dander.
  • Move on to the next side and repeat until the entire body has been washed.


  • Rinse the horse until all soap is gone.
  • Use a sweat scraper to remove excess water. If you see bubbles, rinse again!
  • You can apply ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler to a wet horse. This will help repel dust and dirt until the next bath.
  • Dry your horse by toweling them off, grazing them in the sun, or walking them until they're dry.

ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler is your final step. ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler helps accentuate an already healthy horse, building upon regular horse grooming, proper nutrition, and quality health care to bring out the glossiest coat. Enriched with silk proteins and Pro-Vitamins, ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler nourishes and strengthens your horse's hair, while bringing out the best shine possible.

  • For best results, start with a clean horse. (However, ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler can be applied to wet horse just after a bath or while dry.)
  • Apply ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler by spraying directly onto the hair in an even coating or spray onto a towel and rub over the coat.
  • Use ShowSheen Finishing Mist for an even more uniform coating.
  • Stroke the hair flat in its natural direction with your palm, a fine brush, or a towel to help coat the hair evenly.
  • For shiny, flowing manes and tails, spray ShowSheen Hair & Polish Detangler evenly over the hair, then comb through.

**Places to avoid spraying ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler when grooming a horse:

  • The saddle area if you are going to ride.
  • Manes or tails if you intend to braid them.

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