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This Is One Funny Dog You Have To Read About!

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week

Breed  Lab Mix    
Location  Virginia    
Human  Melisa R.
Story  When Melisa came across an animal shelter booth at her local Spirit Fest, Ace immedietly caught her attention. This goofy pooch had so much personality, and Melisa knew it was meant to be.

Ace's favorite things to do are take walks and play with his dog friends. He loves toys with squeakers, and his favorite time to play with them is when you are on the phone. He will dart to get in your lap and squeak them non stop right in your ear so you cannot hear. He also loves to destroy toys; he spends hours, if that's what it takes, to totally destroy them.

Like most dogs, he also loves food, with his favorite snacks being ice cubes and dehydrated peas. He goes crazy for butterscotch candy, and he jumps all over his humans if he hears the wrapper or smells it. If there is butterscotch candy in the house... Ace will be looking everywhere for it!

Melisa gets so many laughs from how adorable this pooch is. She explains that he is an all-around funny dog. Watching his silly antics brings the entire family a lot of enjoyment.

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  • Pet of the Week
  • Pet of the Week

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