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Advantage II Reviews

Advantage II is a topical preventive that kills fleas and lice for either cats or dogs. This solution uses pyriproxyfen and imidacloprid to kill fleas and insects without endangering your pet. Pyriproxyfen works to inhibit the hatching of flea eggs and growth of larvae, while imidacloprid kills adult fleas and larva that is on or near your pet. The unique properties of these chemical ensure that Advantage II remains effective for a full month.

Though there are unique formulations for cats and dogs, both formulas use the same active ingredients. Because this formula is considerably safer for cats than other dog flea treatments, Advantage II makes the perfect flea preventive for dogs that have to share space with cats. A month of applying this waterproof solution is long enough to break the flea cycle and prevent another infestation.

Despite these benefits, there’s never a guarantee that products will work the way we’d hope. So if you’re hoping to purchase Advantage II- but you want to make sure that it’s the right medication for you- then check out these reviews from actual customers to help you come to your final decision…

CDog from Washington used Advantage II for his puppy and an older dog. Learn how each dog reacted with his short review.

"My oldest dog HATES having topical flea & tick meds put on her. This one, she lets me put on her and doesn't flip out or shake it all off immediately. We just got a new puppy and she doesn't mind having it applied either. As a longtime dog owner, I feel good knowing they are protected from bugs and that I don't have to stress them out to apply their flea meds!"

CDog’s experience shows that Advantage’s efficacy extends from young to old dogs, but does it also work equally well for large breed dogs? To find out, let’s check out this review from Carol of Wheatfield, New York.

"I have three large dogs, all well over 55 pounds each and the Advantage II has kept them free of fleas and the flea dermatitis that they have been very susceptible to in previous years. It has also kept them from getting sarcoptic mange which they have had problems with as well!"

Carol and CDog provide assure us that Advantage II works well for dogs. But what about the formula for cats? To find out how Advantage II for Cats compares to its canine-oriented counterpart, let’s look at another review. Ken from Virginia tells us about how Advantage II worked for his cats.

"We recently adopted a 4 month old kitten from Petsmart and while her records showed they had treated her for fleas, when we brought her home we realized that she was infested. Having 2 other adult cats that were now itching and scratching, we needed something that would alleviate their discomfort and get rid of the fleas fast. Our vet recommended Advantage II and after applying to both of our Adult cats and using the Advantage Medium cat for our newest feline, all 3 appeared to be flea free within a day. It has been several weeks since we used the product and haven't seen a flea since. Would highly recommend this product, it took care of the problem and did so quickly!"

Ken’s story shows us that Advantage II is effective for cats of various ages, even in a multiple-cat household. Not only is the product recommended by veterinarians, but it’s also lauded by pet owners everywhere. So, if your pet has fleas- this review from Linda will help you choose the right product- and the right place to get it!

"I could not get over how promptly I received the Advantage II for Cats that I purchased from Entirely Pets. I received my order the very next day after placing my order. I have ordered from Entirely Pets several times before and the Advantage II has worked to keep my cats safe from fleas. The prices are very good and the ability to buy a 6 month and/or 1 year supply is very convenient. I have tried different companies, but I like Entirely Pets the best!"

"Thanks Linda! EntirelyPets has Advantage II for Dogs & Puppies and Advantage II for Cats & Kittens in 4-month and 6-month supplies. So-
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