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Alcott Travel Blanket

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Explorer Outdoor Blanket is a comfortable fleece blanket for naps and lounging that your pet will absolutely adore. This blanket, though fleece on top, has a waterproof bottom that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. The blanket is also designed to fold up into a travel bag and features handles on the bottom of the blanket that make it ideal for day trips, picnics and more!

The Alcott Explorer Outdoor Blanket is easy to use and easier to clean- simply put it through the wash and it's ready to go! This square blanket features 50-inch sides to provide a wide area for your pet to lie or sit comfortably. Your pet will adore this cozy blanket and you'll love the convenience it offers- so order it for your pet today!

  • Soft fleece top layer and waterproof bottom layer
  • Folds into travel bag with handles
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 50"x50"
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