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Antioxidants & Immune & Cognitive Support

If your pet's get up and go seems to have got up and went, you may want to look into some environmental factors that may be causing your pet's body overdue stress. Oxidative stressors like secondhand smoke, nutritionally deficient food and even sunlight can cause free radicals to build up in your pet's body. While younger animals may be able to process and eliminate them thanks to naturally occurring antioxidants, as animals age, those stores are used up, leaving your older pet vulnerable to diseases and other illnesses.

A well-balanced diet and proper exercise can usually provide enough support to keep free radicals at bay, but antioxidant supplements can help boost the immune system if all other options fail. Some animals who may be predisposed to certain conditions like cataracts, heart disease and more will likely have to include some sort of additional supplement to their diet in order to diminish the risks of developing these conditions. Or, if in the case of inherited and unavoidable disease like retinal degeneration, antioxidant support can slow its progression.

At EntirelyPets, we have a wide and varied selection of supplements that boost your dog's health and wellbeing. Some antioxidants can come in one treatment, similar to a multivitamin.

Others are available individually to treat specific ailments or targeted needs. Vitamin C, for example, helps protect your pet against viral and bacterial infections. Vitamin E can strengthen capillary walls, reduces aging in internal cells and prevents red blood cell damage from oxidations. Selenium, meanwhile, protects cell vulnerable membranes and maintains tissue elasticity.

Because of antioxidants' purported success in improving short-term memory, they can also provide much-needed cognitive support for aging dogs and cats. Alpha-lipoic acid may help prevent cellular damage and ginkgo leaf extract has been shown to reduce behavioral issues in older dogs. Flavonoids, carotenoids and protein supplements may also help brain cells and ward off cognitive dysfunction.

Check with your veterinarian before giving your pet any supplement.