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Andis Clipper Combs & Blades & Accessories

Compatible with several different brands of clippers, the Andis Universal Pet Clipper Comb Size A is designed to make keeping your pet looking clean and well groomed as simple as possible. Made with clearly marked size identification and designed to create smooth, even results, you can pamper your pet at home instead of paying a premium at the dog groomer.

With Andis Universal Pet Clipper Combs, you wonít have to worry about having to buy a new dog grooming set simply because you donít have the right size comb for your pet. Available to purchase at a fraction of the cost of a new kit, the Andis Universal Pet Clipper Comb size A works with most Andis, Oster, Wahl, and Conair clippers.

  • Made out of high quality plastic
  • Glides easily through coats
  • Easily snaps on to several different brands of clippers
  • Creates smooth, even results
  • Marked clearly for easy identification