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Angel of Mercy Horse Stress Relief

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Arenus Easy Does It Easy Does It is appropriate for animals that become destructive to their surroundings and inanimate objects. For animals that constantly demand attention, this flower essence blend helps to limit excessive whining, crying and barking by encouraging inner peace and limiting the fear of being alone.

Many animals who struggle with feelings of helplessness and cannot get what they want or need, exhibit destructive and unproductive behaviors that can frustrate their caretakers. This helpful flower essence provides a natural remedy for these overactive animals by calming nerves and, in turn, lessening these disruptive behaviors.

The liquid formula offers a variety of applications and can be used in all species without worry of overdose or interaction. For certain behaviors, pairing Easy Does it with Mellow Out, Panic Attack and/or Independence can be helpful.

  • Easy Does It is ideal for overactive pets that constantly demand attention, exhibit disruptive behavior or act out due to insecurity or loneliness.
  • This flower essence blend helps with balancing emotional confusion that leads to behaviors such as chewing, unwelcomed urination, and excessive barking or whining.
  • Naturally helps to control rebellious and spiteful actions such as destruction to home, personal items and possessions.
  • The liquid formula makes this natural flower essence simple and easy to use on a variety of animals.
  • Pairs well Mellow Out, Panic Attack and Independence.
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