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Top 5 Animal Apps for iOS7

What new apps are you getting?
Here are some suggestions
from EntirelyPets

Check out a diverse arrangement
of apps you might like as suggested
by those of us here at EntirelyPets.

iOS7 is here, and with it, Apple
customers are looking for the best
apps to use on their favorite products.
For pet owners and animal lovers,
there is a wide variety of apps available
ranging from games to animal-related
news. Here's a look at the top 5 apps
for animal lovers available for iOS7.

Cute Puppies Wallpaper
These apps contain more than 400 high-quality photos each of adorable scenes animals at play. There are two versions of this app available for both dog lovers and cat lovers.

Talking Dog
This fun app lets you record your voice and watch a puppy repeat your words in a funny voice. You can also record the Puppy's speech to save it for later or share it on Facebook.

The Daily Puppy
This app provides information and pictures of different puppies submitted by their owners. You can view the dogs in order or by breed and post comments about them on Facebook or earn rewards by forming an account and contributing with your pup.

My Horse
This game allows you to care for your very own digital horse. The game rewards you for simple tasks like cleaning the stable and feeding your horse and contains mini-games where your horse competes in competitions and you must command the horse to jump at the correct time.

Animal Planet
Animal Planet is a television station with programs centering pets and other animals. Their cool app allows you to browse through their full library of shows and watch clips from any Animal Planet show on your device. You can also use it to track your favorites, share shows on Facebook, Twitter or via E-mail. They also have the option to purchase episodes of the show on iTunes.

What are some of your favorite animal apps? Let us know in the comments!

Check out the Top 5 Animal Apps for iOS 7