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  5. Art Pet Memorials - Create Your Own Pet Memorial Multi-colored (10" x 7" x 5")

Art Pet Memorials - Create Your Own Pet Memorial Multi-colored (10" x 7" x 5")
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Art Pet Memorials - Create Your Own Pet Memorial Multi-colored (10" x 7" x 5")

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They help to recall wonderful shared memories. Having and creating a Pet Memorial will bring comfort to you. Because your pet was a part of your family, involve your family in making your Pet Memorial. Gather materials reminiscent of your pet: a collar, a favorite toy, a swatch from a much loved blanket, photos- anything recalling happy and even mischievous moments. Assemble these mementoes and decorate as you like in your Pet Memorial. Need help getting started? Included in each Pet Memorial box are suggestions on how to assemble. You will create an enduring tribute to your beloved pet!
Create Your Own Pet Memorials are for storing all your memories and wonderful experiences between you and your pet. The painted box, hinged on both sides with Plexiglas front is ready for you to add your pets' toys, photos, collar, remains and any decorations of your choice. The box includes a sheet with ideas for assembling. Cherished memories of your pet will live on in you. And a pet memorial will dearly hold and pay tribute to these memories.

The "Create Your Own Pet Memorial" enables you to be directly involved in the healing process by creating and assembling a Pet Memorial. An instruction sheet is included with ideas for assembling your pets' photos, toys, ID tags, remains or whatever memories you would like to keep in the Pet Memorial.

  • Made of MDF [medium density fiberboard]
  • Painted with enamel paints and sealed with varnish
  • Front opening has 3 separate receptacles for objects
  • Rear opening has slot for photos, certificates, etc.
  • All surfaces suitable for gluing on objects or writing
Item Details:
  • Dimensions: 10" x 7" x 5"
  • Color: Multi-colored

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