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Aspen Pet Beds

The Aspen Pet Chenille in Caramel coloring provides a sizable interior bed or resting area for a small pet, easily becoming one of the favorite sleeping spots in a house. With an oval size of approximately 18 inches from side to side, the Chenille provides a soft, cushy sleeping location with comfortable walls easily capturing body heat and keeping an animal warm. Further, the Chenille is treated to resist animal odors and moisture, thereby avoiding becoming a bacteria-prone location and a mess. The Aspen Chenille comes with either a pillow style or gusseted bed middle platform, so any animal that fits is going to get comfortable very quickly once becoming used to the feel of the fabric and cushion. In fact, it may be hard to convince your pet to leave the bed after it gets comfortable and used to the item. The Chenille also comes with special foam or low wall profiles to help recovering or older animals get into the bed without great effort. Additionally, the benefits of the Aspen Chenille also include special treatment:
  • The bed fabric has been treated with Microban which provides an antimicrobial surface blocking bacteria and odors from developing on the bed.
  • The prevention of mold or fungus on the bed prevents latent infections that can spread on a pet while sleeping.