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Augie Doggy (10/20/08)

Name: Augie Doggy
Breed: Dalmatian Mix
Location: Port St. Lucie, FL
Submitted by: Karen Becker
Favorite EntirelyPets Toy: She loves her Kong


This is Augie.  We were driving home from our North Carolina vacation to south Florida last August when we suddenly noticed her sitting at the side of the pavement on the interstate in the middle of nowhere-Florida.  We pulled off at the next exit and got back on the highway northbound looking for a place to turn around.  We finally found a spot and searched for her.  When we stopped, she hid in a dense Palmetto thicket. I knew where she was because I could hear her tail slapping against the leaves. With the help of some dog food, I was able to crawl in and grab her. She was skin & bones, filthy and covered with ticks.  We drove the next 120 miles home picking off ticks and trying to keep our Jack Russell Terrorist from attacking her.  Now, a year later, she is a beautiful, 34 pound bundle of energy and our Jack Russell's best friend.  She is still skittish, but wags her tail constantly and is a wonderful addition to our family. When she gets excited, she has a silly smile. Favorite Food: Science Diet (Sensitive Stomach). Favorite Trick: She loves to smile & shake hands. Favorite Hobby: Spends hours watching for squirrels from her perch on our screen porch.

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