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Best Treats For Dealing With Doggy Breath

Doggy Breath

Going in for that kiss on your dog can be a scary one especially when their breath is very noxious. It is vital to make sure that your dog receives proper oral care. There are many causes of bad breath in dogs. Some causes are gingivitis, periodontitis, or tartar buildup. Digestion also can cause bad breath from partially digested food. There are many products that can help you deal with your dog’s bad breath including toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental bones, chew toys and breathalyzers.

One way to prevent bad breath is to encourage your dog to chew. Of course we do not mean gnawing on the TV remote, but chew toys which can be a great way to help your dogs scrape their teeth. These chew toys are made to so they can be handled by your dog without it harming them.

You should also brush your dog's teeth at the very least once a week. Introducing tooth brushing while they are young is the best time because they would be used to the routine when they grow up.

Breathalyzers are another suitable way to freshen your dog’s breath that only involve adding this product to your dog’s drinking water. Another alternative is to use oral strips to fend off the evils of odor for a short amount of time. Here are other products to help fend off bad dog breath.

Bonies BONIES 100% Natural Breath & Dental Treats for Dogs
With its all natural ingredients, Bonies packs a punch that leaves your dog’s breath smelling clean.
The treat that has a balanced blend of high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. The new formulation of Greenies allows the teeth to sink in and be cleaned with every delicious bite.
spotscent SpotScent Oral Care Strips
For that quick action that dissolve away in your dog’s mouth and takes away that unpleasant odor for the time being.
FreshNFloss Fresh N Floss Dental Dog Toys!
Actual dental floss that is meshed together with cotton. Also has baking soda and fluoride to help fight your dog fight plaque and tartar.
Pet Dental Toothpaste Pet Dental Natural Toothpaste for Dogs
This toothpaste will help prevent decay of teeth and fight tartar build-up.
Pet Dental Treats Pet Dental Bone Shaped Dental Treats
Help your dog fight off that bad stench that is in its’ mouth with these treats that reduce tartar and plaque.
CET Toothbrush CET Toothbrush
A great toothbrush that helps you control your dog’s oral health.

N Bone Pet Dental Bone Shaped Dental Treats
Help your dog fight off that bad stench that is in its’ mouth with these treats that reduce tartar and plaque.
DuraChews Nylabone Dura Chew Plus
These non edible chew toys have multiple textures for your dogs needs and can help maintain that great smile for your dog.
Breathalyzer Breathalyser Water Additive
Breathalyser is a very simple way to have your dog’s breath smelling fresh without them knowing. Just add to water and watch Breathalyser work its’ magic.
For a complete selection of Dental products