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  4. Baily (10/7/05)

Baily (10/7/05)

Name: Baily Submitted by: Candy B.
Portland, OR About: Baily is a 3 month old golden retriever
and lives in Portland Oregon with her daddy,
Seth. Likes: "All dogs - big and small. She knows
no fear, and one of her favorite playmates
is a 1.5 yr old Newfie who is about 85 lbs
larger than Baily. In hot weather, she loves
to sleep with something frozen near her belly
(vodka bottle, ice pack, frozen food -
anything cold)! She also loves to eat all the
pretty flowers in the yard and dig as many
holes as she can before someone stops her." Dislikes: Baily hasn't found anything she
dislikes in her life yet.
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