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Bark Control

There are plenty of reasons for your dog to start barking, from alerting you to a strange noise to letting you know she needs to go outside. But dogs also bark out of boredom, need for attention or even because they're stressed out. If your dog is constantly barking for all the wrong reasons, you've come to the right place. EntirelyPets has everything you need to quiet your dog and restore peace to your home.

Bark control collars are very popular training tools to use when working to prevent nuisance barking. We carry a wide variety of different brands, so you're sure to find the perfect solution to fit your needs. Some collars use static correction or vibrations while others rely on scents, such as citronella, to distract your dog from barking.

There are a number of collars on the market that can distinguish between your dog's actual bark and other noises he makes, as well as the difference between nuisance barking and necessary barking. When they detect nuisance barking, the collars emit a stimulation or vibration, depending on the owner's preference, to curb the noise and ultimately train your dog only to bark when appropriate.

If you'd rather control your dog's barking personally instead of using a collar, consider purchasing the First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control. This training device uses ultrasonic sounds that only your dog can hear to stop him from barking. The remote emits a high-pitched sound and includes a range of up to 15 feet. It even comes with a wrist strap for easy carrying. Another option is PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent, which looks like a birdhouse, but emits an ultrasonic sound that prevents nuisance barking for up to 50 feet away - perfect if your neighbor's dog is always barking.

Barking is completely natural, but when it becomes a nuisance, let shop EntirelyPets for the most innovative solutions on the market.