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Pet Safe Bark Control

Itís perfectly natural for dogs to bark. But, for their pet parents, it's also natural to want to live in a peaceful household. When you've got a barking dog that just won't stop, Petsafe Bark Control collars can help in two different ways: gentle spray or static correction.
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Spray collars
Best for sensitive dogs, corrects them with a quick burst of harmless citronella spray

Static collars
Good for stubborn barkers

How to use a bark control collar:
• Place collar on your dog and turn it on to stop him from barking. Each time your dog will bark, he'll either get sprayed or he will feel a quick, effective correction, telling him not to bark. By giving your dog a harmless, but annoying, correction when he barks, your dog will quickly learn to bark less.
• Bark control collars require no programming, but gives your dog a safe, consistent reminder to be quiet whenever he barks. The spray or correction is startling but not harmful. Your pet will quickly learn when barking is allowed and when it's not. You'll be amazed at how quiet your dog can be in as little as a few days.
• With the collar in the "on" position, there's a gentle, yet impressive spray or correction every time there is a bark from your dog.
• Hear less barking within days

How does the Deluxe Bark Control Collar work?
• They're surprising but not painful
• Imagine a slight tickle or the light static-like surprise of touching a metal doorknob. Training collars and other products that use electric stimulation are actually quite mild when set at low levels which are strong enough to teach most pets. They get your pet's attention, similar to a tap on the shoulder. When properly used, surprisingly low levels of stimulation can cause inattentive or stubborn dogs to learn commands quickly.
• Static collars have contact points, which gently deliver a mild electric stimulation to the skin. Pets experience a tingling sensation that startles them and interrupts their behavior.



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