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Barney (1/25/10)

Pet of the Week

Name: Barney
Breed: Tabby
Submitted by: Bruce B.
Location: Manassas, VA

Our cat, Barney, comes from a large family of 5 cats and 3 dogs. Barney is our 7 year old male and our only male cat out of the five cats that we own. Barney rules the home and controls not only the cats, but also the two German Shepherds and one Australian Shepherd. Somewhere along the way, Barney wanted to grow up and be a dog. He won't take no for an answer and follows the dogs everywhere they go. He doesn't understand when the dogs go outside to go to the bathroom why he can't go. When we let our dogs outside, Barney gets upset and meows at the back door until the dogs come in. Barney has gotten pretty fast and usually hides underneath the belly of the big dogs and runs out with them. Rain or shine, if the dogs are going out, so is Barney.

If that doesn't sound strange, how about Barney also taking over the dogs toys, including the big chew bones. Barney wants to play just like our dogs and takes the bones and rolls over them and won't let anyone take them. He will defend his bone from any of the dogs. It really is the funniest thing to see.

Barney sleeps just about anywhere but usually hangs over the edges of all of the furniture stretched out as far as he can. Barney lays flat on top of his cat perch and leaves his front claws hanging over the edge. When any dog, some by Barney tries to bat the dog on his head to get somebody to play. After a few times, Barney usually gets the reaction he wants and actually takes off chasing our dogs throughout the house. Barney is one cat that learned to not run from the dogs and rather run after the dogs. It is truly a role reversal. It is really funny watching our 100 pound dogs running away from the cat as they play.

Barney is the greatest cat with an attitude that allows him to fit into any situation. When he wants the cats to play, he changes his meow and calls for the other cats to come play. If the other cats choose not to come running, Barney searches them out and starts the action himself and eventually the chasing begins. Barney does not take "NO" for an answer. Barney truly is one of the spunkiest cats that I have ever seen and he keeps our house filled with laughter over his antics… morning, noon, and night!

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