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Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Best Dog Breeds For Kids

So you say your children are ready to have a dog of their own? It may be hard to know which breed is best with all of the breeds that are available. Here are some of the breeds that are known for being great with children.

1. The Bulldog is perfect for being around children, bulldogs are sturdy and strong. They are able to handle being roughhoused by children very well. Be aware that they tend to be rather unenergetic. Napping on the sofa after taking a short walk is just his speed. Bulldogs can be comfortable in both houses and apartments. They are known to be low-key and versatile while being humorous, dignified and brave at the same time. They are one of the friendliest and most loving breeds you will find.

2. The Labrador Retriever, with the exception of the Golden Retriever, none can compare with the family-friendly qualities of the Labrador Retriever. Always wanting to please its owners, the Labrador Retriever is very patient, amiable and outgoing. It enjoys playing, both in the water and on land. Labs are quite protective and easily accommodated. They play well with others and will enjoy learning new skills taught by you or your children. They are very athletic, which is a perfect way to help wear out your children.

3. The Boxer and children also go great together. They are perfect for kids because they both need a lot of exercise and playful interaction. Boxers are full of intelligence and they are active and loyal. They enjoy jumping and are rather animated. As they tend to be rather high-spirited, they must have lots of play, especially when they are young. Most boxers get along with other family pets such as cats, but there are exceptions. Some may show aggressive behavior to other dogs who are of the same sex. They will bark to alert you of danger which makes them great watchdogs. Guests are generally treated with joyful tail-wagging and excited jumping.

5. The Mastiff is very calm with children and is another kid-friendly dog. Generally good-natured, the Mastiff loves being around people. Very protective, the Mastiff will tackle an intruder to the ground and lay on them until help arrives. One of the most ancient types of dog breeds, the Mastiff is known as the largest dog in the world. Mastiffs can weigh as much as 220 pounds. An owner should know that Mastiffs are completely docile, even though their size can be quite intimidating. If you are looking for a big, cuddly lap dog, the Mastiff may be right for your family. The only problem about his size is that he could inadvertently knock over a small child when he bumps into him; the Mastiff is also simply too large for living in an apartment. Nevertheless, a Mastiff will be a happy addition to your family.

6. The Bull Terrier is intelligent and full of spunk and is another breed that is great with children. The great thing about Bull Terriers is that they remain calm while children handle them and take roughhousing in stride. As they need a lot of playtime, children are sure to enjoy trying to wear them out. Bull Terriers have a great spirit and are packed with charm and loyalty. Slightly mischievous, the Bull Terrier is kind-natured, loving and devoted to its family.

Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids