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Bio-Nutrition EquiZyme

EquiZyme is carefully designed to support your horse through a variety of nutritional challenges. The formula brings balance to inadequate rations while also addressing internal vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your horse. EquiZyme’s unique ingredient, selenomethionine, provides an organic and highly bioavailable form of selenium to correct deficiencies. Organic selenium is derived directly from selenium yeast allowing your horse to get the most out of their supplementation with as little waste as possible. To round out the formula, we’ve added mannon-oligosaccharides (MOS) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a common probiotic, to help regulate your horse’s digestive tract and prevent common GI issues.

The palatable, easy to feed powder is designed to support your horse’s wellness throughout their lives. No matter their age, nutritional status or performance level, you can trust EquiZyme to provide the right balance.

  • Complete vitamin and mineral formula provides balance for any equine feeding program
  • Contains MOS to support your horse’s digestive tract
  • Combats selenium deficiencies by providing your horse with an easily absorbable, organic selenium
  • Convenient granular formula is designed to support all ages and performance levels