Blue (1/24/06)

Name: Blue Submitted by: Juliana and Mia S.
Location: Dallas, GA

About: "I'm a 2 year old "dapple" and tan doxie. My
family named me Blue because of my half-blue right
eye. I'm a sweet and loving boy who loves nothing
better than laying in my grandma's arms like a little
baby. I've got the soulful puppy look down pat and
get just about anything my little spotted heart

Likes: Sleeping in the big bed under lots of warm
covers, tummy rubs, chasing my two kitty house-
mates, playing tug-o-war with squeaky dog toys and
going for a ride in the car.

Dislikes: Taking baths, wearing fru-fru doggy fashions,
and the answering machine.

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