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BoviBlock Dry Cow Intramammary Teat Sealant Device, Non-Antibiotic, 4-gm

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BoviBlock is a sterile, antibiotic-free, off-white smooth paste. It is presented ready-to-use in syringes, each containing 4 g of intramammary infusion composed of 65% bismuth subnitrate in a mineral oil vehicle. BoviBlock is indicated as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infection throughout the dry period by providing a malleable barrier in the teat canal. This results in a reduction in the incidence of clinical mastitis in the dry period.

Key Benefits:

  • Mimics the cow's natural first line of defense, the keratin plug
  • Provides a safe, antibiotic-free, physical barrier between the udder and the environment
  • Helps control mastitis during the dry period where more than 50% of early lactation Escherichia coli mastitis cases begin
  • Compatible with conventional dry cow management practices
  • Comes in easy-to-use 4 gram syringes containing 2.6 grams of bismuth subnitrate
  • Two-stage tip allows flexibility when administering product to assure proper sealant placement
  • Zero milk withdrawal and zero meat withdrawal
  • Available in economically priced tubs of 144 syringes
  • Package insert available in both English and Spanish
  • BoviBlock syringes have a two-stage tip, allowing for either full or partial insertion into the teat orifice
  • Partial insertion is preferable, as it may prevent unnecessary damage to the teat canal and reduce the risk of infection
  • Full insertion may be needed for some cows


BoviBlock is intended as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infections of dairy cattle throughout the dry period.

Useful Information

Dosage & Administration:

After last milking at dry-off, clean and disinfect the teats with the alcohol wipes provided. Gently pinch the base of the teat near the udder attachment to close the teat canal. Infuse entire contents of one syringe of BoviBlock into each quarter by inserting the nozzle into the teat and applying gentle continuous pressure to the plunger until the paste is expressed. BoviBlock must remain in the teat canal to be effective.

Concurrent Intramammary Antibiotic Therapy:

If an antibiotic is infused into the teat, the teat should be re-wiped with the alcohol wipe provided prior to infusion with BoviBlock. A clean, disinfected and dry teat is essential, as BoviBlock possesses no antimicrobial activity. It is advisable to use an appropriate teat disinfectant following the infusion.

BoviBlock is presented in syringes with a two-stage tip. This two-stage tip allows for either full or partial insertion into the teat orifice. Partial insertion is preferable, as it may prevent unnecessary damage to the teat orifice and reduce the risk of infection. Full insertion may be needed for large teat orifices.

Prevent Infection During Infusions: Simple steps to avoid introducing infections during administration of intramammary infusions.

  1. Do not place individual syringes in warm/hot water during cold weather.
  2. Dry cows off abruptly rather than gradually.
  3. Clean teat ends as thoroughly as possible with alcohol wipe and leave to air dry. DO NOT use water with or without disinfectant.
  4. Clean the two teats furthest away first, followed by the two closest.
  5. Ensure the teats are clean and dry before infusing BoviBlock.
  6. Infuse the teats in the opposite order to cleansing: i.e. infuse the closest two teats first, followed by the two furthest away.
  7. After infusing, dip teats in teat dip or spray with disinfectant and leave cows standing in yard for at least half an hour to allow the teat canal to close.
  8. Check cows regularly for signs of mastitis during the first week after drying off.

Removal: Do not remove BoviBlock by action of the milking machine.

To reduce the potential for BoviBlock accumulation in milking machines, aggressively hand-strip BoviBlock out of every quarter, 10 to 12 strips per quarter, before milking fresh cows. Bucket-milk fresh cows for a minimum of three milkings, if possible.

Withdrawl Information: For use in dry cows only. Zero-day milk and meat withdrawal when used alone.

If BoviBlock is administered following an antibiotic infusion, the withdrawal periods for meat and milk for the antibiotic must be observed.


Keep out of reach of children. For animal treatment only. If BoviBlock gets on skin, wash with soap and warm water. If accidentally administered to a lactating cow, product can be stripped out by hand. An SDS may be obtained by calling Norbrook at 1-866-591-5777 or visiting the Norbrook, Inc. website at

Adverse Reactions:

Mastitis-causing bacteria introduced into the teat at the time of infusion of BoviBlock have been associated with adverse reactions. Each teat must be cleaned and disinfected prior to infusion of BoviBlock. See above for instructions for administration of infusion products.


BoviBlock should be stored at room temperature 59°-86°F (15°-30°C). In very cold temperatures BoviBlock may become difficult to administer and should be warmed to room temperature. Individual tubes should not be immersed in water. The BoviBlock bucket can be lowered into a 5 gallon bucket filled with warm water to warm the tubes.

Do not massage teat or udder following infusion.

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