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Have You Met Buster the Beagle?

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week

Breed  Beagle    
Location  Oshkosh, Wisconsin    
Human  Tegan B.
Story  Buster the Beagle started life out "ruff." He was living in a local animal shelter when his human Tegan, came to visit. Tegan was visiting the shelter on her birthday, not expecting to leave with a present...

Since Tegan adopted Buster 5 years ago, they have been inseparable! Tegan calls Buster her "right hand man." He loves snuggling, unless of course, someone is eating, then he chooses to beg for a bite. He's found that his favorite food is tomatoes! Buster is a silly boy who can't get enough attention. Congrats on being our Pet Of The Week Winner Buster!

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  • Pet of the Week

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