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Canine Cooler Bed
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Canine Cooler Bed

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Not just any dog’s a Canine Cooler!

The Canine Cooler dog bed uses SoothSoft® Comfort Technology to give your dog comfort that is second to none. The fluid-enhanced design offers a dry, lasting cooling effect, combined with a superior cushioning support. No refrigeration is necessary; SoothSoft Comfort Technology works at room temperature.

The Canine Cooler® Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed will give your dog a constant cool spot in summer, relief from furnace and fireplace heat in winter, and cushiony support for vulnerable joints all year. It is non-electric, non-toxic, paw-puncture proof, and easy to clean. Fleas hate the cool environment but dogs love it. Simply start by adding water.

  • Use it indoors
  • Use it outside (away from direct sunlight)
  • In the crate for traveling.

  • Eases heat discomfort, joint problems, skin disorders, hip problems, and more.

    The outer membrane of the Canine Cooler® is 20 mil thick- tough enough to park a truck on and not pop! As tough as this NON-TOXIC membrane is, however, it will not harm your dog should the bed be chewed by accident.
    Size Recommended for
    Small: (18" x 24") dogs up to 30lbs
    Medium: (24" x 36") dogs up to 65lbs
    Large: (36" x 48") dogs over 65lbs

    Weight isn't necessarily important. Just make sure that your dog fits on the bed, length and width.

    Instructions (PDF)

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    Instructions - Page 2

    Only ground delivery available. Please allow 7 to 12 days for your delivery to arrive.

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    "I purchased a large size Canine cooler for my 1 year old German Shepherd who was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. I got the exact same product as on the manufacturers website for roughly HALF the price! It even shipped directly from the manufacturer, and was in perfect, brand new condition. My dog is in heaven. We live in Texas where it is unbearably hot 8 months out of the year, and this Canine cooler bed keeps her cool and is GREAT for easing pressure on her joints and especially her bad hips. I would tell anyone with an older or arthritic animal to purchase the canine cooler from THIS MERCHANT. You will not get a better price elsewhere, and your dog will love you for it! My young dog used to hurl herself down on my hardwood floors to lay near me. Her joints wouldnt allow her to ease down. Now, she prefers to lay on the canine cooler rather than be near me! The bed makes it easy for her to lay down and get up without pain. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
    -- Alyssha H. Texas

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    18 Reviews
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    28% (5)
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    17% (3)
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    89% Recommend this product (16 of 18 responses)
    By Steph
    Long Island, NY
    Will NOT recommend this product to NOBODY!
    October 14, 2015
    Did not last 24 hours to have some paw puncture holes!! Durability and Quality of the material, IS NOT great for any pet!
    By carol
    Richmond BC, Canada
    canine cooling bed
    July 14, 2015
    I was unsure when ordering the cooling bed if my dogs would actually use them or if they would work. Well, since getting them my dogs don't sleep anywhere but on their beds with their mats. My daughter steals it sometimes too haha. I was raving about them to a friend and within a few days she ordered one too. They are great!
    By cjwerk
    Excellent cooling bed!
    June 6, 2015
    This is the 3rd one we have now so that there are cool beds in varying places throughout the house. The dogs LOVE the Canine Coolers. I tried other brands but they did not like them at all. Wouldn't use them. In part, I believe it is the surface. The Canine Cooler has a totally smooth surface (like a swimming pool liner). Other brands have a texture that they dislike. The first Canine Cooler we bought many years ago and it is still as good as new. We never had any leaks from any of the Canine Cooler beds. Excellent product!
    By bvs
    maybe later
    May 30, 2015
    Bought two cooler beds. Filled them up and put them on the floor - lasted 3 minutes. Our puppy discovered them first and immediately ate a large hole in one. Expensive mistake. Will try again after she definitely stops chewing.
    By biddiekay
    Nashville, TN
    Almost as good as the Bathtub
    May 16, 2015
    I am very impressed with the Canine Cooler Bed. My Golden Retriever, Diesel, loves it too unless it storms. Then he is back in the bathtub. His younger sister, Oreo, a medium size pit/mix loves to get on the bed too. I think she would take it over if I didn't make her get in her bed. Both of my fur-babies like the bed. I think it is a good value for the money and to help keep Diesel cooled down. I would recommend the bed to anyone.
    By Gidget
    Space Coast Florida
    Woody loves it!
    November 19, 2013
    My oldie goldie is always hot. He sleeps on a memory foam bed which is very warm, then goes over to his spot on the bare floor and sleeps. It must be uncomfortable to sleep there most of the night so I decided to try the cooler bed. He went to it right away and uses it off and on during the night. I think he likes it which makes me happy. I got the large one for him which is perfect. Living in Florida he deserves a cooler bed!!!
    By Syb d.
    Cool and comfortable
    November 12, 2013
    The cooler bed is a godsend for our older arthritic golden. He now shares time between his very old doggie bed and his cooler bed. The bed helps with his mobility and to soothe him when his joints get sore. He has been able to enjoy his walks with a lot more time out of the doggie stroller. Thank you for caring for our aging canine companions. Our world is so much better with them in our lives.
    By Eddy
    Olathe, Kansas
    Water Bed for Shepard
    October 2, 2013
    We bought this thinking that it would help cool down our shepard/newfoundland who has a deep/thick coat of hair that even water cannot penetrate, kind of like a true Canadian huskie. We have had it now for over a month and both of our dogs do not lay on it very much. They lay next to it on the hardwood floors, but only a few times have we caught one of them sleeping on it. Maybe we need more time, but now it is getting cooler due to the fall temperatures, so I doubt we will get much use out of it in the winter, unless we put a heating pad under it for our Labrador and make it a "heated water bed"

    We believe that there is some value with the product, but it has not yet been a big hit.

    Good quality and heavy vinyl which is good because our dogs have long toe nails and we walk across it too. Once it is down, it is very heavy to move or lift to another area, as the model we bought took 4.5 gallons of water which is about 37.575 pounds [8.35 lbs per gallon]. That is not too much weight, but if you cannot pull it on your flooring, then you need two people to lift it properly or one person can roll it up and then move it, but it still weighs the same as a 40lb bag of dog food, which is pretty heavy.

    I would recommend it as a great pad for a dog to lay onto, but not for the cooling feature as of now. Maybe later that would change, but after a month of warm temperatures, it did not attract the dogs like we thought it would.
    By Don
    Quincy IL
    Dog Loves It
    September 23, 2013
    All three of my Seeing Eye dogs over the past 24 years have loved laying on this bed. Have never had a problem with holes in the bed but after a couple of years the seams have split.
    By janet
    Great bed!
    November 20, 2012
    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and she has slept on the cool tile floor since I got her. Other beds are too hot for her. I wasn't sure if she would use it but she went straight to it and took a nap. Wish the foam core was a bit thicker but it works and she loves it.
    By NA
    Review for Canine Cooler Bed
    August 15, 2012
    Very soft and cushioned for outside cement. My dog loves it.
    By sunnyislandgecko
    Alberta Canada
    Exceptional comfort for overheated big dogs
    July 31, 2012
    I had originally purchased this for my E best friend (English mastiff) he was growing it helped to eliminte the pressure spots and abrasions on his joints. We recently bought another for our bulldog. The canine cooler bed works great and helped reduce seizures caused by overheating in the summer. All our dogs love the canine cooler and will choose it over our pillowtop bed! The only complaint is the large one will get twisted inside and is difficult to fix once that happens. I've searched around and Entirelypets is the best price even with shipping to Canada!
    By JohnM
    Great bed for hot dogs
    July 29, 2012
    My dog loves it, especially with the summer heat
    By Toby
    Santa Fe, NM
    My dog loves this bed!
    July 18, 2012
    This is actually the second Canine Cooler I've purchased, so that Toby can have one in both of his favorite napping spots. He was trying to climb onto it before I even had it filled. The "cushy" quality of it comforts his joints. It was easy to fill and seems very sturdy, no leaks in over a year. The only problem is if you decide to move it, it is heavy and awkward. I think it's a 2-person job to move it so that the interior cushion doesn't get wrinkled in the process.
    By rickyb
    May 4, 2012
    By Trigger
    Western Australia
    Great Product
    October 5, 2011
    This is a good product they are nice & cool & soft to lay on a bit like a water bed. They work well in temps up to about 35 degrees C anything over that & I bring them in side in the airconditioning for my dogs. The down side to them is the mats are a bit heavy & can be easly chewed & distroyed. But if your dog dosn't chew highly recomended.
    By Janice
    Prescott Valley AZ
    Meets the Need
    July 29, 2011
    This bed stays pretty cool and has kept my dog from panting so much when we go nity nite. The only problem we have is if we forget to keep our bedroom door close when we leave the house our Lab likes to dive under this bed and it curls up in a ball and it's VERY difficult to smooth it all out again. Today is one of those forgetful days and we're not making any head way in getting out smooth out. Does anyone have any suggestions. Not a good design.
    By Chow C.
    Dog won't sleep on it!!!
    June 14, 2011
    Our dog avoids it when ever he can. It doesnt matter where we place it, if its covered with familiar scent, if its cooler than other surfaces... he wont lay on it.. its a good idea but the dog wont use it...

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