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Calpurnia aka Callie Is One Cutie You Have To Meet!

Pet of the Week Pet of the Week
Breed Yorkshire Terrier
Location Utah
Human Frances Hubley
Story From the start, Callie was a pooch on a mission. Callie's human was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She wanted nothing more than to add a furry friend to her life to supply comfort and cuddles. It was one special day, nearly two years later that Frances Hubley would meet Callie.
Frances and her family received a call from an aunt who works for a moving company. The family the aunt was moving were Yorkshire Terrier breeders. Apparently there were issues with a certain puppy's lineage that made the puppy undesirable. The breeders wanted to re-home the puppy for free.
Frances explains that she "poured her heart and soul into a four-page essay on how much that puppy would mean to her and sent it to the breeders. It wasn't until a nail-biting two weeks later that she got THE call."
When Frances finally met baby Callie, the breeders told her EVERYTHING that was wrong with her. She was, "too short, too round, not a desirable color, her ears were too floppy, etc." It was a never ending list. Now, 10 years later, this little pooch is soon to turn 10!
Callie's owner explains that it is so amazing how much love a little six-pound fluff ball can give you. When you have something that you love and need to take care of, you tend to take care of yourself so you can do so. "She always knows when something isn't quite right with me," says Frances.
What a fantastic story about one Yorkie and her human. Callie was destined to fulfill a mission and give love to a human who needed her. And the ending is remarkable.
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