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Canine Spectra 10 Plus Lyme Dog Vaccine 1 Dose

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This item cannot be shipped to Minnesota, Canada and P.O. Boxes. Use must be approved by your veterinarian.

All vaccines are shipped via the Vaccine Shipping method. A $34.95 flat rate fee is charged for all orders containing vaccines. Vaccines are shipped in insulated packaging with ice in order to deliver chilled and someone should be present to sign for and receive the vaccine. For more shipping info click here.

During these hot summer months, we highly encourage shipping this item via Express (1-2 day); we cannot be held responsible for items that are shipped Priority (2-4 day) as the ice will not last that long.


Canine Spectra 10 Plus Lyme, is a combination of immunogenic, attenuated strains of CDV, CAV2, CPIV, and CPV type 2b, propagated in cell line tissue cultures. The diluent contains killed CCV and Bburg antigens with Leptospira bacterial antigens. The CAV2 fraction has been shown to be effective against disease due to CAV1. The CPV2b strain has been demonstrated to be effective against CPV2c in puppies with CPV maternal antibody. Gentamicin and thimerosal added as preservatives.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive vaccine with Lyme
  • Ideal for hunting, working and outdoor dogs
  • Contains CPV2b strain - effective protection against CPV2c
  • Do-it-yourself at home
  • Easy to use vaccines - complete with syringe
  • How-to-vaccinate videos available online


This product has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy dogs 9 weeks of age or older against canine distemper virus (CDV), infectious canine hepatitis (CAV1), canine adenovirus tupe 2 (CAV2), canine coronavirus (CCV), canine parainfluenza (CPIV), and canine parvovirus (CPV), Leptospira canicola, Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, Leptospira grippotyphosa, Leptospira pomona and Borrelia burgdorferi (Bburg). The duration of immunity for Borrelia burgdorferi is at least 12 months. The duration of immunity for the other antigens has not been established. Foor more information regardign efficacy and safety data go to

Useful Information

View Canine Spectra 10 Plus Lyme Drug Facts Sheet.

Open the syringe by twisting or tapping the cap against a hard surface to break the heat weld. Aseptically rehydrate the vaccine cake with 1 mL of vaccine diluent supplied. SHAKE WELL. Withdraw entire contents into the syringe. Administer one 1 mL dose subcutaneously. Subcutaneous administration: Lift the loose skin behind the neck or behind the front leg and insert needle (see illustration, arrows 1 and 2). Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel (see note below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before injecting vaccine, pull back slightly on syringe plunger. If blood enters the syringe freely, choose another injection site.

All dogs should initially receive one dose of this product and a second dose 2 to 3 weeks later. The presence of maternal antibody is known to interfere with the development of active immunity in dogs and additional boosters will be required in most young animals.

Historically, annual revaccination with a single dose has been recommended for this product.

The need for this booster has not been established.

For advice on revaccination frequency and annual booster vaccinations, consultation with a veterinarian is recommended.


Only vaccinate healthy animals. This product has not been tested in pregnant animals. Store in the dark at 35° - 46°F (2°-8°C). Do not freeze. Do not mix with other products, except as specified on this label. In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine. Inactive all unused contents before disposal. In case of human exposure, contact a physician.

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