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Capstar Reviews

One of the most common problems cat and dog owners experience is the dreaded nuisance of flea infestations. Though there are a variety of solutions to this problem readily available to consumers, the abundant options can turn finding the appropriate treatment into an overwhelming endeavor. There are many preventives that work to prevent infestations and kill fleas and even ticks on dogs or cats, but only CAPSTAR Flea Control for Dogs and Cats offers an oral solution to flea infestations that works almost instantly!

The amazing thing about CAPSTAR is that it can be given as often as once per day to completely eradicate flea infestations on your pet and it can be given in conjunction with monthly flea control products such as PROGRAM, Frontline, or Advantage. CAPSTAR is also available in two formulations to provide a solution that is safe and effective for both cats and dogs of all sizes.

With these amazing features, it’s no wonder people love this product! See exactly why our customers continue to order CAPSTAR in the reviews below:

The unique thing about CAPSTAR is that it can be used with other medications. If you're unsure about using it with a flea topical, just ask Ralph and his pets about how it works with their typical dosage of Frontline Plus.

“It seems the fleas have been very aggressive in our area the last couple of years. The normal dose of Frontline or anything else is not keeping them completely at bay. Being able to give it a "boost" with the capstar once a week is a life saver for everyone. I give it to the dog and the cats. I try not to put too much of anything on the older cats and this is just the thing to get rid of the pests that make it in the house to them (they are indoor cats) and everyone is happy.”

I'm sure you noticed that Ralph's review mentions that he has both cats and dogs. But how versatile can one medication really be? If you have any doubts about its efficacy, just ask Rubymoons how it fairs for her cats and dogs!

“We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and last summer they became infested with fleas terribly because Mr. Boo, the 18 year old kitty, would continually bring them inside. So, we heard about a "pill" that would rid pets of all fleas within 4 hours! Amazing!! We had to purchase 3 different kinds of Capstar since they go by the weight of the animal. We have 1 Rottweiler, 1 Pit Bull, 1 tiny Yorkie and 2 cats weighing less than 25lbs. This was amazing!!! No more fleas and no more infestation!!! Yeah!!! We will definitely purchase this product again!!!.”

Rubymoons testimony shows that not only does CAPSTAR work well, but that it also works fast!Capstar can be a real-life saver. Even if you're simply trying to maintain a flea-free home. Megz77 has a very specific way she uses this medication.

“These pills are WONDERFUL! If you take your dog somewhere that has fleas, just give him a Capstar before you head home, and you will prevent any infestations. If you're having a hard time with fleas in your home, spray the house, give your dog a Capstar, and you should be good to go! You can also follow with Frontline to ensure that eggs and larva are killed as well.”

Capstar can be a real-life saver if you're trying to maintain a flea-free home. But it can also be a literal life-saver in the case of particularly grievous infestations. Gayle's review speaks to the wonders that can be worked by this marvelous product.

“This year has been the worst flea problem in the Ozarks anyone can remember. Even for the indoor pets, like my little teacup Yorkie (less than 1˝ pounds) that never goes outside and lives in a home with wood floors and no other pets, it has been HORRIBLE. Izzy would be dead if it had not been for Capstar, twice, given by her vet. What seemed like hundreds if not thousands of fleas, just fell off her within minutes of taking the Capstar. No shampooing, no collar, no spray, nothing could get rid of them - but Capstar did. I HIGHLY recommend EVERY pet owner have this on hand - it will keep your pet healthy and alive.

You've heard how effective this product can be in a pinch and how it can even help pets that are on a topical flea preventive. For more information about CAPSTAR, we also have an article about its potential
side effects!