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Pet & Animal Deterrents

Pets can be mischievous little creatures - especially the younger set - so it's important to set boundaries and be consistent when working to prevent unwanted behavior. And a little help doesn't hurt, either. EntirelyPets offers several different animal deterrents to supplement your training. Whether you're trying to stop your cat from scratching the furniture or preventing your dog from digging holes all over the yard, we have the tools you need.

Cats are known for their curiosity and, face it, they march to the beat of their own drum. Getting your cat to listen to you may seem impossible, but it's not. A little bit of patience and help from our training aids should do the trick. If you find your cats climbing on the kitchen counters or anywhere else they're not welcome, consider our StayAway Automatic Pet Deterrent, a motion detector that sets off a high-pitched warning sound followed by a burst of air. Once your cat can recognize the warning sound, you can switch to sound-only mode. If you're looking for a quiet version with the same results, Innotek's SSSCAT uses a non-toxic, scentless spray to keep your cats from entering forbidden territory. If you need to set boundaries for both cats and dogs, consider the X-MAT Training Aid. This mat features uncomfortable bumps that act as pressure points and cause discomfort to your pets' paws, creating a safe boundary. Even after you remove the mat, your pets will associate the area with discomfort.

EntirelyPets also carries deterrent sprays for a variety of unwanted pet behavior. We have sprays specifically formulated to protect your furniture and carpet from cat markings and scratching, as well as a spray that will keep your pooch off the couch. And if your pets tend to get a little rowdy in the yard, whether they're digging holes in your garden or you just want to keep them away from the patio, we have sprays that are designed for outdoor use.

These are just a few of the deterrents we have available. Browse our selection and you're bound to find the perfect solution to your pet predicaments.