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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

A very important part of being a pet owner is making sure your pet is healthy by doing regular checks. For cat owners, there are signs that may tell you if your cat is ill. Your cat's coat can give you clues on its health. A healthy cat has a shiny coat that looks groomed. If the coat has dandruff, this can be a sign that the cat is unhealthy.

Another area to check is the cat's eyes. Normal, healthy eyes for a cat appear clear and bright. There should be no redness or inflammation. Any type of yellow discharge from its eyes should be reported to a vet.

If you notice brown wax from the ears, this is also a sign your cat may be sick. A warm temperature on the ears of your cat may be a sign that it is running a fever.

Another important thing to check out is your cat's stool. Healthy cat stool is firm and does not emit a strong odor.

In addition to these checks, monitor your cat's behavior. Unusual signs of aggression, lack of responsiveness, and any other changes in behavior are signs your cat is not well.

Always check for fleas and mites to reduce the risk of future illnesses. Performing these checks will keep you and your cat healthy and happy.

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